Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances in Indian Homes

All our household chores are facilitated by various electronic gadgets and these are vital in saving time of our busy lives. There are few important electronic appliances which should be present in every house that will make the living of people in the house, easier.

Thus, here is a list of top ten must have electronic appliances in Indian homes and the countdown follows:

10. Air conditioner

air conditioner, Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances in Indian Homes 2017

Across the country, we come across varying climatic conditions and especially in the coastal regions we find a very hot climate. Thus, in this list of the Must have electronic gadgets in Indian Homes, Air conditioner features at the 10th position. We have reached a condition in the planet earth such that it’s hard to live in the natural temperature because of its high humidity and conditions. In India we have temperature ranging from 5° Celsius to 50° Celsius. Thus for a country like this air conditioning is a must have thing. Air-conditioning device will reduce the temperature of the room and it makes it livable. There are many types of air conditioner important among them are central and split.

9. Induction Stove


Due to the increase in rate of LPG in the country, it’s not so easy for everyone to afford enough amount of LPG. And also for those people who are living in a city, it’s impossible to arrange for timber. Thus the invention of induction stoves is one of the greatest advantage for the man kind. It takes very less space and very efficient too. The cooking by this device is very fast and totally safe, thus ranks at the 9th position in our list.

8. Camera


Who doesn’t want to cherish the wonderful moments that you spend with your beloved ones. Just to make sure that you will be having something worth remembering the invention of the camera plays a major role. The camera is an electronic device which captures memories and stores in the form of pictures. The leading producers of the camera as Nikon, Samsung, Sony and many other. For a diverse tradition, Indians celebrate numerous occasions, festivals and a camera is very handy to capture all the worthy moments.

7. Television


Man always wanted to keep himself entertained and hence he invented television. It is one of the most used electronic device which can be seen all over the world. They could be seen in various types, shapes. Size and also dimensions. The cost of the TV’s too vary from few thousands to lakhs. The leading producers of these television are Sony, Samsung, LG and a lot more. Television has gained a lot of popularity amongst the housewives for the family entertainer serials being telecasted and cricket telecast is widely loved in the country.

6. Microwave Oven


At the 6th position is the device that has entered the Indian market in the past decade. Microwave Oven are the type of electronic device which uses microwaves in order to cook the food. This is a closed chamber and food is placed inside it with the door closed. This device is totally safe and not much expensive too. This is one of the best way to bake food. The famous brands which produces Microwave Oven are Kenstar, Philips, Whirlpool and a lot of more.

5. Mixer Grinder


During the olden days there used to be no electricity so manual grinding stones were used to grind food. It used to be very tiring process and also time consuming. Thus invention of mixer Grinder helped a lot of housewives to reduce their work. Thus this tool is one of the most important aspect in every kitchen. There is wide range of mixer grinder available in the market according to our need. It is one amongst the Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances in Indian Homes 2017.

4. Water Purifier


At the 4th position is the appliance that safeguards us from exposure to disease causing germs and microbes. Water is one of the most important entities in human’s life. Water that we get food the consumption must be pure so that it won’t cause any disease or disorder because normally water contains wide range of microorganisms and also chemical agent. Thus the invention of the water purifier is done. It surely helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and safeguard us from the water-borne diseases.

3. Washing machines


Washing clothes could be one of the most tiresome works of all the time. It is one of the hardest manual work that only the housewives would know. This machine makes the work of yours so easy that you don’t really need to use your energy at all. There are two types of Washing machines namely Full automatic and semi-automatic. They come ad either top load or front load. The leading manufacturers of Washing machines are LG, Whirlpool and a lot more.

2. Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaning is one of the toughest jobs as we have already noticed. Most of the time using broom will not make the process of cleaning compete. Thus vacuum cleaner which sucks all the dust and other particles present in every corner of the house. There is wide variety of vacuum cleaners available in the market, they come with variety of features and the cost too is from few thousands to lakhs. The famous companies which manufactures this Machine are LG, Eureka Forbes, Panasonic, Phillips and a lot more.

1. Refrigerator


Food is one important aspect about which man is always bothered. Refrigerator is one such device which makes the food to settle in the cold condition making it not to contaminate easily. Not only for this reason but also it is used for wide range of other purpose such as preparation of ice cream and also a lot of other cold drinks. The famous manufacturing companies of this device are LG, Whirlpool, IFB, Samsung and a lot more.

Thus, this is the list of Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances in Indian Homes 2017 and these appliances make our lives easier and in the recent times are considered to be the most essential appliances for every house.

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