Top 10 Most Beautiful Engagement Rings in The World

Engagement rings as we all know are some of the most important parts of tradition and custom. When it comes to selecting another person with whom you would like to spend your entire life it is a very beautiful feeling and to give them a ring also gives them a feeling of your love for them. It also promotes understanding between one another and is a beautiful way to enter a relationship. While some people in history have been very flamboyant proposing to the girl, some men have secretly selected a spot like the girl’s drink or some other place, sometimes also resulting in accidents. But, here’s a list of the top 10 most beautiful and extraordinary engagement rings of the world that were actually rendered in the right way especially because of their importance and explicit beauty.

Here is the List of the Top 10 Most beautiful Engagement Rings in the world:

10. 18 carats blue sapphire ring

18 carats blue sapphire ring Top 10 Most Beautiful Engagement Rings in The World 2017

One of the most famous rings in the entire history of England, which was worn by Prince William’s late mother Diana it is now passed down to next generation princess,Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. It has a string braided with 14 little diamonds and even though, there is nothing very unique or extravagant about it, it is one of the very rare species of Royal standard that makes it priceless in the world. It can also be considered quite beautiful especially because of a blue diamond that exists in its centre. It has a major role to play in history.

9. Lesotho 3 diamond ring


One of the most famous business magnates of the world Aristotle Socrates gifted the string to the famous Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who was previously the first lady of US. With a 42 carat diamond which is the only one made from a 601 carat rough diamond from Kimberly using 16 cuts, this ring was only worn twice by Jacqueline, and it is just as precious and priceless as any piece ever designed.

8. Fred leighton vintage diamond ring

Fred leighton vintage diamond ring Top Famous Beautiful Engagement Rings in The World 2019

One of the most handsome and attractive Hollywood stars Michael Douglas, gave this ring to his spouse, who is the famous actress Catherine Zeta Jones. This piece of beauty is a totally gorgeous vintage mark with a line shape horizontally and set into a 10 carat diamond ring. The most interesting thing about the string is that it has 28 smaller stones sparkling around the diamond and does also have a 1900’s look.

7. Argyle Jewellers pink pear cut ring


This ring was gifted to the Tennis player Anna Kournikova, and is one of the most famous rings in the world especially because of its appearance. It has a pink pear cut eleven carat diamond which turns out to be the most important part of this ring. It gives a lovely look to add and promises one of the most beautiful layouts for a ring.

6. Graff emerald cut diamond


Donald John Trump who is one of the most famous business persons, and is now a contestant for the US Assembly Elections gave this ring to Melania Knauss who is one of the most famous models. Designed by a watch designer, the unique aspect about the engagement ring is that it has a 15 carat emerald cut diamond ring over a Platinum base, which is made by one of the most famous Jewellers of the world, The house of Graff in London and is also considered to be very expensive.

5. Neil Lane blue diamond ring


This ring is one of the most fabulous rings in the world which has the midpoint 5 carat Diamond at its centre which is mounted on an elegant metal piece. It is designed by Neil Lane, who is considered as a jeweller to the celebrities. It is considered as one of the most interesting diamond rings with one of the rarest Diamonds. This ring was gifted to the Popstar actress Jennifer Lopez by her ex-husband who is one of the very well-known singers of the world, Mark Anthony. It is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Engagement Rings in The World 2017.

4. Cartier emerald cut diamond ring


Prince Rainier III, who is the ruler of the country of Monaco gifted this prized piece of Bea, to Grace Kelly who was one of the most famous American actresses. This ring was the official engagement ring that the couple used. It has an old emerald cut diamond at its centre, and also consists of two stylish Diamond paidverts at its side and is therefore quite stylish and priceless.

3. Gold diamond encrusted drink


This is one of the most famous rings which has a large 24 karat white gold ring and at its centre. There is a long rectangular diamond which is bordered with 2 triangular shaped baguettes. The ring was gifted by Paris Latsis, Greek shipping giant and socialite, to pop singer and Hotel Heiress, Paris Hilton. She said that the ring was very huge and that it hurt her fingers pretty often. After this couple split up, she auctioned it to the Katrina Hurricane victims’ sake.

2. Lorraine schwartz Platinum diamond ring


Jay Z, who is one of the most famous rappers in the world gifted this ring to singer Beyonce who as a couple, are one of the most interesting faces of the music industry. This is one of the most beautiful rings especially because, it has a Platinum base, and an 18 carat cut diamond with quotes by famous Jewelers. It is a piece of premium rock that is highly priced and certified as rare.

1. Asscher Cut Krupp diamond ring


This beautiful diamond ring is just invaluable and has an extraordinary class in it’s appearance as well as existence. It has a 33.19 carat Diamond with a moderately large facet. This diamond, certified as a type to a diamond when in simple words can’t be explained chemically, and rest of all diamonds, cannot guarantee an excellent optical transparency as this one. It was a gift from Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor. Recently it was also auctioned by Christie’s and was bought by an issue Collector in 2011.

So here was a list of the top 10 most beautiful engagement rings in the world 2017. These are very luxurious wedding rings but are very beautiful at the same time. These are spectacular with outstanding craftsmanship and are loved by the aesthetic lovers.

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