Top 10 Best Spanish Inventions Ever

Certain countries on the Earth have been instrumental with inventing many different products, procedures, systems, services and technology that helps people all over the world. Germany is a leading country that has made thousands of inventions that are still in use today. The same holds true for United States, Russia, China, Arabia and even Spain. The Spanish people were (and still are) a leading country that is at the forefront of science, technology, product development and new inventions.

In the past, Spain has changed the world by spreading its culture into different places. The country of Spain has a long history of intermingling with other nations from around the globe. As a result, they have created some unique inventions that have changed cultures, economics and whole entire societies. Spain had been the birthplace of many ancient and modern inventions. The following information will describe the best Spanish inventions that has ever existed.

Here are Top 10 Best Spanish Inventions Ever

10. Antiseptic Procedures


Antiseptics was not invented with Louis Pasteur or Dr. Joseph Lister (Listerine was named after him) who is considered the founding father of antiseptics. Instead, an Islamic Spanish (Moors or invading Muslims who conquered Spain in the past) man named Al Andalus was the first person to use antiseptics for hospitals that existed during the 10th century. Many historians consider him to be the first person to actually develop a system of hygiene before and after surgery. These were the first known antiseptic procedures.

9. Modern Surgical Procedures


Spain had a robust health care system between the 10th and 12th centuries. They had plenty of ancient medical facilities that were among the best hospitals in the world during medieval times. One person that is known as Al Andalus. Yes, he is the same guy who invented the antiseptic surgical procedures. Al Andalus also performed many surgical procedures.

He wrote all of his knowledge about surgery and medicine down within a book known as the Kitab al-Tasrif. This was a thirty-volume encyclopedia of various medical procedures and practices. He even introduced medical and surgical instruments that would help to define the types of tools that doctors would use until this day. This Spanish Muslim helped to transform the world of medicine.

8. First World Currency

First World Currency Top Popular Spanish Inventions Ever 2018

Spain had the world’s first world currency. After the Spanish people conquered many territories throughout the world they set up rule over these places. Once they were firmly entrenched they started to introduce their currency into these conquered lands.

Starting sometime in the 1600’s, Spanish dollars were now becoming a standardized form of currency within many of these territories. They were also being accepted by other nations outside of Spain. As a result, Spain’s currency was the world’s currency during the Age of Discovery. Spain’s currency in that era is similar to how the U.S. dollar is to the world today. It is the primary currency that most countries value.

7. Mops


Many people might be surprised that a common household item known as the mop was made by a Spanish inventor named Manuel Jalon Corminas. He made the mop during the 1950’s. Corminas realized that people needed to find a way to clean their floors without kneeling down and without damaging their skin by directly bleaching them with mop water. The mop eliminated these problems because a person did not necessarily have to do these things to clean their floor. The mop caught on big time and is now considered a standard product in households all over the world.

6. The Smoking Spaniards


Spanish people did not invent the cigarette – they figured out way to perfect it. After Spain conquered the Mayans and the Aztecs, they discovered them smoking tobacco inside of leaves. Spanish people were intrigued by this activity. They quickly realized that the Mesoamerican people were on to something.

So, they copied this practice by the Mesoamericans and sent the product back to Spain. However, they used maize wrappers for the tobacco. It proved to be a big hit with the people back home. Soon, the Spanish people created a process for manufacturing cigarettes and cigars all throughout the world.

5. Lollipops Spanish Style


The Spanish people were the first to create the lollipop. This sweet confection treat came into existence during the late 1950’s. It was created by Enric Bernat Fontlladosa. The Chupa Chups lollipop company was owned by Fontlladosa who inherited this factory from his father. At first investors, did not believe that that the lollipop would be a success. However, Fontlladosa took his creation to the next step and it proved to be a successful.

4. The Submarine


Spanish inventor Narcis Monturiol created the submarine. This was the first air-independent and combustion-engine submarine in the world. In other words, Monturiol is the father of the modern submarine. His creation allowed him to overcome the problems of underwater navigation. This was no small feat. Monturiol’s invention is ultimately what allows modern sophisticated subs and underwater stations to be able to operate in today’s time.

3. The First Flying Machine


A Muslim man by the name of Ibn Firnas was a surviving Islamic Moor that resided in Spain during the medieval time period in Spain. Apparently, a historian by the name of Ahmed Mohammed al-Maqqari wrote a description of his feat. Ibn Firnas supposedly had traveled a great distance after he attached a couple of wings to his body.

Even though Ibn Firnas did not land in the right way, he did accomplish something that many people were not able to do unit the 20th century- and that is to fly around in the air. Though his work was never copied or used by the Orville Brothers; Ibn Firnas made it clear that he was the first person to make air flight a reality.

2. Tercio


Spanish warriors were considered some of the world’s deadliest combatants during the early modern era of warfare. This took place sometime around the 1300’s. One of the reasons why they were so deadly had to do with the tercio or third Spanish infantry unit.

This was a standard fighting unit for the Spanish army. It consisted of 3000 soldiers that was made up of pike men, swordsmen and musketeers. These troops typically fought together but were also divided up when necessary to deploy special missions. The square style of combat was created by this group of fighters. This style of fighting was imitated by other armies that were around during that time.

1. Animal Testing

Animal Testing Top 10 Best Spanish Inventions Ever 2017

An Islamic surgeon named Ibn Zuhr created testing procedures during the 10th century in Spain. He developed a system of surgery and testing for animals that he modified for human patients. He also transferred this knowledge into a comprehensive medical information into modern times. Ibn Zuhr’s discoveries helped to figure out processes that people still use to this day pertaining to animal testing and surgical practices.

The Spanish created many different types of inventions over the years. Their creations have helped to shape the modern world and to improve life everywhere.

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