Top 10 Accidental Discoveries You Should Be Thankful in 2017

It has been noted throughout history that most accidental discoveries turned out to be very useful to human beings around the world. Some of these discoveries involved complex scientific knowledge while others did not require any scientific knowledge rather just basic general knowledge and some understanding. A word that can be used to refer to accidental discoveries is the word Serendipity which its main keyword was the word chance or luck.

There are many discoveries that were made by very many people and are grouped into very many different categories.

The top 10 accidental discoveries you should be thankful for include:

10. X-RAYS


An x ray is energy in form of electromagnetic radio waves that is used to convert the energy it produces to penetrate through the structures of the body and create an image of the structure inform of an infrared photograph. It was accidentally discovered by Wilhelm Rontgen; a German scientist in 1895 while experimenting with cathode ray tubes. He began to observe a strange glow in the room a short distance in the room. He discovered new energy inform of radiation that was responsible for the emission and so he named the radiation energy ‘X-rays. His first x-ray was done with his wife hand and an optical image was produced. X rays are now used in hospitals to take internal images of the body especially bones to see for damages incurred incase of injury.


SMART DUST Top Famous Accidental Discoveries You Should Be Thankful For 2019

These are very tiny micro-electric silicon chips that are used to detect everything omitted by light and heat through humidity and high vibrations. It was discovered by Jamie Link a student at the University of California in San Diego. While she was working on the silicon chip, she by mistake shattered it. She noted that the chip was still omitting signals. She therefore came up with the name ‘smart dust’ of which today play a very big role in modern technology used in preventing tumors by attacking and destroying them completely.



Vulcanization of rubber is the process of converting natural rubber chemically and converting it to be able to withstand heat or cold. Charles Goodyear a self taught American chemist and a manufacturing saw how in 1830’s rubber could not withstand very high temperatures. So as he was busy trying to figure out the right compound he dropped one of his coconssions in stove and it did not burn. Today the vulcanized rubber is used in car tyres and many other uses which are very useful.



This is a tough synthetic solid that has no reaction to any chemical substance and cannot be damaged quickly. It was discovered by Dr Roy Plunkett a scientist at DuPont in 1938.

He was to get ways to make refrigerators be less un-home friendly by replacing their supposed dangerous refrigerants. After all tryouts a sample he was working with began to show a strange slippery residue that was resistant and was not affected by chemicals.

Today Teflon is used as cooking pans in homes, cover lids in industries and many other uses.



It is an artificial device used to detect the speed rate of the heart beat in a human being. It was discovered first by Wilson Greatbatch in 1950. He accidentally held the wrong transistor and after switching on the device he found out that there was a pulse sound like pattern which was similar to a heart. Today the pacemaker is used to record animals heart beat rate.



This is spring made of soft and sticky material that follows a certain movement or pattern. It was first discovered by a naval engineer Richard James who was trying to develop a spring that would be able to support and stabilize very sensitive machinery equipments on ships. One of the springs accidentally fell off the shelf and it continued moving in a certain motion.

Today slinky are used in ships to support the heavy engine circulation.



This is a sticky substance made from mixing various chemicals enabling the two substances to be interjoined together. It was discovered by Dr Harry Coover. He was trying to make clear plastic joined formation.

In 1951, Dr. Coover was a supervisor of project at a developing acrylate polymer for a jet canopy. Fred Joyner the founder of the project was working at one point started using the recycled Super Glue and to his surprise, the prisms became stuck very solidly together. Today super glue is used widely all over the world.



It’s an electronic device used to release electromagnetic waves with a low frequency wavelength that is converted to heat energy used to warm or heat cold food.

Percy Spencer an engineer working at a radiation laboratory was the founder of the microwave.

While working using active radar next to a magnetron, he discovered that a chocolate bar that he had within him was melting. He then saw that heat energy could be converted from electromagnetic waves that are of low frequency wavelengths. Hence it’s the current technology that is used in the making of the current day microwave.



Radioactivity is the abrupt particle emission caused by atoms disintegrating from their nucleus. A French scientist by the name Henri Becquerel was responsible for this discovery in the year 1896. While working using crystals that were enriched with uranium it began to burn an image to a plate that was photographic in nature using the aid of sunlight. After this he stored all the equipments inside a drawer so that he could proceed with the experiment at a later date. A couple of days went by and later he discovered that there were rays emitted by the crystals.

This is the current day technology that is used in any radioactive material.



It’s an antibiotic drug that can either be synthetically made or can be found naturally occurring in a plant that is known as blue molds. It was discovered by a man known as Alexander Fleming when he noticed strange fungi were slowly killing his bacteria’s.

Today penicillin is used to treat fungal and bacteria infections.

Most of the discoveries have improved the modern way of life for man. They have made work easier for man as well as improve the day to day life for them.

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