Top 10 Cheapest Windows 8 Laptops in The World

Technology has evolved a long way and laptops invented 30 years ago differ from present day laptops greatly. Today, we have lighter, high performance and durable laptops. Numerous models, variants with varying capabilities are available in the market. It is definitely a very hazy situation for a buyer to choose a laptop out of several options put in front.

Here is a list of cheap and affordable laptops that are the true value for money and render great performance. This is the list of Top 10 Cheapest Windows 8 Laptops in the world with a sneak peek into their features. Read through the rundown of the cheapest and best laptops:

Here is the list of world’s Top 10 Cheapest Windows 8 Laptops

10. ASUS Transformer Book Flip, £196

ASUS Transformer Book Flip, £196, Top 10 Cheapest Windows 8 Laptops in The World 2017

Perfect laptop for the whole family, the ASUS Transformer TP200’s complete and remarkable 360-degree, multi-gear metal hinge has the ability to give you a way to organise your life the way you want it to be. Do your serious work in laptop mode or flip into tent mode to share with your friends and colleagues.

At 1.2kg it light as a feather, the TP200 is the perfect device to take anywhere that is ready to go wherever you go. It has a full 8 hours of working time its battery, so you don’t need to be constantly on the search for power sockets.

9. HP Pavilion x2 10.1” 2 in 1 Laptop, £229.99


The Pavilion x2 is a 2 in 1 laptop tablet hybrid that gives you the very best of both the words. You can browse the net, watch movies and update your social media on the tablet mode and with a click, attach the keyboard to type up articles or reports. The screen also has ability to rotate around the base, so you can stand the laptop up and watch movies and media completely hands-free. The battery has the ability to keep the laptop running for nearly 12-hours.

8. Venturer EliteWin 11.6-Inch 2-in-1 Tablet Laptop, £199.99


This laptop is Sleek and lightweight. The Venturer 2-in-1 notebook has a battery life of 8-hours and 32GB of memory that makes it ideal for both school and university students.The EliteWin 11KT has a 11.6” display and comes fully loaded with the Windows 8 software and a month’s free trial of the famous Office 365 (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) – plus, you have the option to take it apart, using it as a tablet, or laptop for your schoolbag or office bag. These tablets are also drop proof – hence if you are prone to cracking phone screens and other tech stuff, this one may be your safe bet.

7. Acer Aspire 14” Laptop, £159.99


Acer Aspire ES1 is a stylish laptop. It features a 14 inch screen, 500 GB storage and a pretty impressive 7-hour battery life. It also has three USB ports, including one ultrafast USB 3.0 and two 2.0 for smaller clock speed transfer. The accessories like external drives, printers and mice can be connected to the 3.0 port. While Bluetooth 4.0 will enables wireless transfer of files and even music through compatible Bluetooth speakers.

6. HP 15.6” Intel Pentium Laptop, £299.99


The fantastic looking HP Intel Pentium laptop comes in four bold colours red, white, blue and purple. It lasts a 8-hours on a single charge of its battery. This is ideal for those going to lectures and also for commuting. It is one amongst the world’s Top 10 Cheapest Windows 8 Laptops 2017.

With the 1TB hard drive on this beast, you can store more of your favourite music, photos and videos. With the big RAM you can move effortlessly between your favourite apps and games like Skype, iTunes, Solitaire, Photoshop and Office. And still have with this laptop.

5. Lenovo G50 15.6-Inch Notebook, £229


The new Lenovo G50 is a good looking slim and light multimedia-multipurpose notebook. It has an integrated DVD drive and also the Dolby-enhanced audio experience. It has a HD display. A powerful processor and a fairly good graphics. Together this laptop offers a first class multimedia performance. This is ideal for multitasking students as it is also a device for entertainment and coursework in one. Hence this is a good buy for anyone who wants a two in one laptop experience. This is as fast as it can be. Also packs the good looks. All is good with this laptop. Life could be better with this in hand.

4. HP Stream 11” Laptop, £149


This good looking bright blue HP laptop is lightweight and easy to move around. It is efficient and does what every laptop should do. And it does it fast. It is a small compact all-in-one laptop. And therefore has no disk drive but, it gives you a fully loaded one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365. This gives you access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Access, hence you can get to work right-away without having to buy any other software. This laptop would require 24 hour internet to get the work done. Keep that in mind when you decide for this laptop.

3. Toshiba Satellite C40-C-10K 14” Laptop,£174.99


The famous Toshiba Satellite is part of the world famous brand’s Social range. This laptop features a good-looking design to keep you connected. It is ideal for social media, making notes, email, and shopping online. This is the new and thin and lightweight Toshiba C40. It is ideal for those who are after a portable device for work or university. It also comes with comes with 2 years of free 100GB OneDrive cloud storage. Toshiba is known to produce well-built laptops. This one is no less of that fame. All is good with this laptop. This is a god buy for the price.

2. Lenovo Yoga 300 11.6” Touchscreen 2 in 1, £299.99


This is a versatile laptop from Lenovo. The Lenovo YOGA 300 is a 2 in one convertible laptop, which lightweight to carry and is ideal for commuters since it comes with a five-hour battery life. You can use it as an on-the-go 11.6 inch tablet by turning the keyboard to the back as you touch and swipe your way through all those menus. This has an Intel® Celeron processor and 2GB RAM. It can cope with your everyday computing jobs and leave time for movies and music; it’s got inbuilt stereo speakers supported by Dolby Home Theatre audio.

1. Asus X553MA 15.6” Laptop, £229.99


If you are looking for a family laptop to for homework and the odd working-from-home task, this Asus X553MA laptop may be the best for you – with a built in DVD function for studying, watching movies and listening to music through CDs. This device from Asus features built in Asus Splendid and Sonic Master to deliver high quality multimedia sound and the visuals through its 15.6 inch display and the built-in speakers.

This was the list of the Top 10 Cheapest Windows 8 Laptops in the World 2017. Customers are also given with an option to the advanced operating systems of Windows too. These are ranked based on their features and price. Decide wisely and collect ample amount of information before buying these laptops, because in the end it’s about the best quality for the money.

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