Top 10 Most Expensive Toys In The World

Toys be one of the most important part of one’s childhood. A child plays, learns and also breaks the toys, to only ask for a new toy. Toys are a major magnetism for all the kids. Not only that kids like playing with all the different types of toys, but also keeping show toys and antique toys in the showcase, gives a much better look for all the guests coming to the houses. Toys like branded car toys, various guns, dolls etc. are the ones which form a class of major attraction. Few toys are helpful for the family members to bond with other members.

Here is a list of the top 10 expensive toys in the world:

10. Nintendo Stadium Events

nintendo stadium events, Top 10 Most Expensive Toys In The World 2017-2018

This game is probably the rarest games in the whole world, available very less. Manufactured by Human entertainment, this game got its platform by Nintendo. This game dates back to the year 1986 as its origin. A game very well known for the liveliness of the whole family, this game was developed for the complete family to play together and spend some quality time in joyfulness. This has four different games, which is a modification from the Olympic Games. Hurdles, triple jump, dash and long jump are the games in this toy, which is liked by everyone in the family. This toy presently costs $22,800 in the market.

9. 18k gold Gameboy


From playing Pokémon gold and Pokémon diamond in a normal game boy, to playing the same games in an 18karat gold plated game boy, people always prefer the gold version. It even has diamond scales on the control buttons. This game comes with a original leather case, along with many cartridges. Among all the Gameboys produced till date, this gold Gameboy is probably the most costly. The digital screen, is lined with diamonds, that handmade as well. This is supplied from Switzerland, though it is put into places in London. This version of the Gameboy, costs up to $25,000USD.

8. Junior off-Roader


This is both a toy and a trainer kit to the kids. It is a miniature car, exclusively built for the kids to learn the actual driving. Size of this car is proper for a kid to sit in and drive it, so as to be a proper car driver on road in the future. A three speed car, well built, is made of manual transmission of gears, so the kid driving it knows the tactics of driving it properly. It is suited for terrain experience. It is a replica of a land rover, being a quarter of the size of its original vehicle. A seat is provided next to the driver seat as well. Kids between the ages of 4 and 9 are very well suited for this toy. The cost comes up to $50,000.

7. 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb


Presented by the most famous toy brand which produces toy cars, The Hot Wheels. This is probably a car to be bought if anyone is interested in toy car collection. Pink in colour, it resembles a mini van, with two surfboards hanging on the back opening. This is the costliest car of hot wheels. It could even be costlier than an actual car. It has a provisional side pods, meant for the surfing boards. All your collection of cars put together, will probably not cost as much as this car costs alone. Cost is as high as $75,000.

6. Darth Vader War Helmet


This is an actual size war helmet which is a replica of the helmet used in the Star Wars episodes of empire back. Perfect fit for the stuntman who did all the stunts of Darth Vader, Bob Anderson, so if you are a fan of Darth Vader or Star Wars for that matter, this has to be bought by you. Black in colour, this helmet comes in only one size, the size of the actual helmet. It is made in such a way that, all the details of the original helmet is present in this. If the original and the toy is kept next to each other, no one can make out which is original. This replica of the great character helmet costs about $115,000.

5. HMS Terrible toy Battleship


This toy is a replica made of an actual battleship, just a reduced size. A person named Marklin, from Germany created this toy back in 1905. This is a 65cm length toy owned by one of Britain’s collectors, who’s bidding in an auction made its price go whooping high. Ron McCrindell, had this toy with him till his death, and later it was sold in the auction. It was kept as a symbol in reference to the navy ship used in the Boer was in 1895. It was expected to fetch a price of upto $73,500, but surprisingly a competition between two collectors raised its price to $122,600. The auctioneer mentioned that this was the most expensive single toy he had ever auctioned before. It is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Toys In The World 2017.

4. Hot wheels 18k


This hot wheels car is undoubtedly the costliest toy car in the whole world. It is made up of 18karat gold white. During the 40th anniversary of Mattel’s tiny cars, this toy car was release. The complete toy is glittery. The 18k gold white frame is covered completely by 2,700 diamond in all including blue, white and black coloured ones. The white and the black ones are used for a cover to the engine, whereas the blue coloured diamonds are used to depict the hot wheels main blue frame. Rubies form the brake lights. For setting all the 2700 diamonds, 2700 holes were made in this small toy. It costs about $140,000.

3. Steiff teddy bear


Steiff is a company established in the year 1880 and ever since then, if has been a leading producer of luxury stuffed animal toys and teddy bears. Their costliest teddy bear costs $193,000 which is pretty much very expensive for a teddy bear. But this toy is the most loved one by all the girls, as it is very cute and mesmerising. This toy is completely hand made, that is sewed by hands and also finished by hands. The material used is the finest quality of woven fur, cotton velvet, alpaca etc. This teddy bear can be kept as a collectible or even as a comforter as it is done by the girls, since it keeps them engaged all the time.

2. G.I Joe toy soldier prototype


G.I Joe was the world’s first toy fighter always ready for action. This toy is made in such perfection, that its enlarged size looks just as a normal soldier would look. Sold at an auction, this prototype toy, fetched $200,000, making it to the top three spot in the costliest toys in the world. This toy has its place secured in the Guinness book of world records, for being the world’s most expensive toy soldier. In 1964, a company named Hasbro produced this toy, and is presently the most wished toy by all the boys. This toy is an American icon among kids and it gave the pavement for the phrase action figure.

1. Diamond choker Barbie


A Barbie girl is one of the most wished toys among all the girl children. For all parents who love their daughter and are ready to get their pockets empty for a single toy, this probably is their best choice, costing about $300,000. This toy was sold to the breast research institute for the cost mentioned above. It clothing is very studding, wearing a strapless dress, black in colour. This was even fitted with a shining diamond of 1 karat, pink in colour, giving a classy look onto the doll. This studding figure made the buyers pay the price. It is the most beautiful and gorgeous Barbie doll ever produced.

This was the list of the top 10 Most Expensive toys ever produced until 2017. These days we find supercars or superbikes become the expensive toys of rich kids. Even for an adult, toys bring nostalgic thoughts with a gentle smile on the face.

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