Top 10 Best Selling Deodorants For Men in India

Brands reviews, Use of deodorant had always been a part of lifestyle in day to day life. Especially men there days due to global warming tend to sweat more than usual days. Thus, application of these deodorant would surely help you to reduce the amount of the sweat and also it will help you to keep them fresh and away from the disgusting smell. Here is a list of top ten best selling deodorants for men in India 2018.

10. Old Spice

Old Spice

If you really wanna smell like a man, here is the right deodorant for you. Yes, it is old Spice company. It is one of the oldest and famous manufacturing company of fragrances for men. The deodorant increases the charm of men which increases the tendency of women to get attracted towards them. The company is pretty famous because of the recently launched new advertisement . Their formula surely contains an anti bacterial agent

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9. Wild Stone

Wild Stone

This company wildstone is owned by McNroe Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd based in Kolkata, Wild Stone is one of the most leading brands known in the market for male grooming, manufactured by an Indian manufacturer. Because of its manufacturing origin, their product formulations are specifically designed to suit the skin tone and climate of the India. Moreover, apart from their fragrance line, Wild stone has their product lines in Talcs, aftershave products. Its variants include Rosemary, Spicy Fresh, Woody, Musky, Lavender, etc.

8. Nivea Deodorants and Fragrances

Nivea Deodorants and Fragrances

This company is very famous in the field of men’s fragrances Famous for its beauty line products for the Ladies, Nivea has launched a line of fragrances for men as well and their products are regarded as effective with a style statement. They have this extreme utility makes it one of the top choices of consumption since it allows for the skin to remain cool, dry, odour free throughout the day.

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7. Garnier


This is known for its beauty product lines , fragrances are one of the major part of it. This deo is for the extremely useful for very allergic climatic conditions with long effect. There are many types of it and forms of it which are called, extreme cold, absolute dry, invisible deo spray, anti sweat absolute. Thus the company is in 7th position.

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6. Reebok


This is a sports company which is known for its production of difference types of materials such as shoes, bags etc. They are long lasting and giving one a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling throughout the day. There are many variants available in India.

5. Adidas


This again is a sports based company which deals production of a lot of materials such as shoes, bags etc. They are having very intrigued line of deodorant .The various fragrance flavours are Get Ready, Sport Field, Victory League, Team Force, Intensive, Pure Game.

4. Nike


They are by sports apparel giants . It’s variants are magnetic blur, wood blast, on fire, cool and panorama. Markets by the sports apparel giant, since their products are specifically designed to cope up with extreme conditions, all their products including their fragrances offer a guarantee to cope up sweat and odour produced throughout the day.

3. Play boy Fragrances

Play boy Fragrances

This company is a new company in Indian market. Beneath this they have been Making decent of money. Although new to Indian market, the brand shows plenty of promise with its charm and exciting new flavours. There are currently only three variants that are available in India, namely, New York, Miami, Ibiza. The brand, however, has been extensively marketed in other countries; therefore do not be surprised to see other variants.Thus this company is blue in Color.

2. Park Avenue

Park Avenue

There are so many variables in this brand. They are Good Morning, Alive, IQ Open your mind, Beyond the Horizon, Delive into Nature, Terra, Cool Blue, Tranquil Freshness, Alpha, Storm, Combo of the Three Men, the deodorants are specifically designed to suit the topographic location of having hot summers. This company is owned by famous dressing company Raymonds.

1. AXE


Axe is one of the most famous deodorant from the time of 2010. This was first founded in India. They are very good in producing wide range of variables they are chocolate, gold, blast, summer, vintage, provoke Apollo . This company is originally a French company’ but now found all over all the countries This company is marketed by Unilever. Thus this is at the top most Deodorant company to be used.

Thus this is the top ten list of the best selling deodorants for men in India 2018. Thus there are many other deodorants in the India but the above ones are good for both.

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