Top 10 Best Free DJing Software

You don’t have to worry about what software is going to match your files. You also don’t have to worry about how hard it is if you are an amateur DJ; there is a software out there waiting to make your life easy and make your DJ dreams come true. Technology has come farther than it ever has before which means GREAT leaps in the DJ industry. Anything is possible with the software listed below.

Following are the Top 10 Best Free DJing Software

10. Mix Meister

Mix Meister Top Most Popular Free DJing Software 2018

The cool thing about Mix Meister is that they have a one click option for automatic beat-mixing. It is compatible with iTunes which means you don’t have to worry about manually transferring tracks over. You also don’t have to worry about damaging your original beats, when mixing music together your original tracks will stay in tact.

Mix Meister is also able to use beats that are in WAV, WMA, AIF, M4A and MP3 format. There is also a support page with tons of helpful information from other users and tech support, so no matter what you want to do there is an answer for you.

09. Club DJ Pro

Club DJ Pro Top 10 Free DJing Software 2017

Club DJ Pro is great because not only can you mix beats and sounds but you can also sync it with video footage. It’s great for karaoke parties! The files it currently supports are MP3+G, CD+G, BIN, LRC, and ZIP MP3+G. The program is extremely easy when syncing video and music together.

It’s perfect for external video footage while playing your music as well. This software is only compatible with Microsoft and currently isn’t able to be synced with any Apple products. ClubDJPro is better used for visual needs and karaoke possibilities rather than its DJ possibilities.

08. Zulu


Zulu DJing software is great for those who are brand new to mixing beats or those who are experienced in it. The software is extremely user-friendly and pleasant to the eye, you can cross-fade between tracks and has automatic features built in that doesn’t require so much manual work. Another great thing about Zulu is that it supports practically any music file type that exists.

You don’t have to worry about your tunes and beats not syncing. If you have vinyl records you need to digitize; this software is capable of doing it for you. If you happen to run into any problems or have questions in regards to the software, or how to do something, they have a helpful and interactive help and support section.

07. DJ Mixer Pro


This free DJing software is extremely easy to use and has unique and interesting features that simplify the DJ’s job of mixing beats and tunes. One of the unique features of DJ Mixer Pro is that you can layout your work in multiple screens so that you can see what’s happening in multiple different ways. This software will also determine the BPS automatically for you. This software also includes dual output for your speakers so you don’t have to worry about what it will sound like publicly. You have full control of your music and even though it isn’t a proper replacement for having live turntables this software will not let you down in a pinch.

06. Mix Vibes


This software is a great deal closer to having a real DJ set in front of you. You can scratch, spin and mix with ease. Under the info tab you can organize all your sounds and music. Mix Vibes is compatible with ITunes, DJ MIDI controllers, soundcards and more. If you have any problems with the software you can contact tech support either online or on the phone. You don’t have to enter your question and wait for someone to hopefully answer your question soon.

05. Virtual DJ


Virtual DJ allows you to add as many tracks as you need and is extremely useful for those who have used DJ software before and acquainted with mixing. This software does allow for input and output of music. It automatically notices high notes so that your music comes out perfectly blended. This DJ software is compatible with vinyl records as well as CD’s. It’s even compatible with video’s so you can host the perfect karaoke party. If you happen to have any trouble with the software or need to know how to do anything you can submit your information and questions online or you can call their tech support directly.

04. PCDJ


PCDJ is one of the most versatile software available to DJ’s at the moment. With this software you have amazing control whether you are an amateur DJ or professional. The software is extremely user friendly making it easy for new DJ’s to mix tracks but is also fully functional for professional DJ’s that have been in the industry for a long time. With this software you can mix with a multitude of track types or you can work with a CD. PDCJ works with many different types of external hardware as well as MIDI controllers.

03. Tracktor Pro


Tracktor Pro is also very easy to use and versatile with other types of software. It has a great deal of ways to mix tracks and scratch music. This software is able to color code waveforms so you know what is happening within the music. Tracktor Pro allows you to remix music as well as adjust tempo and pitch of the tracks you are working with.

You can also record live music and remix it as you please or add sound effects during the live show. This software comes with extremely helpful tech support and a information page. Another great thing is you can find many videos online showing you how to use the software to meet your needs.

02. Deckadance


Deckadance has a multitude of videos online to show you how to use the software as well as an informative Tech Support line. This is one of the most inclusive DJ software’s available at the moment and is extremely popular with professional DJ’s. You have the ability to control many different functions all at the same time with its user-friendly layout.

Deckadance was designed and created by DJs for DJs who are either already professionals in the industry or new to the industry. This software has a loop function that is able to utilized right when you want it versus the next available beat. While you can scratch music using a traditional turntable you can also digitally scratch music on the software.

01. Serato DJ


Serato DJ is extremely versatile, user friendly, has great tech support and is compatible with all sorts of external software including turntables. If you don’t have turntables, that is okay. You can scratch and mix music right on the software without the need for external software if you don’t want to or can’t. This software is extremely reliable and can allows you to work with the music you want on your terms. You have the ability to set up cues for different loops and cue points in ways that is most fitting for you.

This software even makes it extremely easy to identify and match beats together. Most of it’s functions are automatic but you do have the ability to manually control the music as you see fit. Serato DJ also allows you to use a multitude of different music types including but not limited to MP3 and WAV files. If you need to sync with your iTunes it has made that more convenient than previous DJ software.

Whether you are looking for something easy to start off with or you need a more versatile software this list has it. The times of mixing music has changed and it’s easier than ever before.

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