Top 10 Best Canadian Inventions Ever

Canada is a great country that if often overlooked for its significance. The problem has to do with the fact that Canada lies within close proximity of the United States. While the Canadians are not Americans – both nations do have a lot in common that makes them compatible with one another.

Canada provides America with energy and they also are trade partners with other nations around the world such as the U.K., France, Germany and Japan. The Canadians also produce a lot of film and TV stars and their musicians are among the most highly rated in the world (Justin Bieber, Drake and the Weekend).

The Canadians might not seem like they are a great nation but in fact they are. The following inventions that people take for granted were made by Canadian people. Here is a list of the top 10 best Canadian inventions that helped to change the world.

Following are the Top 10 Best Canadian Inventions Ever

10. Instant Mashed Potatoes

Instant Mashed Potatoes Top Best Canadian Inventions Ever 2017

Believe it or not instant mashed potatoes didn’t come from Idaho (the potato state) they came from Canada. A guy by the name of Edward Asselbergs created this processed food in 1962. He figured out a way to cook, mash and then dehydrate potatoes so that they could form into flakes. Asselbergs was able to literally turn the potatoes into a potato like flour. This process not only yielded mash potatoes; it also helped them to remain lump free and could be flavored in many different ways for consumers. Outside of poutine (Canadian dish consisting of curd cheese, gravy and fries); mashed potatoes is another highly favored food by Canadian people.

9. Walkie-Talkies


Walkie-Talkies are important communication devices. They are primarily used by military, law enforcement, exploration and rescue personnel. However, they are also used by many organizations for the purpose of communicating inside of complexes and for work out within the field. Walkie-Talkies were created in 1942 by Alfred J. Gross and Donald Hings. They were both radio engineers and developers. Hings was able to create a portable radio signaling system that he called the “packset” but this name was later changed to Walkie-Talkie. They started to become common place during World War II sometime around 1944. Walkie-Talkies helped to change how wars were fought since many soldiers now had instant communications on the battle field.

8. The Standard Time Designation


Most people take for granted or simply do not care about the significance of time zones or standards. The whole point of keeping time for most people is just so that they will not be late for school, work or some appointment. People also keep track of time to figure out their favorite TV shows. Other than that, time does not exist or matter to them all that much. Even though this is the case, Sir Sandford Fleming created a 24-hour clock that could be used for the whole entire world.He based it off the Earth’s center and did not link it to any surface meridian (an imaginary line for geography purposes).

Fleming then set up standard time zones that could operate on universal time zone principles. By 1929 all of the world realized how important his time zoning standards were; especially for commerce, trade and air travel which was starting to take place. Sir Sanford Fleming literally change time and billions of peoples lives with his time-keeping standards.

7. The pager

The pager Top Popular Canadian Inventions Ever 2019

Long before there were cellphones, smartphones and tablets; there was a little device called the pager. This unit has the ability to accept incoming calls. Once a person owning a pager, received a call they would then find a phone and contact the person who called them. Alfred J. Gross invented this device in 1949. He was a Canadian engineer who realized the importance of people contacting and communicating with one another in a more direct and personal way. This invention helped to change how people functioned in the business world and societies in general.

6. The First Wheelchair Accessible Bus

The First Wheelchair Accessible Bus Top Famous Canadian Inventions Ever 2019

A Canadian soldier who survived WW2 invented the first wheelchair accessible bus. He realized that this type of vehicle was needed to transport handicapped individuals one location to another. Walter Harris Callow was the creator of this new vehicle. He was a quadriplegic who was blind and had both of his legs amputated.

Callow’s idea was extremely important because it allowed handicapped people to live a fairly normal life. They had a practical way of being transported from one location to the next. He laid out the plans for ramps and lifts to be added to buses and coaches. Companies such as Ford and General Motors realized that he was on to something good and helped to manufacture the type of buses that he designed.

5. The Snowmobile


Canadians know snow. They practically live with this type of weather for most of the year. One of the things that Canadians had to do was learn how to navigate through snow. It was essential that they could get around during the winter time because their cars were not able to traverse the wintry conditions.

Normally, most Canadians would put their cars away during the winter and use snow mobiles for travel. While this type of practice is not as widespread as it used to be in the past; it still does take place. Joseph-Armand Bombardier made the snowmobile in 1937 and his invention helped Canadians and people everywhere to traverse the cold and snow to get around. By the way, Bombardier created this invention after his son became ill during a blizzard. He could not traverse the storm and his son ended up dying. This is why we now have the snowmobile today.

4. The Electric Wheelchair


Canadian inventor George Klein made the first electric wheelchair in 1952. He called it the powerchair. He figured out how to add a motor to the wheels of a standard wheelchair so that the unit would move once it was engaged. He gave the chair a manual joystick and figured out chin controls for people who could not use their arms. His invention was an extremely important one for members of the disabled community. Once again, this device allowed disabled people to have independence and the ability get to many places on their own.

3. The Snow Blower


Once again, Canada is a land that is filled with snow and cold. One way that Canadians are able to keep their roads, streets, sidewalks and driveways clear is by using a snow blower. This contraption was created in 1927 by Arthur Sicard. His invention was not only important for residential purpose it was also necessary for economic and transportation services as well. Plows could not be effectively used on railroad tracks but snow blowers could. Sicard’s invention helped the Canadian people to stay economically viable and mobile during the long winter months.

2. Basketball


The way American people (especially people within the African-American community) play basketball you would think it was from the U.S.A. However, this is not true. Basketball is a Canadian invention. A YMCA worker by the name of Dr. James Naismith was working in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was a Canadian physical education professor doing work within the U.S. Anyway, during the winter time he couldn’t take his students outdoors because of the weather.

Naismith had to figure out something to do with the young men in his charge. So, he came up with an idea to take a peach basket (with the bottom left intact) and put it on a 10-foot beam. He then took a soccer ball and allowed the young men to shoot it in the peach basket. This proved to be ineffective because they had to stop the game to get the ball every time somebody scored. Eventually, they cut out the bottom of the peach basket and the rest as they say, is history. Naismith invention of the game of basketball revolutionized the world of sports and the world. This happened in 1891.

1. Instant Replay


People might not realize this but hockey was invented by the Canadians. This happened sometime around 1875. After hockey was invented it eventually evolved into a big-time sport all over the world. In Canada hockey is king. By 1955 Canada also came up with a revolutionary technology called instant replay. They utilized a wet film version of this technology that was created by George Retzlaff.

Later on, a television director by the name of Tony Verna improved this process. He figured out how to make a standard videotape machine to instantly replay televised recordings. The original machine weighed over 1,300 pounds and was impractical for traveling around. However, by 1965 this type of machine was refined enough to be practical for use in many sports venues. As a result, this technology forever changed the world of sports and impacted modern sports games including soccer, football, baseball, basketball and of course hockey.

These are but a few of the great inventions that came out of Canada. Once again, Canada might not be considered one of the greatest countries on Earth; but it is a hidden gem among the nations of world simply because it has made a lot of useful contributions that has benefited all of humanity.

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