Top 10 Best Audio & Video Players

If you are an audio and video fantatic and you want to be able to enjoy your files anywhere and with the best quality possible you are going to want to download an audio video player. This list has everything from simple downloads that are extremely easy to use up to the most complex software so you can edit your audio and video files as you see fit.

Following are the Top 10 Best Audio & Video Players

10. SM Player


SM Player is a free Audio Video player for Windows. It has built in codes so that you don’t have to manually enter them to watch your videos or listen to your audio. All you have to do is install SM Player and you won’t have to worry about the hassle of finding install codec packs. Another cool feature about SM player is it will automatically remember your settings for everything you play; you don’t have to constantly reset them every time you watch or listen to an audio file or video file. With SM Player you can play all media formats, it supports YouTube videos, comes with different skins for personalization and is able to download subtitles.

9. UM Player


UM Player is also a free Audio Video player and has positive aspects when it comes to having the best quality viewing and listening. It is extremely light on using system resources which is a plus for your computer! The interface is extremely minimalistic and simple to use so you don’t have to be an expert to be able to maneuver around the software. It supports many different types of Audio/Video files so you won’t have to worry about having to locate codec packs. It automatically downloads subtitles for you so you don’t have to scour the internet trying to find them. It is also customizable for personalization.

8. Plex

Plex Top Famous Audio & Video Players 2019

Plex is compatible with all sorts of devices so you aren’t stuck to using it just on your computer or laptop. You have the ability to use Plex on both tablets and mobile devices. With Plex you get to record television so you can watch your favorite shows and movies on your time wherever you like. Plex Cloud offers the ability to also save audio and video files without using up your own memory and space so you can watch your favorites when you like. All you have to do is sign up for a Plex account, download their software, add your favorite music and videos and then watch them wherever you like on whatever device you want to use it on.

7. DivX Player

DivX Player Top 10 Best Audio & Video Players 2017

DivX Player is a free audio/video player with a very friendly and supportive Customer Service department. With DivX you get to watch your audio and video on the go on whatever device you’d like to use it on. With DivX Player you get to create your own videos as well as watch them. With DivX Player you can watch videos that are already online up to 4K speed without worrying about loading time or a slow connection. It has a built in converter so that if you desire your video to be of a different format than it currently is, it’s able to make the changes for you without being a total hassle. You even get to share your videos with Xbox, Chromecast and other devices.

6. Real Player


Real Player is currently a free download for windows devices, android devices, Chromecast, Roku and more. With Real Player you can download your favorite YouTube videos with little effort. Because of it’s compatibility with Chromecast or Roku you can download your favorite audio and video files and watch them on your big screen television without any special cords or equipment. Real Player has it’s own cloud which allows you to save your favorite videos and audio files and have access to them wherever you may be. One more amazing thing about Real Player is that you can convert your files into MP3’s so you can burn them onto a cd and take them on the go with you and hand the files over to someone else if you’d like.

5. MPC-HC-Media Player Classic


Home Cinema, Also known as MPC-HC is a free audio/video player. Despite being free there are absolutely no advertisements or pop-ups with it’s usage. It has the ability to play videos on any device or computer, even your old computer from back in 1999! Not that many of us has old computers from back when. It’s nice to know there is a software that is so flexible in its usage. The software is extremely customizable; you can control what toolbars are present and which are not.

4. Pot Player

pot player-top-popular-audio-video-players-2019

This free audio video players supports all sorts of file types and is extremely popular. With this software you can get detailed playback information for all sorts of editing and customizing. It does support subtitles so that you can easily review audio and videos of a different language. One really cool feature is you can capture screen shots! If you want a particular image from the video you are reviewing, all you have to do is screen shot it with its handy tool. The default settings work for almost all file types so you don’t have to worry about editing the videos too much when you are ready to view them. The program was created by a Korean company but it’s entire process is presented in English from start to finish.

3. GOM Media Player


GOM Player is a video player that can be used for a variety of purposes. Its so easy to use and plays almost any video type. It’s extremely easy to use whether you are advanced at media players or a novice, still offers advanced functionality if you need it and it’s completely free. It will default and play almost any video file type so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your video files are compatible. They offer a large library of subtitles so you don’t have to worry about locating them on a separate website. You can even watch 360° videos; to view different angles you can use your mouse or the arrow buttons on your keyboard.

2. KM Player


KM Player has their own lists of codec files so you don’t have to worry about your video file not working. It works on both windows, mac and other devices as well. You get to watch what you want to watch, or listen to what you want to listen to, on your terms, on your own time. KMPlayer is so popular they currently have 300,000,000 users in 230 plus countries and their software is supported in thirty-six different countries.

1. VLC Media Player


VLC is a free multimedia player which has the ability to play most multimedia files PLUS DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various other streaming items. VLC Media Player plays everything from files, cd’s, webcam videos, devices and streams videos live. There are no codec packages needed as they are all included with the free software. They are able to run on ALL platforms which include, but are not limited to, mac, windows, ios, android, xbox and more. It’s extremely customizable so that it matches your personality or style.

There is no limit to what you can do in this time and age. These audio and video players can do everything from find subtitles to play any video file type you need supported. You get to share your videos and files on everything including play station and Xbox. The sky is the limit with audio and video streaming!

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