Top 10 Living Dead Dolls

Living Dead Dolls are horror-themed dolls. These dolls are collectible and popular among horror fans and doll collectors. The company has been around since 1998 and was started in New Jersey by Damien Glonek and Ed Long. The dolls made from 1998 to 2001 were handmade and painted by the founders of this company. The dolls made after 2001 are made by Mezco Toyz. A limited number of each doll is made and released in a series. Some doll series have a variety of similar dolls.

Mezco Toyz started manufacturing the dolls in 2001 and the dolls come in many spooky designs. These dolls are made to look very creepy and come in a coffin shaped box with their own dead certificates. Each doll has a different cause of death on their death certificate which makes them each unique. The dolls are 10 inches tall and made of plastic and have fabric clothing. These dolls are targets at the 15 years of age and up collectors and are not dolls made for young children due to their spooky subject matter. Each doll comes with a poem explaining who the doll is. Listed below are some of my personal favorite Living Dead Dolls. I hope you enjoy this list.

Here are the top ten Living Dead Dolls

10. Series 15: Gypsy

Series 15 Gypsy Top Famous Living Dead Dolls 2019

This doll has a green gypsy style dress and gold hoop earrings. She is wearing a headscarf and looks like a fortune teller. Her death date is 12/3/1949. Her death certificate says “Moving around the fire, tambourine in hand. Dancing to the rhythm, her feet upon the sand. Gypsy did not feel this spell, as it stopped the dance. Her heart exploded in her chest, she never had a chance.” Her poem says “Gypsy comes with misfortune and some deadly spells… Purchase of this doll will surely bring you hell!”

9. Series 7: Envy

Series 7 Envy Top 10 Living Dead Dolls 2017

This doll has green skin and is wearing a leopard print outfit. Her eyes are white and she has long black hair. Her death date is listed as 4/22/1923. This doll’s death certificate says “Eve believed the grass outside her jungle was much greener. So the happiness of all the other girls only made her meaner. But deep down in hell she no longer feels the jungle heat, for she is put in freezing water from her head down to her feet.” The poem for this doll says “Envy – n 1. A feeling of antagonism towards someone because of some Good which she is enjoying but which one does not have oneself. 2. See Eve-A-Go-Go.”

8. Series 12: Frozen Charlotte

Series 12 Frozen Charlotte Top Most Popular Living Dead Dolls 2018

This doll has white skin and blue frostbitten looking makeup. She also has a blue gash to her head. This doll is wearing a blue winter coat with white ice skates. This doll’s dead date is 12/31/1840. Her death certificate says “Disobeying her mother’s wishes, Charlotte literally skated on thin ice. Falling through the crack beneath her feet she paid the ultimate price. So next time you don’t listen to your parents, think of the dreadful sight of poor little frozen Charlotte, rotting in the lonely cold winter’s night.” The poem attached to her says “Fair Charlotte was a frozen corpse and a word she no more spoke.

Her flesh had become like fine china and just as easily broke.”

7. Series 25: ASA


This doll is wearing a black and white dress. It looks like she is reaching out to you which is very creepy. She has black hair with white highlights. She also has ghost white skin, black eyes, and black makeup. This doll is goth looking. Her date of death is 8/11/1789. Her death certificate says “Executed at the stake with a mallet to the head. Now she has returned a witch of the undead.”

Her poem says “Accusations of devil worship sealed this beauty’s fate. So she cast an evil spell a curse of death and hate.” What is special about Series 25 is all the dolls come in a silver coffin to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Living Dead Dolls.

6. Series 8: Faith

Series 8 Faith Top Popular Living Dead Dolls 2018

This doll has green skin and long brown hair. She is wearing a black and white striped bathing suit and her cause of death is drowning. This doll’s death date is 7/20/1938. The poem attached to her says “She’ll ask to go swimming with you, but if you do be very careful. Faith likes to watch others turn blue, inhaling water by the mouthful.”

Her death certificate says “Faith blindly believed she could swim across the lake. As it turned out, this was a grave mistake. Quickly her limbs grew weary, the water did turn bitter. But swallow it did she…such a little quieter.”

5. Series 7: Lust

Series 7 Lust Top Most Living Dead Dolls 2017

This doll has red skin and a sexy black pleather outfit. She also has devil horns. Her date of death is 4/22/2002. Her death certificate says “Because of her desires in pleasures of the flesh. The fires of Hell were the fate dealt our Mistress. Smothered by brimstone and consumed by flames. She writes in the underworld eternally in pain.” Her poem says “Lust – n. 1. Strong desire without idealized or spiritualized feelings. 2. See Mistress Demonika.”

4. Series 3: Bride of Valentine


This doll is a bride with a heart in her hand. She has blood on her dress. Her death date is 2/14/1929. Her death certificate says “This cold unloved bride was stitched together with spare parts. The only thing they left out of her was a warm, still-beating heart.” The poem attached to her says “She holds for you in her hand, A broken heart That has been damned.”

3. Series 17: Bloody Mary

Series 17 Bloody Mary Top 10 Living Dead Dolls

This doll is wearing a long red dress and is very scary looking. She has pale white skin and bloody cuts on her face. This doll has long black hair and is truly something straight out of a horror movie. This doll does not have a death date listed, but she does have a death poem. Her death certificate says “Stand in front of a mirror so the ritual chant can begin. Hold a candle to your darkened face and in a circle, three times start to spin.

Call her name each time as you turn to summon the mad woman’s form. Stop and stare into the mirror as your reflection starts to transform. A crazed and bloody figure will claw out your eyes and drive you insane. You will be pulled into the mirror, never to be heard from again.” Her poem says “Do you dare to stare into the mirror, and see what stares back at you?

They say the legend of Bloody Mary, will grab you and pull you through”

2. Series 27: Banshee


This doll is terrifying. This doll is ghostly white and has on a white dress with torn sleeves. She is also wearing a chain around her waist. Her eyes are red and she looks like she is screaming. I would describe her as something that nightmares are made of. Her death date is 1380. Her death certificate says “First Reported: 1380. Country: Ireland. Region: Europe. Characteristics: Dressed in white or gray, often having long, pale hair. Usually seen by a person who is about to die in a violent way such as murder. Mourning call is heard, usually at night when someone is about to die and usually around woods.

Category: Fairy.” Her poem says “The Banshee is an omen of death. Once you hear the scream upon her breath. She begins to wail if someone is about to die. Cover your ears and pray she passes you by.”

1. Series 29: She Who Can Not Be Named


This doll has black Betty Page type hair and is wearing a striped black and gray dress. She has pale white skin and her eyes are white and she has cuts on her face. Her death date is listed as “198?”. Her death certificate says “There once was a girl who could not be named.

Her body was found in the woods mangled and maimed. To speak her true name was to invoke a curse where she would stalk you to the ends of the earth.” Her poem says “I heard this story from a friend of a friend. Of a girl who once lived out by the dead end. No one who remembers wishes to speak her name

But the stories they tell are all the same.” What is special about Series 29, is none of the dolls have proper names. There is also a variation of this each doll in this series that comes in a glow in the dark option. This series is also known as “The nameless ones”.

Living Dead Dolls come in many spooky options and designs. These dolls are sure to be a favorite among horror movie lovers.

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