Top 10 Cheapest Beers Brands in The World

Beer is considered the most consumed drink after water and tea. Beer is obtained by the fermentation of starches commonly it is malted barley. Wheat, corn and rice are also used for fermentation. It is mostly sold in bottles and cans. Beer probably has the least alcohol percentage in beverages, which ranges from 4% to 6% by volume. Most beers are bitter to taste as they are flavoured with hops which acts as preservative. With proper consumption, beer also offers some extensive health benefits. It is one of the softest alcoholic drinks and is also an inseparable part of cultures around the world.

Here is a list of the Top 10 cheapest beers brands available in the market:

10. Lone star

Lone star Top Famous Cheapest Beers Brands in The World 2019

Lone star calls itself the national beer of Texas. The company was founded in 1884 by Adolphus Busch along with a group of San Antonio businessmen. Currently the lone star brand name lies with the Pabst brewing company. It comes both in cans and bottles. It also has a very historic and an iconic journey since its origin. It also sponsored some radio spots featuring The lost gonzo band, the pointer sisters and Freddie king. The beer is brewed by the fermentation of malted barley and corn extract. The alcohol content in the beer is 4.5%. It is priced at 10$.

9. Pabst blue ribbon


Pabst blue ribbon is brewed by miller brewing company, but the original founders are Pabst brewing or San Anthonio. It was established in Milwaukee in 1844. The beer was also named as the best beer of America in 1893. It is named blue ribbon as it was sold with a blue ribbon tied around the bottle neck during 1900’s. This beer as also seen in many movies and the ground breaking show AMC’s breaking bad. The alcohol content in the beer is 5%. It costs 2$ a can.

8. Labatt 50

Labatt 50 Top Most Cheapest Beers Brands in The World 2018

Labatt 50 is a Labatt brewing company’s beer. It was the first light tasting ale introduced in Canada. It was also popular being the bestseller Canadian beer till 1979. The company is run by John and Hugh Labatt, the grandsons of the founder John K Labatt. The grandsons launched Labatt 50 to celebrate the golden jubilee of the company. Labatt 50 is fermented using a special ale yeast. The good balance of dryness and fruity taste makes the beer a hold dear. The alcohol content in the beer is 5%. It costs 2.5$ a can.

7. Grain belt premium

Grain belt premium Top Most Famous Cheapest Beers Brands in The World 2017

Grain belt beer is brewed by the American company August schell brewing. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The grain belt premium was first introduced in 1947. The grain belt premium is the flagship brand of the company due to its crisp and unique flavour. They also call it the “beer of exceptional quality”. The company claims to have maintained the unique taste in spite of changing the recipes the alcohol content in the beer is 4.6%. It costs 24$ for a 20 can pack.

6. Coors original


The Coors brewing company was founded in 1873 by Adolph Coors and Jacob schueler in golden, Colorado. Before founding the company they had bought a recipe for a pilsner-style beer from a Czech immigrant. Then Coors bought out the company and became a sole owner of the company he also founded 20 different brands of beer. The brewing is done with water, barley malt, corn, yeast and hops. The alcohol percentage in the beer is 5%. The beer costs 2.45$ a can. It is one amongst the Top 10 Cheapest Beers Brands in The World 2017.

5. Milwaukee’s best


Milwaukee’s best is an American-style light lager beer. It is brewed by miller brewing company. It is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States. It was established as Gettelman’s Milwaukee’s best beer in 1895. Later millers brewing company shortened it to Milwaukee’s best in 1961. The company has a tagline “brewed for freshness and classic taste”. It is also sold in two variants as Milwaukee’s best ice and Milwaukee’s best light. The alcohol content is 4.6%. It costs 2$ a can.

4. Saranac black forest


Saranac is a company founded by Francis Xavier matt. They produce soft drinks and beer. They are brewing since 1888. The headquarters is based in Utica New York USA. The company is also called the matt brewing company. Their Saranac line of beers was much popular. They have about 30 beers in the Saranac series. The black forest contains 5.5% of alcohol in it. It is sold at 1.59$ a bottle.

3. Iron City


The beer was brewed by iron city brewing company. It was also known as the Pittsburgh brewing company. The company was established in 1861. It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, united states. But in 2009 the company reported that they were moving the company, after which the beer is being produced by Latrobe brewery. They tried new strategies to bring up the sales such as they introduced aluminium bottles. The beer contains 4.5% of alcohol. It costs 24$ for a pack of 26.

2. Moosehead


Moosehead brewery is considered the Canada’s oldest independent brewing company. It was founded in 1867. The company is based in Saint John, New Brunswick. The Moosehead beer is sold in Canada United States and 15 other countries around the world. Moosehead lager won a gold award at a world beer cup in 2003.the alcohol content in the Moosehead lager is 5%. It is sold at 2$ a can.

1. Lucky lager


Lucky Lager is a mass produced beer. Initially the brewing was done by the general brewing company San Francisco, California. It was first sold in 1934 by general brewing company. “It’s lucky when you live in California”, was a popular slogan from the company. The name came from a name search contest in 1934. In the recent years the popularity of the beer has decreased but it is still found in selected areas of North America. This beer is sold at very cheap has alcohol percentage of about 4.8% by volume. This beer being the top cheapest beer on our list, is sold at 2$ a can..

This was the list of the Top 10 Cheapest Beers in the World 2017. It is notable that the list is done based on the international market as there maybe numerous cheaper beers in each country. This weekend, grab any of these best and cheapest beers and have fun with your crew! Stay in touch with this space for more trending topics around the world.

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