Top 10 Best Selling LED TVs Brands in India

Right from the beginning of human civilisation, man had always been interested to spend his leisure time in some or another forms of entertainment. In the initial days when there was no electricity, man used to entertain himself there and then but as soon as the electricity was invented, that was a milestone in the field of entertainment media. TV is an electronic device which is used to view the recorded or live programs from all across the world.

Evolution of TV has been really wonderful all these years. In the beginning, the TV was too huge with a very large picture tube and also it did not support colored telecast. After that the colored TV was invented and it was followed by the plasma TV. Led TV is a current generation TV model which gives crystal clear image stabilisation and also saves energy. Given below is the list of top ten best selling LED TVs brands in the India 2018.



Vizio is of the best American company. This company is known for its manufacturing of goods related to electronics. This company is based on Irvine, California. Vizio was established in the year 2002 and initially was called as V Inc. This company is known free manufacturing of televisions with excellent picture quality. They use ultra-modern innovative ideas and also the designs of these TVs are excellent and well suited for the Indian market needs.



Onida is one of the oldest television makers of all the time in India. Right now they are known for their production of excellent LED TVs and other household appliances. Their specialty is that they provide highly modern TVs in an affordable price range. The picture quality and also the sounding system are also exceptional in the case of Onida. Their most recent series of led TV are named as Cristal and Rave and have still retained their popularity in the market.



Philips is one of the most famous company in all over the world. This company is basically a Dutch based company. They are known for their production of wide range of electronic devices. They are also one of the leading producers of led TV. They are known to offer features such as pixel precise HD, HD natural motion, full High definition. They are also providing users with amazing sound of 20 W. Since the TV is a smart TV, it supports thousands of apps thus making it more interactive and entertaining.



Videocon is one of the most famous companies in the field of televisions and many other electronic devices. They are known to provide features such as Mega contrast ratio facility, 16.7 mill display colors and also high definition. They are known for their leading series of LED TVs named Pixus and Mirage that have gained widespread recognition in India.



Basically Micromax is one of the leading smart phone company but in the recent past, they have even come up with TV’s. Micromax LED is TVs are well equipped with features like high definition picture quality, ultra-low power consumption, zero dots led panel and a lot more. This company is known for its production of affordable range of products.



Panasonic is one of the most famous electronic brand in the world. This is also very well known all over India. This electronic brand is well-known for producing some of the best LED TVs in the world. Their led TV is very popular in the Indian market for high quality and also of the affordable price range. They provide features such as super bright feature, life display screen, voice guidance system and also double USB sharing.



This company is one of the leading electronic manufacturing companies in the world, known for pioneering some of the highly acclaimed technologies today. This company is basically a Japan based manufacturing company. The headquarters of this company is located at Tokyo, Japan. They provide LED’s for cheap price and they are made available all over the world. They produce high quality screens and also produce best picture quality.

03. SONY


Sony is a Japanese based company well-known for manufacturing of electronic gadgets and appliances. The headquarters of this company is located at Tokyo, Japan. They are producing Bravia series of led TV which is very famous and very economical too. They are known for some of the futuristic innovations in the field of TV. The sound quality, picture quality are top-notch in the Sony Bravia LED TV series and each picture seems to very realistic in every frame, thus making Sony one of the Best LED TV Brands in India.

02. LG


LG Electronics bring the perfect combination of technology and innovation in their range of televisions that are lit by LED. This company surely makes the life of the buyer good. They are leading house of production of all the electronic gadgets. The led TV produced by this company provides first class image quality and which is showing complete details. They really have wide angle viewing and the viewer experience is boosted with incredibly sharp and clear pictures. It is also one of the most trusted brands in the world in LED TV segements.



This is a world-renowned South Korean electronic manufacturing company. The headquarters of the Samsung is located at Seoul. They are known for their leading production of very innovative and latest technology in the field of led TV. They produce Ultra HD, curved LED, smart LED, 3D and a lot more. Samsung has always welcomed innovation into its devices and with further improvisations. As a result, today Samsung LED TVs render dramatic detail with astounding clarity and incredible sound output for a complete TV viewing experience.

Thus this is the list of top ten best selling LED TVs brands in the India 2018. There are so many different types of new technologies evolving and there are many other types of new TV coming up in the future. Introduction of curved LED, 4k LED and also ultra HD LED is one of the major milestone in the field of electronics.

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