Top 10 Most Popular NGOs in India

Most innovative and trusted NGOs, NGO’s are those non-governmental organization which had a specific motto of certain social concern and they do it without any funds from the government. There are hundreds of NGOs in our country and few of them are excellent in that case. The history marks several events where NGO’s have helped the cause. They carry out several campaigns and programmes to serve a definite purpose. Here is the list of top ten most popular NGOs in India 2018 that have gained widespread recognition for their services across the country.

10. Lepra Society:

Lepra Society

Lepra society or Andhra Lepra society was founded on 22nd February 1989. The main motto of the Lepra society is to fight against poverty, to provide better health and also indiscrimination. They mainly target disease such as Leprosy, malaria, lymphatic filariasis, tuberculosis, HIV AID and blindness and other diseases. The central office is at Secunderabad at Andhra Pradesh. The society even works in other states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and also Jharkhand.


9. Pratham:


Established in the year of 1994, Pratham is considered as one of the largest NGO in the country which is working very efficiently towards the betterment of provision of education to the children who are underprivileged. The corporate office of this NGO is location Mumbai, Maharashtra. They actually target schools in the country to help their kids. Thus they are in ninth position.


8. Sammaan Foundation:

Sammaan Foundation

This organization was founded in 2007. This is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that chiefly aims at the empowerment of the citizens in the country. They mainly target those who are below poverty line. They create income opportunity for those poor people and train them with proper skill development sessions. Their office is seen in Patna, Bihar.


7. Sargam Sanstha:

Sargam Sanstha

This NGO is started in the year 1986. The main motive of this organization is to help and educate socially deprived children and help them to achieve their fullest potential. The corporate office of this organization is seen at Lucknow in UP.


6. Nanhi Kali:

Nanhi Kali

This organization was started in the year of 1996. The main motto of this organization is to encourage girl education. This organization was founded by Anand Mahindra. Their corporate office is seen in Mumbai. They are supported by KC Mahindra trust and also by Nandi foundation. They have now reached a point where they are successfully educating more than 50000 girls in the country.


5. Give India:

Give India

This organization is founded in the year 1999. This NGO doe’s an interesting job of collecting financial funds from all over the world and distribution of that raised fund for those NGOs which work inside the India. This is a very efficient NGO.


4. CRY:


This NGO was started in the year 1979. This NGO strongly fights for the rights of the children. CRY is the acronym of the name child rights and you. The founder of this organization is Rippan Kapoor. The solo motive of this organization is to provide the underprivileged children with better education, food and health. The headquarters of this organization is located at Mumbai and it has branches even in the capital city, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata.


3. Goonj Limited:

Goonj Limited

This organization was started in the year 1999. This NGO was started by a young journalist named Anish Gupta. This organization aims at providing clothing for every poor kids throughout the country. The corporate office of this organization is located at Delhi. Thus making it a very special organization and its placed in 3rd position.


2. Smile Foundation:

Smile Foundation

This organization was started in the year 2002 and it’s been almost more than a decade it had been very much functional. The corporate office of this organization is located at Delhi. This aims at providing better status for child education in India. They make sure that every kid gets a good education and also he gets all his opportunities. The whole concept of its that to abolish the child labor in the country.


1. Help Age India:

Help Age India

This non-governmental organization aims at the helping of aged individuals who are bedridden and sick. They even won an award called social welfare award. It also has won about 3 ICAI awards too for the excellence in financial reporting. The corporate office of this organization is located at Delhi.


Thus this completes the list of top ten NGO’s in the country India 2018. There are so many other NGOs but these are the best ones out of them.


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