Top 10 Best Inventions by Women

Men are not always the inventors of everything. Many women have also had the power to change the era through incredible inventions. These women were confident enough about their skills and knowledge, to craft inventions that defied convention. Their inventions have enabled them to touch the sky and set a very good example for the young generation.

Below are the Top 10 Best Inventions by Women

10. Telecommunications technology


Being the first black woman to receive a Ph.D. from MIT, in the year 1973, Dr. Shirley Jackson was a theoretical physicist. When she still worked at Bell Laboratories, she did a research that enabled others to develop touch-tone telephone, portable fax, solar cells, fiber optic cables and the amazing technology on call waiting and caller ID.

Dr. Shirley was interested in optical, electronic, magnetism, and the transport substance of novel semiconductor systems. She was part of low energy physics and Scattering research department. All her achievements in education and science have been awarded including the CIBA-GEIGY. Due to her contributions in public policy, education and science, she was inducted to the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Currently, she still aims to back up the U.S national capacity for innovation by improving support for research in engineering and science. This is partly done by looking for talent from abroad and widening the domestic talent by attracting people who are poorly represented into careers in science. Dr. Shirley also got a Candace Award for Technology from the National Coalition of 100 Black Women in the year 1982.

9. The Computer algorithm


Lord Bryon’s daughter Ada Lovelace was persuaded by scientist mother to be good in mathematics. She worked with Charles Babbage at the University of London. He had plans to develop ways to program the machine using mathematical algorithms. She envisioned computers to have the capability of going beyond the basic calculations. Her love for “poetic science” pushed her to ask questions on Analytical Engine. This would consider the level of society and individuals relating to technology. Lovelace therefore is commonly regarded as “the first computer programmer’.

8. The Ice cream maker


This machine was invented in 1843 by Nancy Johnson. The patented design is the one still used in this modern day and age. This is even after the launching of electric ice cream makers. This ice cream freezer was a pewter cylinder. For $200, she sold her rights of her invention to William Young. Nancy wanted that through her invention ice cream be sold rather than made by people. Nancy Johnson, Thank you!

7. The Modern electric refrigerator


Florence Parpart, invented the modern electric refrigerator in 1914. She also got a patent for a vastly improved street-cleaning machine, which was successful because she sold to various cities in America. She came up with the idea after her dress got a mud stain from a machine in 1900. Her invention rendered the icebox no longer in use for those with access to electricity. Since she was well-known for her success in refrigerators, she was invited to a couple of trade shows. Later, she created her advertising campaigns and also directed the production operations. Florence is regarded as an intelligent inventor and entrepreneur.

6. The Medical syringe


In the year 1899, Letitia Geer invented the medical syringe. Today, it has proven to be difficult to live without a medical syringe. It is the most commonly and widely used device in research laboratories, hospitals and clinics. Her syringe invention was to be operated with just one hand. Yeah, these are the wonders of modern medicine. Please remember her the next time your doctor uses one hand.

5. Residential solar heating

Residential solar heating Top Most Inventions by Women 2017

Dr. Maria Telkes was a physicist and a solar-power pioneer. Telkes was working as a Biophysicist in the U.S. After she completed this project, Maria joined forces with another intelligent lady, Architect Eleanor Raymond. Their aim was to build a home completely warmed up by solar power, this took place in 1947. She also developed the first thermoelectric refrigerator by using the concepts of semiconductor thermoelectricity.

She also contributed to the invention of thermal devices, which included miniature desalination unit that was used in lifeboats. This unit made use of solar power and condensation that collected potable solar still. The condensed water used to save sailors who were abandoned at the sea without a water to drink. Maria Telkes also had a strong sense of humor. She is regarded as the “sun queen” having contributed to solar thermal storage systems.

4. The Life raft


Maria Beasley in 1882, felt the need to reduce the number of deaths in transportation disasters. Her kind of life raft had to be easily-launched, safe and fire-proof anytime it was needed. Later she invented the Life rafts. This life raft had guard railings and metal floats that were rectangular in shape. This raft was easily folded and unfolded whenever it was needed. Her inventions didn’t stop there, she came up with a machine that makes barrels. The barrel machine was to be used for wine making and food preservations. Through these inventions she became very rich and successful.

3. The Fire escape


The device was invented in 1887 by Anna Connelly. She added exterior staircases in levels that had platforms, this design was to make buildings safer. These would restrict people from falling down the flight of stairs in panic. The fire fighters had an easy time to haul water to specific sections that were on fire. She is credited for saving the lives of people for around 140 years. The fire escape is an important device to the smoking habits of urban hipsters and public safety.

2. Monopoly


Monopoly is among the most famous board games. It gives endless hours of fun to family and friends. Elizabeth Magie invented this awesome game in 1904, and gave its first name as The Landlord’s Game. Monopoly critiqued the injustices of unchecked capitalism. It was rather unexpected of Charles Darrow to disregard monopoly thirty years later. Charles sold the game to Parker Brothers. It was fortunate enough that the firm compensated Magie with $500 for her contributions and troubles.

1. The car heater

The car heater Top Popular Inventions by Women 2018

Margaret was born in 1838 in Chicago. She was the first person to build a car heater, purposefully for the elite class of the time. Her invention worked by directing the flow of air from over the cabin to heat up the cold toes of aristocratic. The water valve or air blending system regulated the temperature and warmed the air. The car heater was the best experimental discovery that is considered highly valuable even today. Margaret A. Wilcox invented both the 19th century car heater, and a combined clothes and dish washer.

As you can see, women made much of the best inventions on the planet. Technology and development are always eagerly looking for fresh and new ideas. Please ladies, discover something new and see how the world will brighten with your inventions.

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