Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands in India

When ancients Chinese invented tea, they would not have known that the drink that they invented would be so much famous and of such a great use someday. Tea is one of the ancient drink which was an accidental discovery turned in to a whole level of business. The tea that we drink is basically from the extract of the leaves . Every country has its own variety of tea and similarly there are variety of companies which produces various brands of teas.

Here is the list of top ten green tea brands in India that are popular and highly recommended by the experts:

10. LaPlant:

laplant, Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands in India 2017

This company is started in Mumbai. They are not very old in this field but they are very famous and reputable these days. They are very good because of the deadline it’s availability in the online market, large number of variants, attractive packing etc. They are known for the production of exotic range of green teas. The cost of the tea is about 220 iNR.

9. Tetley:

tetley, Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands in India 2017

This company is one of the leading producer of the green tea in the country. They are made up of organic materials available in the nature. The company is famous for the reason that it is easily available, inexpensive, comes individually pack and the cost is very efficient. Thus it is in the topĀ  9th position. The cost of it is 160 INR.

8. Lipton :

lipton, Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands in India 2018

This company is produces tea for very affordable price and hence this tea is available in all the regions of the country. This is one is made up of young tea leaves and has no chemicals. The company is known for its easy availability, cost effectiveness, and a large number of variants. The cost of it is about 60 INR.

7. Happy Valley:


Their tea are grown in Darjeeling and also promotes bio dynamic practices. This company is one of the most popular companies in the country. The company is known for its best products because it is organic, the tea bags are individually wrapped.

6. Twinings:


This is one of the popular brands of tea. It has a very good history in the field of manufacturing tea. They have been producing wide range of flavors and also many variants have been produced by them. They are producing tea from over past three hundred year. Their tea company is famous because if their huge variety, easy availability, it’s inexpensive and all the bags are wrapped individually.

5. Golden Tips:


This is one of the best tea manufacturing company and also it is bit more expensive because they use only Darjeeling tea. They have huge amount of loose leafed variants. They are famous because of their attractive packing, unique flavors. This green tea costs about 360 INR making it one of the expensive brands.

4. Typhoo:


This company is basically a British brand, Typhoo has been around for over a century. Their product was launched in India quite recently, but has become a popular brand nonetheless. They are known for their wide range of flavors, easy availability and inexpensive too.

3. Basilur:


This is one of the most expensive tea manufacturing company. It is imported from Sri Lanka. They boast of exotic blends and beautiful packaging. Their tea is 100% Ceylon, and they offer a wide variety of premium flavors. All of their teas come in tin caddies or cardboard boxes. They are known for their attractive pr, unique blends, pure Ceylon teas but the only problem is that it’s very expensive. It cost around 899 iNR. Thus this is in 3rd position.

2. 24 Mantra Organic Green Tea:


As the name says, it is one of the best organic tea company ever. 24 Mantra is a relatively new brand that seeks to promote organic produce. With no use of pesticides and sustainable farming practices, this company is mainly target the health of the individuals and thus helpful to enhance it. The company is known because of its organic tea, inexpensiveness and also available very easy. Thus this company is in 2nd position. The cost of it is about 120 INR.

1. Organic India:


This is one of the popular companies which was introduced recently in India. They are expertised in the production of tea which is completely organic and they are trying to enhance the health of every individual. They are famous for their production of green tea with great aroma and they have Tulsi in it. They offer a wide range of flavors, which includes lemon-ginger, earl grey, jasmine, and pomegranate.

Thus this completes the list of top ten green tea manufacturing companies in the country India. If you are a health conscious person then make sure that you try all of these and use the best one of this.

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