Top 10 Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets in The World

Cooking and crockery are one of the most important forms of art existing throughout the globe since a very long time. A lot of people spend enough money and time to cook the best possible dishes they can. Even the most hospitable of all places usually stress on hygiene and cuisine which are the most important aspects of hotels and restaurants. In the recent past there has been a great shift in trains and a lot of people are focusing on developing lifestyles that are ideal for them even in terms of smart cooking.

A lot of people are spending a great deal on smart cooking especially because it saves a lot of time and also gives them a very hygienic and tasty breakfast or lunch depending upon what time they are eating at. It is said that within the next 20 years the old typical kitchen of most households will be replaced by smart kitchens where almost everything is ready to cook and instantaneous in nature. A lot of products like grinders, juicer machines, microwave ovens and instantaneous freezing Technology are already available in the market. These are nothing compared to what is coming next as a lot of companies are investing on creating the best possible technological advancements in the field of kitchen gadgets.

So, here is a list of the top 10 most expensive, luxurious and costliest kitchen gadgets in the world

10. SkyBar wine Preservation and serving system

kyBar wine Preservation and serving system, Top 10 Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets in The World 2017

One of the best ideas to preserve wine without spoiling it is buying this beautiful wine preservation and serving system. Quite popular throughout the world for producing world class crockery items the sky bar is undoubtedly one brand that has helped a lot of wine fanatics to create a better system to preserve their wine from getting spoilt. It costs about 1000 US dollars.

9. Blendtec stealth Blender system


Known to be available in the market for about $2,330, the stealth Blender system created by blendtec is one of the most ideal devices for blending and creating juices from fresh fruits. It is used extensively by a lot of people throughout the world and have been quite popular for the past 50 years since it was first brought into the market. It also has a specially dedicated set of sensor keys which make it easy to operate.

8. Dacor Discovery wine station


The Dacor Discovery Wine station is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and marvellous of all the creation ever built in the 21st century. This beautiful marvel is said to preserve different strains of wine even after being open before 2 months. It is one of the most interesting piece of Technology related to the beverage industry which makes it significant and meaningful to buy at the price of $5,299.

7. Sub zero wolf freezer drawers


The freezer drawers manufactured by the subzero brand are one of the coolest possible pieces of refrigeration technology available in the market. As a matter of fact, they are literally the coolest and help a lot of people preserve different kinds of organic material usually related to cooking. Unlike most other freezing mechanisms this advanced piece of Technology is one of the most ideal and effective one in the market. It costs about $7,250.

6. Mugnaini wood fired pizza oven


One of the most interesting kinds of food is the pizza which is quite popular throughout the world since it was first created in Italy. a lot of people are madly in love with the pizza because of its crusty cheese layers and exotic herbs. Pizzas are quite easy to cook but in order to get a classic taste of the same they require the best possible ovens. The wood fired pizza oven which is available for a cost of $8,500 is currently one of the best devices to cook pizzas in the world.

5. Hammacher juicer


The hammacher juicer which comes for a cost of $9,900, is one of the most effective and powerful of all the juices available in the market. It can take about 5 to 6 whole fruits without any difficulty and make a good quantity of pulpy juice within a minute. It does all the crushing and pressing work of the fruit by itself without having to resort to traditional methods. Best juicer is currently one of the most advanced pieces of cooking technology in the market. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets in The World 2017.

4. La Cornue rotisserie


A Rotisserie is one beautiful piece of technology that almost anybody would want to buy if they are interested in the field of cooking grilled meat. While most people Resort to old and traditional methods to get this done the La Cornue has come up with the advanced way to do the same, all at a very high cost but with an equally interesting efficiency rate. The rotisserie costs about 10000 US dollars but is currently one of the best available in the market.

3. Victoria arduino Venus century espresso machine


Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after and expensive of all the beverages in the world. But in order to make it a lot of people involve themselves in a lot of trouble especially because almost all of them want to have the best possible quality of coffee available. This beautiful piece of Technology which is the espresso machine created by Victoria arduino costs around $20,000 but is currently the best espresso machine in the world.

2. Meneghini Arredamenti refrigerator


A lot of investments have been put by a different set of companies in the field of refrigeration Technology. Even though a lot of people are interested in getting their hands on the best form of Technology, refrigeration by this device is quite costly for almost anybody. This beautiful refrigerator has the cost price of around $41,000 and is currently one of the best refrigerators available in the market.

1. Sveid custom made corkscrew


It is rather surprising to find the costliest kitchen gadget in the world to be of the size of a corkscrew. Not just is it the size of a corkscrew but it is indeed a corkscrew itself. The costliest corkscrew to have been ever made in this world, this custom made corkscrew is currently the most expensive kitchen gadget in the world. It comes with a custom signature and also various options like gold plated and Platinum series. It costs about $70,000 and it would take a lot of money for a person to have the fortune to buy this beautiful piece of Technology.

So, here was a list of the top 10 most expensive kitchen gadgets in the world 2017. These gadgets can be used to furnish ones house with exuberance, luxury but their prices are eye-popping. For all the luxury lovers out there, we recommend that you do check on these kitchen gadgets once.

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