Top 10 Most Expensive Items on eBay

eBay was first started in 1995 as a worldwide online commercial center, It permitted individuals to purchase and offer things in sales from the solace of their homes. Rather than offering trivial knickknacks, eBay offered quality and popular things with less expensive evaluating. As an aftereffect of its wide choice, and easy use, eBay has kept on making gigantic progress. Albeit most offers are entirely unassuming and go towards regular things, some have taken eBay to a radical new level, offering for up to a few million dollars. Look out which things had the most expensive price tag on eBay.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Items on eBay

10. Woodstock USA Black Gospel Book Music

Woodstock USA Black Gospel Book Music Top 10 Most Expensive Items on eBay 2017

A craftsmanship authority posted an ad about this collection, they asserted that Richie Havens once owned this collection of paintings. Richie Havens is without a doubt a standout amongst the most acclaimed performers. The artistic creations were made between the years 1950-1969. They were painted utilizing oil and water shading. A testament of legitimacy is likewise given. These are all autographed by Richie Havens himself. Along with the paintings, the handout created for the Black Gospel concert is also provided. The present cost of this gathering of marvelous artwork is $5,250,000.

9. Redwood Dreams

Redwood Dreams Top Most Expensive Items on eBay 2017

Redwood dreams is a furniture made with root part of the 1400 years old Redwood tree. The merchant “Sebastian” claims that he made the rarity without anybody’s assistance at his San Francisco Bay area fabricating plant, amid the mid-1970’s and it took over eight years to breathe life into this antique. Redwood Dreams costs a mind-blowing $8,600,000. Even though it kind of looks creepy, it is one of the kind pieces of furniture. It is probably the most expensive dressing table of the world. But if you want nothing but the best. This is probably made for you.


ZIMBABWE 100 TRILLION DOLLAR Top Most Famous Expensive Items on eBay 2018

The dealer “worldcurrencyandcoin” posted an update about a “100 trillion Zimbabwe dollar”, which is, at present the currency with the biggest denomination in the world. It was initially issued in the year 2008. Along with the money charge, PMG accreditation is additionally given. Just in case, if there are any skeptics out there. It bears a photo of maple rocks in front and a wild ox on back. It is as of now valued at $9,999,999.99. Which is expensive considering one Zimbabwe dollar is equal to 361.9 US dollars. But due to its rarity, the price is overwhelming.

7. Ford Mustang


This auto has been first introduced into the market in the year 2013. It accompanies the supercharged 5.1 engine. It has the auto-check score of 9.1, which was tested and rated by the eBay team itself .The exterior of the auto is painted blue. The merchant of the auto “hghstnds456” is offering it for $10,000,000 .Making it the seventh most expensive thing and most expensive automobile on eBay.

6. Gold ore specimen


This gold lump has been posted on eBay for the purpose of charity. Gold ore specimen is a gigantic rock, with tiny gold particles on it. The vendor “4bt.banshee” cases that the mineral was taken from a gold mine in Colorado, It is still in the unprocessed state. 95% of its profit will benefit the poor section of the society. The current cost of this gold piece is $10,000,000. Even though the price is very steep. It would a gigantic help to thousands of humans if anyone made this purchase.

5. The ultimate collection of Viktor Tilson paintings


The merchant “Tilsonart” had posted an ad about offering the works of art of one of the most celebrated artist of the present day period, Viktor Tilson. An accumulation of 12 artistic creations made between the years 2006 and 2013 are available to be purchased. Testaments of legitimacy marked by the craftsman, date of generation and materials utilized are provided for every artistic creation. The approximate price of this collection is $10,000,000. So one piece of art approximately costs 800,000$. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Items on eBay 2017.

4. The African Queen


The African queen is a property situated in Springfield, It was outlined by a world-renowned planner and architect “Don Russell”. It spreads over an area of 3,300 square feet and is asserted to be having the best floor in the world. It is made altogether of teak and other expensive wood. It has got several awards for its beautiful design. It is being sold by a vendor named “417mb”. Its price is, as of now estimated to be an astounding $15,000,000. Along these lines making it the fourth most costly thing of the present times on eBay.



A vendor from Portugal called “archaeopteryxes” posted an advertisement on eBay around an antique Ru product. It is depicted by the merchant as the Circular incense burner fit as a fiddle, with a bottom made similar to the 3 rabbit molded feet. It was made in ancient Chinese times. This the most expensive antique that you could see on eBay. It costs an astounding 15,000,000 dollars. That is too much expense considering the fact that it is made from porcelain.



A shop situated in France called “pictural*monte*Carlo*collection” posted an advertisement on eBay about a unique transcript of the Don Quichotte script which was made in the year 1957 by Foret. It has 195 pages. Alongside the transcript, around 100 vintage articles from the year 1956-1957 and 400 unpublished photographs of Joseph Foret, Robert Descharnes, Michelle Broutta, Almasy, Robert Cohen, and Michaud are likewise given. It comes with a price tag of $21,000,000.

1. Queen Liliuokalani’s Music Cabinet


It is being sold by a dealer with a name “wetinwashington”. The bureau was made in the United Kingdom and there is a rumor that it was made in Buckingham Palace. It was talented to her by Queen Victoria. The metalwork recounts the narrative of ruler Liliuokalani’s life and tower detainment, her dedication to Hawaii’s children. It costs $21,000,030. Consequently making it the most costly thing posted on eBay.

This was the list of the Top 10 Most expensive items on eBay 2017. This e-Commerce site has grown into great heights and does business in almost all parts of the world. These items are very limited on the site and are really expensive for a common man to buy.

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