Top 10 Best Jewellery Brands in The World

Human has always loved beauty and to beautify himself. The use of precious metals, gemstones to beautify oneself marked advent of jewellery. From then, women especially are very much attracted towards jewellery. The yellow metal attracted so many people that it gave a start to the international business in ancient days. The invention of crafting techniques of gemstones and diamonds, helped in making the jewelleries seem more beautiful. With modern techniques, several brands from around the world produce some of the best jewellery which are the symbols of aesthetic beauty and elegance.

Here is the list of Top 10 Jewellery brands in the world

These Jewellery brands are considered to be the best in the world and the countdown follows:

10. Chopard-

chopard, Top 10 Best Jewellery Brands in The World 2017

Louis Ulysse Chopard started this jewellery brand in the year 1860 when he was 24. This brand has a very huge collection of sapphires, emeralds, rubies, diamonds etc. which makes it one of the leaders in the fine and prestigious jewellery segment. Located in Geneva, they concentrate on fine quality products and render the best-in-class jewellery. This brand is also very well known for the watches they produce, especially ladies wrist watches and pocket watches. They produce such a beautiful design for both their jewellery and watches that are rich in crafting and amongst the experts in manufacture of diamonds and sapphires.

9. Buccellati-

buccellati, Top 10 Best selling Jewellery Brands in The World 2018

This is an Italian brand known for its production of gold and silver jewellery, majorly in Europe. This brand was started by Mario Buccellati in the year 1919. It is majorly known for the textural engraved jewellery. The family members have continued the legacy and the brand still concentrates on class, beauty, art and traditions of the past. In 2015, during the celebration of the opining of its flagship store, there were 5 unique designed jewelleries which were designed by Andrea and Lucrezia by inspiration of post-impressionist and impressionist art works that are acclaimed to be one of the craftsmanship works.

8. Graff-

graff, Top 10 most popular Best Jewellery Brands in The World 2019

Diamonds are exclusive by the brand. They produce jewellery with the world’s best, finest and rarest diamonds. For all the millionaires and billionaires, this brand is the most preferred and admired. Founded in London 1960 by Laurence Graff, they have their diamonds laser engraved by highly skilled craftsman. The brand has over 50 stores all over the globe including locations like Monte Carlo, Beijing, New York etc. They are probably the best diamond jewellery brand in the world as we see their notable diamond jewellery include The Paragon(137.83 carat), The Delair Sunrise(118.08 carat), The peacock Brooch(120.81 carat) etc.

7. Mikimoto-

mikimoto, Top 10 Best Jewellery Brands in The World 2017

Founded by Mikimoto Kokichi in 1858, this is a leading pearl jewellery brand in Japan. They are known to produce the world’s best and finest pearl jewelleries. The brand employs expert workmanship, along with their timeless and stunning designs. This company has received many patents for the pearl cultivation. In 1985, Mikimoto Kokichi was elected as one of the top 10 inventors in Japan for his inventions of pearls. The phoenix Mikimoto, the crown worn by all the Miss universes, were the invention of Mikimoto.

6. Bulgari-

bulgari, Top 10 Best selling Jewellery Brands in The World 2018

Not only in for jewellery, this brand is also known for producing watches, fragrances, skincare, accessories etc. Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor endorses this brand. Based in Rome, the brands brings out a combination of contemporary and classic jewellery. This brand is being run by the Bvlgari family for generations, starting from the founder Sotirious Bulgari till the date.

5. Piaget-


This brand is often cited as a pioneer in high quality jewellery collection. It is located in Swiss and was founded by Georges Piaget in 1874. Every diamond chosen by them for jewellery is tested according to straight in-house guidelines. This company was first started as a manufacturer of watches, and later it was grown to producing jewellery as well. This company registered its trademarks in the year 1943 and are considered to be one of the most prestigious jewellery brands in the world.

4. Tiffany and Co.-


Known as one of the most reputed and prestigious brands in the industry, it was popular after the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. They are also famous for the production of fragrances and watches. This brand that produces jewelleries as feminine and elegant as Tiffany’s and Co. has never been established. Their jewellery collection is mainly focused on diamonds. With some of the finest craftsmanship and designs, their jewellery never fail to impress.

3. Van Cleef and Arpels-


Salomon Arpels and his nephew Alfred Van Cleef started this brand in the year 1896. The brand are the experts in production of precious stones. They have the jewelleries given a touch of animals, fairies and flowers. These types of jewelleries are worn by style and fashion icons such as Duchess of Windsor, Jordan Paterra, Elizabeth Taylor, Empress Farah, Grace kelly etc. They employ special techniques, so as to giving as much exposure as possible to the gemstones to make them look attractive. They also have many boutique shops in different resorts like Vichy, nice, Le Touquet etc. and are known for their best-in-class gemstone jewellery collections.

2. Harry Winston-

harry winston, Top 10 Best Jewellery Brands in The World 2019

This American jewellery brand was founded in 1932 and is considered to be one of the most exquisite jewellery brands in the world. They are known for the innovative design, craftsmanship, fine diamonds and what not. The founder, Harry Winston was an expertise in the manufacture, design and crafting of the precious jewels and the brand has been successful in being one of the best jewellery makers even today.

1. Cartier-


Cartier has been one of the well renowned and most admired jewellery brands around the globe, due to its exceptional craftsmanship. It has grown so huge that it has over 200 stores in over 125 countries. This brand was established in Paris in the year 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. The major works of this company include the diamond necklace for the Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder singh, Santos wristwatch etc. Cartier jewellers was referred to as “The jewellery of the kings and the king of jewellers” by the king Edward VII. This is a family owned company and is one brand where exceptional craftsmanship meets the outstanding designing and thus, rightly deserves the top spot.

A great jewellery will spontaneously make a woman look more beautiful as it delivers elegance and grace on her. This was the list of Top 10 Jewellery brands of 2017 in the world that are widely renowned and admired by millions of people across the globe.

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