Top 10 Largest Automobile Manufacturing Companies in India

As man started from the invention of wheel, he was on his track to travel the world. Thousands of years from the first vehicle on the earth, now we are all dependent on modern day vehicles. Every day, we step out of our houses and travel around with either two wheelers or four wheelers or public transport system. In the modern day scenario, vehicles seem to be the most important part of our lives. In order to travel around the city, across the country or around the globe, automobile transport system is very much significant.

Over couple of decades, Indian automobile manufacturing industry has seen thus here is a list of top ten automobile manufacturing companies in India.

10. Force motors Ltd.:


This company was founded in the year 1958 and now it is one of the pioneers in manufacturing SUVs, utility vehicles, tractors small commercial vehicles, vans, school buses and other personal vehicles. This company is a public type company and the number of employees in this company is about 8000. The head office of this company is located at Pune. With the time the company has seen a variety of changes in the people and hence they also inculcated the requirements in their manufactured vehicles.

9. Eicher Motors Ltd.:

eicher motors ltd top most automobile manufacturing companies in india 2017

This company is known for India’s first tractor and India was brought with a whole other level of new technologies by this com. This company was started in the year 1948 and is one of best companies which manufacture automotive. The company has almost about 2500 employees. This could is a basically a public type company. The head office of the Eicher Motors is located Gurkha, India. The company is even famous for its flagship bike royal Enfield which is one of the most trusted brands of all time.

8. TVS Motor Company:


This company is one of the very well-known companies in the whole world. The company was initially started in the year 1978 at Chennai. It is world’s third largest two wheels manufacturing company. They have four units of manufacturing in world and three are in India and one is in Indonesia. They are public to manufacturers. The company is coming up with new models with time and understanding the need and comfort of the costumers.

7. Hyundai:


This company is one of the oldest companies and still going on. The company was founded in the year 1947 and it is an international company which has its headquarters located at the captivity of South Korea, Seoul. They are India’s second largest car manufacturers and very popular. They have been successfully producing a huge variety of cars from four seater to 8 seater. The famous models are E-on, i10, grand, i20, Verna and many other. They are doing very well in the past ten year history.

6. Ashok Leyland:


This is one of the oldest companies of this field. It was initiated in the year 1948. This is India’s second largest manufacturer of the commercial vehicles and world’s fourth largest bus manufacturer. They mainly produce buses, trucks, light vehicles and military vehicles. Their buses carry 70 million people every day in the country. They have 8 manufacturing units and five of them are in India. The headquarters of this company is located at Chennai and the number of employees in this company are 15812.

5. Bajaj Auto Limited:


This company is founded in the year 1930 and is famous for its two wheelers and also three wheeler. Their flagship company produces Chetak scooters which were the top seller in the Indian market. The company even made the bikes like pulsar and now they are still working on it.The headquarters of this company is located at Pune and the number of employees currently working under them is about 8036. Thus this stands at 5th position.

4. Hero MotoCorp Ltd:


This is one of the best companies in India and it was founded in the year 1982. The headquarters of this company is located at New Delhi. The establishment of this communication is made in the year 1984. The total by of employees are about 5842. This is very famous for its production of motorcycle. In India they started producing motorcycles with very good mileage and also it was economic. Thus it becomes really famous during that period.

3. Maruti Suzuki:


This is one of the old companies which expertise in the field of production of cars. They were founded in the 1981. The headquarters of this company is located at New Delhi and this company is a public type company. The number of employees now working for this company is 6903. The establishment of this company was done during 1981. This company became extremely famous or their wonderful cars such as Alto, 800, Omni, Estilo . The total annual production capacity of this company is about 14,50,000 units.

2. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd:


This company was founded in the year 1945. It was founded at Ludhiana in Punjab state. They are world’s largest tractor manufacturing company. It is also India’s second largest vehicle manufacturing company. They are India’s top SUV manufacturing company too. Their head office is located at Mumbai and the total number of employees working under them right now is about 34612. They produce two wheelers, bus, pickup, tempo, trucks, and commercial vehicles. They are expertise in producing vehicles.

1. Tata Motors:


This is founded in the year 1945, it is Asia’s largest and world’s 17th largest automobiles manufacturing company. The headquarters of this company is located at Mumbai. This could is public type and the total number of employees in this company right now is about 60,000. It has its factories in India at around 6 places and the company is known for its production of cars, vans, truck, buses, coaches etc.

Thus this is the list of top ten automobile manufacturing companies in India that record the highest sales and are widely popular across the country in 2017. India, being a developing country has seen great progress in the field of automobile industry and produces highly efficient, world-class vehicles. Stay in touch with the page as we have more to serve you on the trending and latest topics around the world.

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