Top 10 Most Needed Survival Supplies

Survival is something that not a lot of people give a lot of thought to. Even something as simple as an overnight camping trip could go wrong, and you need to plan ahead for every possible scenario. Knowing what is absolutely essential for you to survive in the wilderness until help can arrive is something that a lot of people simply aren’t aware of. Below you will find the top 10 most needed survival items to ensure that you are adequately prepared for whatever might come your way.

Here are the Top 10 Most Needed Survival Supplies

10. Flares


There is something to be said about being able to notify someone that you are distress in a large and dramatic fashion. Flares are something that people can see very easily at night, and can even be spotted fairy easily throughout the day due to the distinct smoke trail that they emit along with the burning of the flare. If you are literally lost in the woods and you know that enough time has passed that people would be looking for you it would be wise to wait until the evening and night hours and periodically burn a flare every hour or two, doing everything you can to get into a clearing if possible to make it easiest to be seen.

9. Knife


There are all kinds of reasons that having a knife on your person could be a good decision. For starters, a knife is a good way to defend yourself should you encounter an unfriendly woodland creature while you are lost or at the very least not where you should be. While you should not pursue creatures with the knife, it might help you defend yourself enough until help can arrive by scaring off even the most extreme of predators in the woods. The knife is also going to come in handy to cut up wood into kindling, to mark your path into the woods to navigate your way back out.

8. Multi-tool


The multi-tool is ideal for a lot of different reasons. There are plenty of useful tools included on this, and it can replace your need for a larger and bulkier knife, as many of these gadgets are equipped with at least one of them. You will also find there are scissors, which is a great tool to have if you need to get into your first aid kit. You will also find a can opener, which can offer you access to a variety of foods.

7. Compass


Having your bearings while you are out in the wilderness is not something that people are always able to do. Sometimes there is no direct sight of the sun to identify which direction you are headed in. It is always a good idea to keep a compass on your person as this is a surefire way to help you get back to civilization if you find yourself turned around in an unfamiliar area. This is a lightweight small device to keep with you, and can easily be kept in your pocket, so you can have it out and get the information you need in a moment’s notice.

6. Warm Clothing/Blankets


Having extra clothing and blankets can be a really great idea for preparedness. There are several instances where the unexpected can happen and you might find yourself wearing a completely wet outfit as the temperature begins to drop outside. Having another set of clothes to be able to change into can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Often you needn’t bring along more than one change of clothes for a single night outing, but having those extra clothes or at the very least extra blankets could be a huge deal in a number of unexpected scenarios.

5. Emergency Food / MREs

Emergency Food MREs Top Most Popular Needed Survival Supplies 2018

There are all kinds of unfortunate scenarios that could see you and your party without the right amount of food to eat. Maybe the camp was ransacked by a rogue bear while you and a friend were off fishing and the better part of your food was consumed. Having emergency food in the form of Meals Ready to Eat, common in military installations can be the difference between getting fed and going hungry. Typically these MREs don’t have a distinguishable scent from the outside, which makes them something that the creatures of the woods are less drawn towards. This makes them a good idea for all manner of food necessary for camping, even beyond having it for emergency situations.

4. Water


There is nothing wrong with getting a good bit of extra water to have for emergency situations. You might find that there isn’t quite the bountiful supply of fresh water that you remember at your favorite camping spot for example, and you could find yourself in a really bad place if you don’t have a plan B. In the even that you are lost and looking to stay in one place, having water and the emergency food previously addressed means that you are better equipped to stay in one position and wait for rescue or gather strength throughout the night to start your trek towards the direction of civilization using your compass you have in your pocket.

3. Flashlight


There is nothing quite as nice as being able to see. When the darkness sets in on your camp, there is an awful lot of things that can go wrong in the darkness of the night. Flashlights are an instant way to see what is happening all around you, and a means for you to see to get around the camp to literally anywhere that you care to be. Without a flashlight you are opening up yourself to potentially trip in the night, injuring yourself.

2. First Aid Kit


There is absolutely nothing that is among the most important things that you should always be packing with your camping gear than a first aid kit. This allows you to take care of any and all injuries, and to provide relief for mildly irritating conditions that could ruin a camping trip. There are all kinds of things that are included within even the most basic of these kits, though the more intricate that you make them the better off you and your camping party will be.

1. Cell Phone

Cell Phone Top 10 Most Needed Survival Supplies 2017

If you are somewhere where you are able to get any level of reception for your cell phone, it is seriously a good idea to have it on you. With the broad array and reach of the average cell tower signal these days, it stands to reason that your cell phone should be able to get reception somewhere in the vicinity of where you are camping. This means that you can get help should you need it, or at the least be able to get the kind of walking directions via a Maps application to get yourself back to an area that you can recognize.

While this might seem like self-explanatory kind of stuff, these are often overlooked items that could make all of the difference in your survival in the wilderness. While it is likely that you will not have to spend a lot of time lost or stranded in the wilderness, the more prepared you are with the above listed items the better off you will be when help arrives. This is all about preparedness, and you really can never be too prepared for the unexpected to occur.

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