Top 10 Strangest Things to Find In Space

Space is considered the last frontier that mankind has yet to fully explore. Only a small amount of people had been able to go into space to see what lies outside of Earth’s atmosphere. While the vast majority of space is undiscovered territory, there are some things that people know about space that is strange, off base and mystifying.

Throughout the years, unmanned space crafts, satellites and vehicles have been sent to the farthest point of the galaxy. These machines have been able to discover some rather odd and unusual places, features and planets. While these discoveries might seem off center to us they certainly are not out of place for the galaxy. The fact is that the galaxy is loaded with unusual things that is just a normal part of its makeup. Here is a list of the top 10 strangest things to find in space.

Here are the Top 10 Strangest Things to Find In Space

10. A Floating Water Reservoir in Space


Water is an element that is often associated with life. However, astronomers and scientists have discovered a water reservoir that is a cloud of H20 gas near a black hole. This particular cloud has over 140 trillion times the amount of water that is available on the Earth. Oceans and the world’s fresh water supplies are included within this figure.

The cloud is also abnormal because water typically exists only where there is a planet that can sustain it and it does not just float around in space. In this case, a black hole has somehow attracted these particular molecules (or maybe it has manufactured them) and holds them captive near its entrance.

9. Raspberry Rum

Raspberry Rum Top Most Popular Strangest Things to Find In Space 2018

Sagittarius B2 is another unusual gas cloud. It is located near the center of the Milky Way galaxy which is the place where the Earth is located. Anyway, this cloud is very strange because it is made of molecules that are typically found in raspberries and rum. Ethyl formate is the flavor of raspberries and it also produces the smell of rum.

Scientists figured out that this cloud was composed of these molecules by using satellite technology and advance gas testing processes to detect its molecular structure. Ultimately, this cloud is just something in space that they did not expect. After all, why would that particular gas (ethyl formate) be located in a place where rum and raspberries are not even a part of the environment?

8. The Light Filled Castor System


The Castor is a star that is considered 54 times brighter than the sun. Remember the sun is an old star that is burning out but the Castor is a young start that is bigger and apparently stronger than the sun within our universe. This star has been prominent for many years since it is the second brightest star in the night sky and it is a part of the constellation known as the Gemini.

This is weird because there is not that many objects brighter than the sun within the Milkyway Galaxy. However, the Castor star is located within its own system. It is one of six stars that orbits around a central mass and that is what makes this system so bright.

7. Dangerous Hypervelocity Stars


Some stars are actually moving through space at an incredible rate of speed. They are known as hypervelocity stars and they literally pummeling through the various galaxies at a trillion miles per hour. These stars are dangerous because they have the ability to smash through planets and system at an extreme rate of speed. While all of the hypervelocity stars are not located within the Milkyway Galaxy, that does not mean that they cannot end up here. These stars could not only wipe out the planet Earth they could literally dismantle the Milkway Galaxy as we know it.

6. A Huge Pulsating Electric Current


Electricity is a powerful energy source. It is frequently found in parts of nature as the result of electronic current that is present within many motion related movements within the universe. Think of friction or the electrical processes that naturally take place in nature.

Scientists discovered a unique black hole in a nearby system. This black hole has somehow managed to generate or gather a huge electrical current that is 1.5 times bigger than the Milky Way. If this current ever reached our location, it would literally fry everything in our galaxy. The powerful sun itself would not be able to withstand its power.

5. Himiko Cloud


Clouds of gases frequently form in space. However, most of these clouds are not as big as galaxies. The Himiko Cloud is an exception to this rule. This cloud is a huge ball of gas that is one and a half times larger than the Milky Way. This cloud could literally cover the universe if it ever came into our neck of the woods and block out the light form the sun. Actually, this cloud would literally crush us (or burn us up) since it has the mass of 40 billion suns.

4. Large Quasar Group


The Large Quasar Group is also known as the LGQ and it is a small area that is located near a black hole. This object is the biggest thing in the universe and it is 40 times bigger than the Milky Way. This LGQ is so big that physic laws are not relevant within this area. In theory, something this large could not even exists because it defies normal science related to the formation of stars, galaxies and mass related structures. However, the LQG just defies logic and how strange the universe can really be.

3. Unicorns in Space


Unicorns in space sounds like a bad Saturday morning cartoon show. However, this is a reality within the universe. The Trifid Nebula is a star forming region within the universe. Some scientists even refer to it as a nursery. They used the Hubble telescope to discover its existence and to map out its features.

Some parts of the Trifid Nebula resemble the shape of a unicorn. This is rather unusual for system to have some characteristics that are similar to the image of a mythical creaure. The Trifid Nebula is the place where stars are created and it is a very unique place in the whole of creation.

2. White Holes


White holes are different from black holes. Some scientists believe that they only exist in theory but some have found evidence of their existence. Or at least, what they believe to be proof that they are around. White holes let light and matter escape but they are considered the opposite of a black hole. Nothing can or should go through a white hole from the outside but only come from the inside as the white hole pulls things through. There are scientists who believe that white holes are the key to time travel and other space related phenomena.

1. Mickey Mouse goes to Mercury


Many people are familiar with the Disney character known as Mickey Mouse. Disney fans would be absolutely shocked if they found out about Mickey’s image being discovered on the planet Mercury. Satellites have found produced an image of a rock formation on Mercury that resembles the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.

This is rather unusual because it looks as if someone literally carved out an image of this iconic mouse onto the side of Mercury. However, scientist know that this formation was random and not intentional. It just formed this way and happened to look like a famous cartoon mouse in the process.

Humanity still does not fully understand the universe though it knows a lot about how it works. Ultimately, astronomers are going to find more strange and unusual things out in space simply because the universe is a strange is totally different than our limited world on Earth.

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