Chris Pratt Net Worth, Cars Collection, House & Family and Business

Charis pratt biography

Being famous for his movie Guardians of Galaxies, Jurrasic worlds and the Lego movie & Nicknamed ‘Monkey boy’ Chris pratt was born in Virgina, Minnesota on 21st of June 1979 and raised by his parents Dan and Kathy pratt in Lake stevens and graduated from Lake stevens high school along with two siblings Angie and Cully. You won’t believe but this enticing and skillful personality once worked as the waiter at Bubba Gumps Restaurant in Hawaii. His career was started by Actor-director Rae Dawn Chong in her comic horror film Curse 3.

Chris Pratt Net Worth 2017-2018

This comic horror film launched his career despite being seen barely. After playing several supporting roles he made it on television with Ever wood & the O.C. in 2002 and he stayed in the series until it ended in 2006. During that time he appeared in many movies like action movie called The Extreme Team in 2003 & Strangers With Candy in 2005. After that his career skyrocket with movies like Guardian of galaxies, Jurassic worlds and Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the highest grossing film of 2015.

Net worth of Chris Pratt in 2017 – $30 Million

According to Forbes Pratt the top-grossing film star of 2015 thanks to Jurassic World that made marvelous $1.67 billion while the budget of the movie was only $150 million. The success of Jurassic World had the positive impact on his salary for his next movie and him signed $12 million contracts with Sony films for his next movie Passenger. It is evaluated that he made $13 million in a year. Now when it comes to his net worth it is the total of staggering $30 million. You can compare these figure given below about his increasing earning.

In 2013 he earned $400,000 from movie Her, and $180,000 from the movie Delivery Man while in 2014 he made the total of $900,000 from The Lego movie and staggering $1,500,000 from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chris Pratt’s cars and bike collection

There is no official car collection listed. But it is quite not longer hidden that he won 1965 VW beetle from the game of Blackjack. He spent most of his time restore that Beetle when he was not acting and he uploaded those pictures on his Instagram page. Restoring that old VW Beetle took him almost 12 years and he learned all that automotive stuff from the YouTube by watching videos. You can say that he must be a great man in his personal life.

Chris Pratt cars collection 2017-2018

Charis pratt’s family and relationship

He might have befriended Bryce Dallas Howard, Elizabeth Banks & Vince Vaughn, but what about family? Chris pratt is married a fellow actress, Washington State native, Anna Ferris. He met her on the set of Take me home tonight and married to her in Bali on 29th July 2009 & now they have a son named Jack who was born in August 2012. Anna Faris has also a network of staggering $20 million only $10 million less that Chris her husband. Before Anna Faris, he dated his co-star named Emily Van Camp.

who played as her sister in the series of Everwood in 2002. His parents, father Dan pratt and mother Kathleen or Kathy pratt have two more siblings the sister Angie pratt and brother Cully pratt.

Chris Pratt’s house

According to Variety, they bought a 4,700-square-foot home that has three bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. in Los Angeles from Live Nation CEO Michael Raina which cost them $3.3 million on another hand, they sold their old house in Hollywood Hills which has three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and covers almost 2,563 square feet at the hefty price of $2.3 million. Anna and Chris moved there in March 2013 and gladly living there with their kiddo Jack Pratt.

Chris Pratt House 2017-2018

From starting off his life to till now, Chriss pratt is the true source of inspiration and example of wisdom and humanity where he raised fund for his Local Boys & Girls Club With ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2’ Amaze Set Visit. One ca say that he loves old things especially the one he earned like his VW Beetle. Along with being great Actor, he must be great husband and father. Hope that Chris would never stop entertain us with his mind-boggling movies like the Jurassic world and the Guardians of galaxies.

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