Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Consoles in The World

Gaming is something that kills time very efficiently, providing some incredible experience. Video games have been around since couple of decades and they have been evolving with technology. Gaming console is a computing device which is used for playing video games. These consoles do not have a screen for output or display. Hence they have to be connected to a monitor or a television which help in displaying the output (game). Video consoles use storage devices like hard discs, memory cards or optical discs for storing data. Hand held controllers like joystick are usually used as input devices which help to play the game. Today, gaming consoles have taken the virtual reality route and provide a completely new gaming experience.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Bestselling Gaming Consoles in the world

1. Xbox One S

xbox one s, Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Consoles in The World 2017

It is the best gaming console right now out in market. The things that makes this gaming console are some features like being small and handy that its previous variants. It now supports 4K gaming. It’s now HDR compatible. It functions flawlessly. The control is now grippy and easy to grip. It is considerably economically priced for the features it has.

2. Sony Playstation 4 Slim


It is the latest gaming console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is one of the sought after console because it is more affordable than ever and is top in class. It is famous for the faster Wi-Fi that can make a lot of difference. It has a smaller chassis with fun design. The PS4 game library is great. But the only drawback is that the optical ports that were there in the earlier variants of this console has been removed in this model.

3. Sony Playstation Pro


It’s also one of the latest gaming console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The main hype of PS4 Pro is the promise of 4K-upscaled experiences and HDR gaming for those with supported TVs. It is priced slightly higher than the PS2 slim, but is definitely worth the extra money.

4. Nintendo Wii U


It is a well-designed gaming console by Nintendo. The physical appearance of the gaming console is very attractive. Some excellent exclusive games are released for this gaming console. One of the reason behind buy this gaming console is that it cheaper than X BOX and PS4. Already within three years of launch, around 11 million units of these has been sold. It is a single screen console. The console has a screen for display and the controls are besides the screen.

5. Nvidia Shield


The Nvidia Shield is an awesome gaming system. It’s one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Consoles in The World 2017. It was developed by NVIDIA. It has ability to deliver stunning 4K content to your living room TV. The experience with this gaming console can be described as amazing. It has powerful components built into sleek design that makes it all the more better. A wide variety of game selections is available for this console. However it is a bit costly when compared to a few other gaming consoles.

6. Sony PS3


Sony PS3 is an earlier variant of PlayStation gaming consoles that was released before releasing the latest PS$. However the PS3 is still in demand in the market and ranks 6th this year among the various gaming consoles. It is one of the many few consoles to support SSD storage option. It has tiny dimensions, great media compatibility and is perfect for newcomers. As this console is relatively older when compared to other consoles, the variety of games available for this console is terribly high.

7. Microsoft Xbox 360


If you’re looking for low budget gaming and a huge library of games, buy either the Xbox 360. Just as with current-generation consoles, there are many games for the older Xbox that are exclusive to the platform. It is also known as the best budget console as it is priced pretty low currently.

8. Nintendo 3ds XL


It is an amazing gaming console with two LCD displays. One of the displays is touch screen. It has more buttons, a built-in second analog stick, impressive new facial tracking technology and a more powerful set of processors. In all it is a best catch for the price tag.

9. Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)


It is one of the best portable gaming consoles of all times. It was developed by Sony Computer Entertainments. It operates on a 64 bit operating system. It was launched in the year 2004 and already 8 crore pieces are sold out. It has a LCD display. The display does not have touchscreen option. A wide variety of games are available for this gaming console being the oldest and the most popular gaming console.

10. Hyperkin Retron 5


A taste for the classics is on the rise, inspiring people to seek out old games and consoles. The Retron 5 is a good-looking and an unusual console. It has five cartridge slots, six controller ports, and an included wireless controller. Like a lot of aftermarket consoles, it’s outfitted with cheap-feeling plastic. However it is given an attractive design. The included wireless controller isn’t quite as good looking as the console, or as well made, but as a functional piece of hardware, it’s fairly sufficient. The battery backup lasts up to 8 hours.

This was the list of the Top 10 Bestselling Gaming consoles in the world which have been loved by the gamers around the world. Gaming consoles are one such electronic gadgets that have a quite significant market share around the world. If you are an enthusiast gamer, go for any of these best gaming consoles to take your gaming to a whole new level.

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