Top 10 Best Most Awaited Future Inventions

There are all kinds of inventions that are being brought out each and every day for the betterment of the general public. While many of these have made our lives easier in one way or another, there are inventions that many of us have been anxiously awaiting for a long time. Below you will find the top 10 things that people are anticipating invention wise the most, and what could dramatically change the course of human history should they ever be created or realized.

Following are the Top 10 Best Most Awaited Future Inventions

10. Colonization of Mars

Top 10 Best Most Awaited Future Inventions

Sure this seems a little like a pipe dream, but it really isn’t as far off as a lot of people seem to be thinking. All of these devices that they are sending off to the neighboring planet of ours are designed to explore the planet and determine if it could in fact sustain life. Once it is determined that it in fact can, which preliminary reports would suggest that it is very feasible, the next step would be determining the most effective means of starting a colony of people on Mars and spreading the Earth’s reach into the galaxy.

9. Chef Machine

Chef Machine Top Most Popular Awaited Future Inventions 2018

Remember on the old cartoon “The Jetsons” the machine that you just inputted what you wanted to eat and it would prepare it for you? Well that might not be as far off as people seem to think either. There are already prototypes of products that are able to prepare simple dishes when the robotics are given the appropriate ingredients. Once all the kinks are worked out and a delivery system of necessary ingredients is implemented, these are actual machines that people could one day have and daily use in their home.

8. Food In A Pill Form


Seems a little more likely that this invention might step out in front of the chef machine though. Having entire meals in the form of a pill is a multi-faceted beneficial invention to have. These would of course be flavored as whatever you are intending to eat, but would fill a person up so that their appetite is sated, and they are getting the necessary caloric intake they need to remain healthy. It will also limit the amount of cases of overeating, as people are not able to get second and third helpings of their pill meals. So this would solve the need for people to watch what they eat, while giving them all of the necessary nutrients with none of the bad stuff for your body. Sounds pretty neat, huh?

7. Atomic Homes


This was something that really got a lot of buzz back in the 1970’s and the 1980’s. At that time it was believed that atomic energy would be the thing that would completely negate all other forms of energy. While the technology still very much exists, the funding for making the prototypes seems to have fallen by the wayside. It is estimated that a single station, no larger than the common garden shed, could fully power 20,000 homes indefinitely.

6. Robot Maids


While there are certainly variances of this product, such as the robotic vacuum cleaner, this still isn’t the exact idea that many people had in mind. With the huge leaps and bounds with artificial intelligence, having a virtual assistant to pick up after the house in your absence and do other simple tasks is not something that is all that far-fetched to hope for. With a little bit of tweaking to AI devices that are currently in existence, coding them to recognize all available cleaning jobs in a house, it is not something that we are unlikely to see in our lifetime.

5. A.I. Companions


Along these same lines, artificial intelligence has long since been considered a suitable companion for the human being. When you are not able to find a human partner of your own, having an intelligent (human looking) artificial companion can ensure that you are not living out the rest of your days alone. They would be coded to perform the stereotypical roles of the spouse that they are meant to fill in for, which would mean more connectivity on an emotional level that crude bot options offer right now.

4. Sky/Underwater Cities


Decades ago underwater cities were a very hot topic and even pursued to a certain extent. Scientists created labs underneath the surface of the ocean and spent great lengths of time working and living down in these labs. It seemed at that time that the next logical step would be underwater cities. Likewise, sky cities incorporate the same time of lightweight construction techniques that are already becoming the norm in major cities through lighter masonry units. Having structures that are a 1/3 to a 1/4 of the typical weight of similar structures means that with the right aerial hovering turbines, entire cityscapes and communities could sprout up in the sky in little time at all.

3. Driver-less Cars


Google is literally spending millions testing its current prototype driverless car right now. It is virtually accident free, its only known accidents coming from other driver error. The entire vehicle is equipped with a virtual guidance system and the vehicle is able to see a complete 360 view of itself, preventing it from mistakenly running into straying other vehicles on the road. It is coded the intelligence to determine when it is the appropriate time for it to make turns and to follow even complicated traffic signals.

2. Flying Cars


While this is certainly something that seems a little farther off than the driverless car at this point, this is an invention that people simply cannot seem to get out of their heads. Over and over throughout the past century, namely ever since commercial air flight became a reality, the idea of having a vehicle that could fly from one place to another was far too enticing not to devote time and effort to. So while there are no real promising prototypes out there right now, it will not be long until a working prototype is introduced for testing.

1. Cars That Run On Water


This is another invention that people have thought about over and over for many years now. With the introduction of electric cars and hybrids in the past decade and change, the conversation quickly turned to when this kind of conversion could be obtained. With water being one of the most efficient renewable resource that exists on the planet, it would completely negate the need for cars to run on gasoline at all, and you could be filling up your tank with the same water you already have running into your house. It is widely believed that the technology for this vehicle already exists, but that it has been repeatedly bought out by big oil companies instead of allowing the new tech to reach an eager market.

These are a few of the most anticipated inventions for the general public in our lifetime. While there are certainly a lot of things that have to happen in order for some of these inventions to ever be realized, others are quite literally right around the corner. A good example is the personal jet pack, as jet packs currently exist in a stunt and novelty sense, but the practical use of these gadgets have yet to be fully harnessed.

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