Top 10 Reasons to Like Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are warm, cuddly and entertaining stuffed toys that many people enjoy having around. These stuffed creatures have been in existence for a little over a century. They are a popular toy that brings about comfort, security and companionship.

The teddy bear is a toy of great significance. It has been named after an American president by the name of Theodore Roosevelt. Long story short, President Roosevelt was placed into a political comic strip with a captured black bear. Toymaker Morris Mitchum saw the comic strip and then had an idea. He decided to make stuffed bear toys and he asked the former president if he could use his name for the toy.

After Mitchum made the toy it became an instant success. Mitchum’s teddy bears were sold to millions of people all over the world. Many people like teddy bears for many different reasons. Generations of children have become attached to teddy bears. Adults are also attached to them as well. The following information will describe 10 reasons as to why people like teddy bears so much. It will also inform people about the usefulness of teddy bears and their psychological impact on adults and kids.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Like Teddy Bears

10. Teddy Bears Reduce Stress


When teddy bear owners come in from a hard day of work they tend to run to their bears and embrace them with great joy. They hold their bears tightly because these furry little creatures reduce stress and helps to ease tension that people typically encounter when they are out in the world.

Psychologically speaking, teddy bears reduce stress because they make their owners feel pleasure and relief. Most people with teddy bears typically associate them with good feelings. They also help owners to be at ease once they encounter them. Teddy bears are relaxing because they help to take away the pain and problems associated with modern life and its issues.

9. Teddy Bears help to Alleviate Anxiety


Anxiety is a huge problem for many people in modern times. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), at least 40 million Americans have some type of anxiety condition. These conditions range from major depressive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder to phobias or post-traumatic stress disorder. This disorder is impacting the quality of life of the individuals who have been diagnosed with this condition.

People who own teddy bears tend to keep their anxiety under control. Their bears help to calm their souls and to refocus their thoughts in a positive direction. Teddy bears can help to make anxiety go away by helping people to forget their problems or to minimize their fears.

8. Teddy Bears Provide Peace


Peace is another by product of owning a teddy bears. Teddy bears are associated with peace. They typically do not conjure up fear or troubling thoughts. People tend to push good feelings and emotions onto teddy bears. This is because they have condition themselves to believe that their teddy bears represent nothing but good things.

Remember, most people who really like teddy bears typically had them as a child. Most kids with teddy bears usually have (or had) positive experiences with them. These uplifting memories then become fixated inside of a teddy bear owner’s mind. Once this happens a teddy bear owner usually has developed a positive association with this toy. This association usually lasts a lifetime. Whenever people see their bear they find peace and comfort in it.

7. Cuddling with Teddy Bears

Cuddling with Teddy Bears Top 10 Reasons to Like Teddy Bears 2017

Many teddy bears like to cuddle. This is especially true for females. Many young girls and women like to cuddle. Oftentimes, they usually do not have a person around that they can cuddle with. Since they don’t; their teddy bears make a great substitute.

The point is that teddy bears are often used for cuddling – especially by females. The bigger the bear the more useful it is for this purpose. Many adult women have life size teddy bears that they cuddle with. These bears are made out of materials which make them soft, warm and snuggly. That’s a winning mixture that most females (and some dudes) find hard to resist.

6. Teddy Bears take the Pain Away


Believe it or not teddy bears are often used by law enforcement officials and they often use teddy bears to comfort rape victims, abused children, kidnapping victims and for people who experience trauma. Psychologically speaking, once a teddy bear is introduced into a situation they often make a person less disturbed by their situation.

A teddy bear will give them the perception that they are no longer in danger and that they have an ally that will be there during this hard time. Remember, people transfer their emotions and feelings into the bears and this in turn causes them to feel relief from their circumstances; even if things have not gotten better for them in reality. Ultimately, a teddy bear can be used to help ease the pain and to make the bad times go away.

5. Teddy Bears help Arctophiles to Fulfil their Desires

Teddy Bears help Arctophiles to Fulfil their Desires Top Popular Reasons to Like Teddy Bears 2019

Hey, have you ever met an arctophile? Do you know what kind of person an arctophile is? These individuals are people who like teddy bears an awful lot. They cannot get enough of the teddy bear toy and have huge collections of them. Many arctophiles have teddy bear collections that contain toy bears from all over the world.

Arctophiles typically have different styles of teddy bears. The bears have different colors, materials and designs. Some of them are not worth more than a few cents and others could be worth a couple million dollars. Actually, the Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear is worth $2.1 million.

4. Teddy Bears don’t Complain, Nag or Starts Arguments

Teddy Bears don’t Complain, Nag or Starts Arguments Top Most Popular Reasons to Like Teddy Bears 2018

A teddy bear does not talk, it does not argue and it does not fight with the owner. A teddy bear will listen to its owner’s problems, issues and complaints. They will not find fault with them and they will not try to put them down for any bad thing that the owner tells them. As a matter of fact, teddy bears are great listeners. They listen and do not start arguments trying to prove how “wrong” their owner is.

Teddy bears make the perfect companions for their owners simply because they do everything that their owner’s say to do. Arctophiles also love them because they are complaint, supportive and they stay in their place.

3. If Teddy Bears could Speak they would not be Good at Keeping Secrets


A teddy bear is good at keeping secrets. If a person tells a teddy bear one of their deepest and darkest secrets, this bear will not blurt it out to the world. Teddy bears don’t speak and this simply means that they don’t run their mouths or talk. This is why teddy bear owners can tell their stuffed toys anything (and I do mean anything) and their information will remain guarded information. Teddy bears are just the perfect objects that know how to keep things to themselves.

2. No One has to be Alone when they have a Teddy Bear


Teddy bears help to keep people from being lonely. Let’s face it, many people are extremely lonely in life. This is also true for beautiful and sexy women who are used to having lots of companionship and friends around. Lonely people who have teddy bears use them for companionship.

Many younger kids who are the only child within a home tend to rely on their teddy bears to help fill the void of loneliness. Many adults who do not have a special someone turn to their stuffed bears to help fulfill the need of companionship. The point is that teddy bears can help a person to feel wanted, needed and from being lonely in life.

1. Teddy Bears Give Love


The number one reason why people like teddy bears is because they give love. Many people go through life without love and a teddy bear can fulfill this need. This is a great benefit of teddy bears. People who have them often use them to project feelings of love. Believe it or not using a bear in this way helps people to deal with being unloved and unwanted. In short teddy bears give love because people believe that they do.

Teddy bears are one of the best stuffed toys of all time. They simply help kids and adults to fulfill some of the basic psychological and social needs that all people have in life.

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