Top 10 Best Selling Shoe Brands in The World

Humans as the course of evolution started to protect himself from external danger by covering himself from clothes and also his feet with shoes. The early time is used to be the leather that used to be his shoes but later he found a lot of alternative. There are so many fairy tales which explains us the fantasy towards the shoe. There are many shoe brands which are very expensive and also they are worth the money because of a lot of features.

Given below is the list of top 10 best selling shoe brands in the world.

10. Gucci

Gucci Top Popular Shoe Brands in The World 2018

Gucci is one of the most fan brands established in the year 1922. The company has its origin at Italy’s. Their shoes are world famous. The starting range of these shoes are from $600 and goes upto thousands of dollars. Gucci is tenth highly expensive shoe brand in the world. This company also manufactures other items like glasses, bags etc and all are equally expensive. They are known for their quality and comfort. They even have most expensive jeans. Thus this is at the tenth position.

09. Miu Miu

Miu Miu Top Famous Shoe Brands in The World 2019

They are expertised in the production of ankle boot styles. Miu Miu is one of the most famous shoe making company introduced world with luxurious and stylish ankle boots. This shoes are so expensive that even celebrities have only one pair of these shoes. Their pink and gold metallic shoes are very impressive and expensive at the same time. Their shoes price starts at $550 and goes on upto several thousands of dollars. Thus this is in 9th position.

08. Stuart Weitzman


Stuart Weitzman is one of the world famous shoe designer who is very well know for his unique and expensive footwear’s. He has the credit of designing footwear for so many famous personalities. One of the shoes that he made costed around one million dollars. One of his footwear costs about 1.09 million dollars. The funny part is that his footwear’s were also nominated for the Oscar. The most expensive footwear’s in the world are costing about $3 millions. Thus he is at 8th position.

07. Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood Top 10 Shoe Brands in The World 2017

Brian Atwood is one of the famous footwear company which are made in Italy. These are known to be exported in united States of America. Brain Atwood is providing footwear’s on customised service. It can basically make footwear’s according to the requirements of the customer. They are one of the most luxurious makers of the shoe. Thus they stand in seventh position.

06. Alexandra McQueen


This is another well known shoe designer . His shoe brand is named after him after his death in the year 2010. They are very well known for their production of classical and stylish footwear. The expensive footwear’ company is also famous for manufacturing 16th century shoes. They are into products of high heels for women. The designer died at at a young age of 40 due to overdose of drugs.

05. Walter Steiger

Walter Steiger Top 10 Shoe Brands in The World

This company is worlds fifth largest expensive company. It was established in the year 1993 in the New York. They are very much praised for the designing of the curved heels which one of the greatest innovation in the footwears of all the time. Now he is famous for his unique collection of the footwears. It was a hard time to get a heels with curve but they have done it so they are in fifth position. This is one of the few Best Selling Shoe Brands 2017.

04. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Top Most Shoe Brands in The World 2017

Red heels are liked by many women so this company is the leading producer of the red heels. They have even started a separate division for the production of the red innovative heels. In 2003 , it introduced it’s expensive shoe collection named sexy strass. Celebrity Danielle steel has about 6000 pairs of Christian Louboutins footwear. This footwear company has a lot of stories associated with it. Thus this company stands in the Fourth place.

03. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Top Most Popular Shoe Brands in The World 2018

This is one of the famous category of the high heels and it is hand made which makes it more special. It was started in the year 1980. This could is famous for its hand made footwear. Many Hollywood celebrities love to wear Jimmy Choo high heels. This shoes are usually preferred to walk on the red carpet. In the year 2001, iconic collection became world famous. This is one of the best shoe brands ever. Thus it is now at 3rd position.

02. Manolo Blahnik


This is second highest expensive shoe coming the world. It started working from 1970 and today it is very famous for its stylish footwear. The most expensive shoes is blixa alligator which is made of the skin of the alligator. They are worn by many celebrities. This company won a lifetime award for its achievement . Thus it is at 2nd place.

01. Louis Vuitton


This is one of the most famous shoe makers of all the time, not only shoe makers but also it is into other fashion markets too. Their products are usually loved buy the elite class. Most wealthy people in the world have to have this footwear as the symbol of status. This company has won awards as the most luxury brand. Thus it is in first position.

Thus this is the list of top ten shoe brands all over the world 2017. These are the very expensive footwear and can hardly be owned by normal class people.

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