Top 10 Best Selling Jeans Brands in India

When man invented clothing, different part of the world started using different variety of clothing. Jeans is basically starting the Western society for those mine diggers and the one who worked in though conditions but in the years later it was made available for everyone because of it durableness and also because it’s trendy all the time. Right now there are thousands of company manufacturing jeans and it’s available all over the world. Given below is a list of top ten best selling Jeans brands in the India 2018.

10. Killer


This is one the most common jeans company in the country. This jeans company is established in the year 1981 and it’s contributing to the clothing sector since last 35 years. This brand is owned by kewal Kiran clothing limited. They are very good producers of quality products. The jean by this company is totally dependable and also comes in very affordable price range. Thus this brand is in the top 10th position in the list.

9. Gas


Gas is one of the world- renowned companies which can be seen all over the world. This jeans company is also seen in India. They are known for their production of high quality jeans in the normal price range and it’s affordable by normal people. They are known for their wide range of products such as slim, carrot, straight and a lot more. This is a mid-range luxurious fashion house and with the Mall-culture being increased in the country, this brand has found popularity in the Indian Market.

8. Diesel


Diesel is yet another well-renowned company which is known for its production of fashion accessories and also clothing. They are very well known for the production of jeans which are extremely comfortable and also it give us perfect fittings. This company even produces bags, sandals, and also many different fashion accessories. Their jeans are of great quality and also comes in affordable price range. The Diesel Jeans are very durable and the fabrics are very much comfortable to give a great fit.

7. Denizen


At the 7th position is Denizen, which is one of the most famous brands in India. They are known to produce jeans of very high quality and also they are seen all over the world. Especially in an economical country like India, this company is of great use for producing high-end jeans for very affordable price. The company uses very recent technologies for the crafting of the jeans.

6. Flying Machine

Flying Machine

Flying Machine is one of the most familiar companies in the country. This brand is owned by one of the leading textiles brand Arvind lifestyle brands Limited. This company was established in the recent years but they have very good market value in India. They are known to produce a bit expensive jeans when compared to other companies but surely it’s worth the money. Their quality is incomparable to any other brands. The brand is being endorsed by Bollywood stars like Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and is a great brand for the youngsters of the country.

5. Pepe Jeans London

Pepe Jeans London

Pepe jeans London is one of the world famous brands in the field of clothing. This company hold maximum amount of shares in the clothing sector in India. They are known for their wide range of products ranging from jeans to sweaters. They are known for their quality and also for the comfort. They have wide range of jeans collection. This brand is known for its quality and fashionable jeans and they have been setting trends and benchmarks since their advent.

4. APO Jeans

APO Jeans

This company even produces jeans which is as expensive as $4000 made up of diamonds and gold on it. This is a very famous luxurious jeans brands. They are know for their silk pockets and also it’s enchantment using stone, diamond ad gold. They are best known for their quality and service. They even provide costumized clothes which is of great use for the costumers. Thus making it to the 4th position.

3. Wrangler


Wrangler is one of the leading manufacturers of the clothing sector. Wrangler is one of the American company. The headquarters of this company is located at northern Carolina. This company is owned by famous VF Corporation. They are known for their quality products and also they produce jeans, jackets and wide range of shirts and tee shirt. The iconic W in the rear pockets of the jeans is very popular and this brand features at the 3rd position in the list of best selling jeans brands in India 2018.

2. Lee


This is one of the most famous global manufacturing company of jeans. Lee jeans is one of the top denim jeans manufacturer which is actually an American based company. They are known for their quality products. Their dress materials are extremely comfortable and also they are known for their production of wide range of products such as shirts, t shirts and jackets and many more.

1. Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi Strauss & Co.

This company is a world famous denim company also referred as the father of all jeans. This brands has given a new name to merchandise industry in the whole world. Their most expensive jeans are about $60,000 which unimaginable. They have been producing all these high- quality products from a great time, thus making it the most desired denim brand in the world. This pioneer brand has set the benchmark in quality of denim and stand tall at the 1st position in this list.

Thus this is the list of the top ten best selling jeans brands in India 2018. Due to the continuous change in the field of fashion and trend these companies are expected to be up to date and also respond accordingly based on the needs and wants of costumers.

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