Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Colognes Brands in The World

You are never fully dressed without a perfume. A signature cologne is always very much essential to stand out in the crowd. An outfit is always incomplete without a cologne. A good cologne adds confidence to an individual and gives oneself the sense of freshness all-day long. There are several fragrances for men, women, and even both sexes. Fragrances are an accessory which many times have an attracting effect. Colognes can be worn to all sorts of occasions from a cocktail party to a board meeting; whatever is the occasion, it is very essential to make a mark with style.

Here we enlist the top ten best-selling men’s colognes brands that have been loved by the men around the world to make their signature style:

10. Eau de Lacoste

eau de lacoste, Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Colognes Brands in The World 2018

This cologne is part of the brand that Rene Lacoste created. He was a French tennis player and started this line in the year of 1933. Various products are marketed including clothing, footwear, perfume, cologne, leather goods, watches, and eyewear. Recently, sheeting and towels have also been introduced in the company’s line of products. The company is known for its polo shirts. Eau de Lacoste has a floral woody fragrance. The notes include grapefruit, cardamom, rosemary, cedar leaf, Mexican tuberose, ylang-ylang, leather, suede, and cedar. This cologne was launched in the year 2011.

9. Nautica Aqua Rush


This cologne includes the accords of salty sea water, aromas of sea air, aromatic herbs, and notes of citrusy splash of yuzu, coriander, aquatic mints, violet leaves, amber wood, aquatic musk, and teak wood. Nautica is an American company which markets men’s, women’s, children’s apparel & accessories, home items, watches, and fragrances. It was started by David Chu and his partner in 1983. The name of the brand means seamanship in Italy and it is a symbol of mankind’s accomplishments in exploring the world.

8. Issey Miyake L


This citrus aromatic cologne was launched in the year of 2005. It contains cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, cypress, sandalwood, mandarin orange, musk, yuzu, lemon verbena, sage, vetiver, bourbon geranium, saffron, bellflower, and tobacco. The style of this fragrance is warm with woody undertones. This cologne follows the principles of his women’s fragrance by embodying yin and yang and the extreme opposites of the world.

7. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Terrible


Jean Paul Gaultier is a French couture fashion designer. He has designed costumes and outfits for Marilyn Manson and Marion Cotillard. His company releases fragrances in partnership with the Puig company. Le Male was the number-one men’s cologne in the European Union according to the sales, and it also held a high position in Australia and America. The Le Male Terrible consists of grapefruit, pink pepper, lavender, vetiver, amber, and vanilla.

6. Homme by David Beckham


This cologne is a woody-spicy fragrance. Notes include citrusy zest mixed with ginger, Szechuan pepper, cashmere, leather, rosemary, mahogany, patchouli, and musk. This was created in collaboration with Coty as David Beckham wanted to design a fragrance which reflected his ‘modern, masculine’ style. He was a professional soccer player for the teams Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain, and the England National team.

5. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme


It’s one amongst best Selling Men’s Colognes Brands 2017. This cologne was launched in 1994 and has notes of tangerine, bergamot, neroli, lavender, sage, pepper, tobacco, cedar, and tonka accords. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the founders of this high-end luxury fashion house in Italy. They designed and presented their first women’s collection in the year of 1985. After four years, the duo also started to design underwear and swimwear. They exported their products to countries including Japan and the United States where they eventually started up a showroom. In the 1990’s, their annual sales were $500 million, and by 2005, the number had increased to 600 million euros.

4. Gucci Guilty


This woody fragrance has notes of lemon, orris, orange blossom, bergamote, snowberry, and musk. Gucci is an Italian luxury brand which designs and markets fashion and leather groups. On Forbe’s World’s Most Valuable Brands list, this brand ranks 38th most valuable with a value of $12.4 billion as of May 2015. The company was founded by Guccio Gucci, an immigrant hotel worker in Florence, which was expanded with the help of his three sons to the cities of Milan and Rome. Today, it is one of the most successful manufacturers of luxury leather goods, clothing, and fashion products in the world. The annual revenue is more than $4.3 billion.

3. Ralph Lauren Big Pony Red #2


This cologne consists of chocolate and musk. It is a part of the line of 4 colognes. Ralph Lauren is a fashion designer of the Ralph Lauren Corporation. He is known for owning a rare collection of automobiles. According to Forbes, he is the 233rd richest person in the world having wealth of $5.5 billion. There are more than 35 Ralph Lauren boutiques in America including in Beverly Hills, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Las Vegas, and New York.

2. Guess Seductive Homme Blue


Guess Inc., markets clothing for men and women, watches, jewelry, perfumes, shoes, and also owns the designer line Marciano. The company first started in 1981 when Paul and Maurice Marciano opened a store in Beverly Hills. They gained fame through their black-and-white ads which have been awarded several Clio Awards. A few of the supermodels which are their fashion models are Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, and Kate Upton. Their yearly revenue exceeds $1.19 billion.

1. Bleu De Chanel


This cologne is woody and aromatic containing labdanum, nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood, mint, jasmine, grapefruit, citruses, vetiver, incense, cedar, and pink pepper. This company specializes in clothing, luxury goods, and haute couture. Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel designs dresses, blouses, suits, trousers, and jewelry. The company’s products have been worn/used by Keira Knightley, Marilyn Monroe, and Nicole Kidman. Some of the products that Chanel is known for are the “little black dress”, perfume No. 5 de Chanel, and the Chanel Suit. Yearly revenue of the company exceeds $5.2 billion and is known to manufacture some of the world’s best smelling perfumes.

This was the rundown for the Top 10 Best-selling Colognes for men in the world for 2017. Be wise to choose a cologne that suits one’s character, style, routine, attitude and needs. It is told that people who smell good are automatically attractive. Thus, make sure that you buy any of these Top 10 Best perfumes for yourself to make it your signature fragrance.

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