Top 10 Best Airplanes Ever Made

When a person goes on a plane they expect a safe trip and they want to be comfortable as well. These planes take comfort to a whole new level. There is nothing like them that can be found on the air or on the water. These planes were designed to be cool and comfortable. They are also very safe to ride in.

These are the top 10 best airplanes ever made

10. Spitfire


This plane is one of the best airplanes were designed. It flies smoothly and even takeoff and landing are smooth when riding on this plane. It has a lot of power and is very fast. It reaches speeds that other planes can only dream of. The frame of this plane is great and it is sturdy. A person will know they are getting a safe ride on their airplane.

9. SR 71 Blackbird


This plane is very fast and can reach a high altitude that other planes cannot. This plane was designed and it was built by hand. The engineering work on this plane is one of a kind. Unlike other planes this one has never lost a crew member while they were on a mission. No other kind of plane can state that. This airplane is cool and sturdy.

8. DC 3

DC 3 Top Most Famous Air Planes Ever Made 2018

This plane was one of the first aircrafts that was built for commercial use. It was a tough plane and was reliable even for an early plane. There were propellers that allow the plane to fly and were one of the first planes to fly between the continents. The plane was able to land in many different locations and a version of this plane is still use today especially for commercial purposes. This airplane has been around since 1935 and there are no plans on retiring this model any time soon. This is still a great and popular design.

7. Messerschmitt 262

Messerschmitt 262 Top Famous Air Planes Ever Made 2019

This plane got to nickname the Swallow. It was first used by the German forces during World War II. This plane was able to carry a number of cannons, rockets, bombs, and other weapons of destruction. The plane can go faster than 500 miles and hours which at the time was 100 miles faster than anything else that was in the air. This plane was a great model and is still respected today.

6. B 52 Stratofortress


For years this plane has been one of the most reliable biggest airplanes that can be used for a number of purposes. It has been used in a number of conflicts and combats. This plane was designed to be able to carry nuclear weapons and has eight turbojet engines. This plane was travel for over 12,000 miles before it needs to be refueled. This plane is used in modern times to carry things such as drones.

5. F 117 Nighthawk


This plane was one of the first fighter planes to be developed by the USAF. The plane is not able to be detected by a radar which make it almost invisible in the air. The plane was used to carry smart bombs and use a surprise attack in modern wars. The plane is able to reach heights of over 1,300 stories and not a single plane has ever been shot down since the 117 has been in the air. This was retired in 2002 but has been replaced with a newer version of the same thing.

4. North American P 51 Mustang


This plane is fast and can travel for a long distance. It was a fighter planed used throughout Europe during World War II. This plane was able to take control of the air and was used to help defeat Germany. This plane was used later in history during the Korean War as well. This plane was used by the United States military until 1981 where they replaced it with a newer model. The plane is still seen during air shows and is used in a number of air races.

3. Messerschmitt Bf 109


This plane was also known as the ME 109. This plane was first used by the Germans . This is a fast and reliable plane. Over the years many different versions of this plane were created since the basic design was before its time. The 109 ME was designed to be able to travel over double the distance of the first model. With this increased distance there were over 34,000 of these planes built. That is more than any other type of plane in history.

2. X 15


This plane was designed for use by NASA and this is a rock plane. The design was an experiment to see how far and how fast a plane can travel. The body of this plane is long and sleek. It looks very similar to a rock. This plane can also make the pilot turn into an astronaut. This plane can travel 50 to 70 miles into the altitude of space. This was the first plane designed and used by a space station. The plane first used a rocket which allowed it to go up to 4,500 miles per hour. This plane was used for over 200 flights and helped scientists learn a lot about air travel. Neil Armstrong flew this plane a number of times to help him prepare for his space mission. This was one fast plane and some say it is too fast for commercial use.

1. Concorde


This plane is able to reach speeds of 1,300 miles per hour and was one of the first planes that was able to make a nonstop trip between New York and London. This plane was a little on the expensive side to operate but it was able to make the trip that other planes could not. This plane was in operation for a number of years and was a popular plane for commercial use. The plane was upgraded several times and was a reliable plane for a long time. This was one of the longest running plane designs ever.

These are some of the best airplanes of all times until 2017. The design has set up the design for modern planes and helped the airline industry develop some great planes today. These planes were fast, had a great design, and some are still used today.

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