Top 10 Tallest Buildings in India

Humans as a part of civilisations started living together in groups. After a lot of civilisations human even slowly started to build buildings so that he can get protection from natural disasters. Thus when he reach modern world he started to build skyscrapers all over the world. Such tall buildings are architectural wonders and show the domain of human being on the planet. Even in India, there is a massive construction boom with numerous sky scrapers that rise to kiss the sky. Here is the list of the top ten tallest buildings in India 2018 that have rose to fame for their majestic structures and build and the countdown follows:

10. Vivarea 1:

Vivarea 1

This is one among the tallest building of the whole country and it is developed by K Raheja corporations. The solo purpose of building is for the sake of the residency of the public. These are considered to be residential flats. There are 45 floors in this building and the height of the building is about 200 meter which is 656 in feet. It was opened in 2012 for the use of public. Thus is present in Vivarea, Mumbai.

9. Kohinoor Square:

kohinoor Square

This building is about 203 meters which is 666 in feet. This building stands as the 6th tallest buildings in the country and this the one that was built by the Kohinoor group. The business built for the purpose of shopping mall, hotel and also for the sake of residence. The cost of building this building was about $350 million. This is present at Mumbai.

8. Orchid Enclave:

Orchid Enclave

This apartment is owned by DB Realty and is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It stands 210m tall with 52 floors and 5 levels for parking to hold over 1000 cars at a time. It was opened for residential use in 2013. The apartment has about 3.4 acres of podium garden for recreational purposes.

7. Lodha Bellissimo C:

Lodha Bellissimo C

This is another tall building in the city of Mumbai. The height of the building is about 222 meters which is about 728 in feet. This building was built for the purpose of residency and this was opened to the public in the year 2012. The total number of floors in this build about 53 and thus making it the 5th tallest building in the country.

6. Lodha Bellissimo A&B:

Lodha Bellissimo A&B

This is another tall building in the country who has been developed by the Lodge group which is very famous for their construction of the very tall apartments. The building was built for the sake of residency and was open for the public in the year 2012. The building contains around 53 floors and also the height of it is about 222 m which is 728 in feet. Thus making it 4th tallest building in the country.

5. World Crest:

World Crest

Famously known as “World One” this building world crest stands as the third tallest building in the country. This guess built for the sake of residency. It was laid on the land of Srinivas mill and the Lodha group is the proud owner of this massive building. This is located in Maharashtra and the building cost was about $300 million. This residential building is 732 ft tall and has 57 floors, that were opened in the year 2014.

4. Lodha Fiorenza 1:

Lodha Fiorenza 1

This is a duplex structure buit by Lodha Constructions that has a stunning design and is renowned for its modern and stylish interiors. It offers luxurious living and is based at Gurgaon, Mumbai, Maharastra. It is 225 meters tall and has about 62 floors. This is said to be Lodha Construction’s one of the biggest ventures in the city of Mumbai.

3. Ahuja Towers:

Ahuja Towers

This is a venture by Ahuja Constructions that was amongst the World’s Top 50 High Rises built in 2015. It is 250 mts tall with 53 floors for residential purposes. It has a very attractive view and is equipped with world class amenities. It gives a stunning sea view and has wide area for recreational purposes.

2. Imperial Tower 2, Mumbai:

Imperial Tower 2, Mumbai

Located in the city of Mumbai, this building is the second tallest building in India which is a part of the Imperial residential condominiums. It is about 60 floors and it was developed by a company called Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd. It took about 5 years to for the construction of this majestic building that stands 254 meters high at antenna spire.

1. Imperial Tower 1, Mumbai:

Imperial Tower 1, Mumbai

This is India’s tallest building and the tallest apartment in India, located in Tardeo, Mumbai city. This building is as high as 254 meters which is about 833 feet. This building was opened or public in the year 2010, sheltering for over 1000 people. Spread in about 120,000 sp. Meters, this is owned by S.D Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Thus this is the top ten list of the tallest building of India 2018. The buildings are built every now and then and every day there will one or other new building next door. Chances are that there will be many buildings which would be taller than that of these buildings would be built soon. Stay in touch with the site for more regular updates regarding such trending, interesting topics across the world.


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  1. If it’s a list of India’s top ten tallest building then why aren’t included Kolkata’s “THE 42” building. This building has 62 stores and 827 feet tallest. Why aren’t included this building name? You know included only Mumbai’s building.

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