Top 10 Largest Chemical Companies in India By Market Cap

Chemicals are one of the important things in our life which is required for our livelihood for different reasons. It may Start from a small things to a daily requirements. It is very essential for our food digestion and also for other reasons. So these chemicals play a vital role in every individual’s life. They are also very important in increasing the economy of the country. This country produces around 80,000 different types of chemicals each year. There are lot more companies which are involved in chemical production. Here we are listing out the top 10 largest chemical companies of India 2018 that produces lot more chemicals each year.

10. Gujrat heavy chemicals limited

Gujrat heavy chemicals limited

This company of chemicals production was founded in the year 1983 and now in the tenth position in the list. This company produces textiles and various salts Like sodium bicarbonate, light soda ash and some other types of salts.This company is one of the leading companies in the production of soda ash which produces 8.5 lakh metric tonnes annually.This company has its own share in the economy of the country and are consistently working on it.

09. Vinati organics limited

Vinati organics limited

This company stands in the ninth position in the top ten list in the subcontinental country which was founded in the year of 1989.This company is exclusively made for the products like aromatic, polymers and monomers and other things which are related to this.This company is helping the country to increase its economy.

08. Linde India limited

Linde India limited

Linde India limited is a company of chemicals production which is placed in the top eighth position in the top ten Chemical producing companies in the country by market cap which was introduced to the world of chemicals in the year 1935. This company of chemicals is exclusively made for industrial gas production.It has its headquarters in Kolkata and has 20 different branches throughout the country operated by the same headquarter and supplies around 20,000 gas and the mixtures in the country.

07. Aarti Industries Limited

Aarti Industries Limited

This company was founded in the year of 1975 and now in the seventh position in the list. The headquarter of this company is located in Mumbai. This company has 16 different branches in the country and are known for quality production of rubber chemicals, dyes, pharmaceuticals and pigments.This company in known worldwide.This company is also located in Europe and in USA.This company is also known for its quality of the products and also have great contribution in the international market.

06. BASF India

BASF India

Basf is a German based company which is one of the top ten leading Chemical companies in the country and is known for its quality of the products.The company has its 3-4 branches that are located in the country and are in the good state of operation.This company has its own contribution towards the economy of the country.This is the reason why the company is in the sixth position.This company have also made a lot of contribution in the international market.

05. Solar Industries India limited

Solar Industries India limited

This Chemical producing company was founded and introduced in the year 1995 and now is standing in the fifth position by the great effort of the company.This company is specialised for production of chemicals and industrial explosives.Cartridge explosive, bulk explosive, detonator and detonating fuse are some of the products that are manufactured by this Chemical companies. This company has its branches also in Africa.

04. Gujarat fluorochemicals Limited

Gujarat fluorochemicals Limited

This is another chemicals producing company in the list which has bagged fourth position in the top ten list which was introduced in 1987.The company is Known for the production of caustic soda and chlorine and other types of chemicals. This company is exclusively made to produce the chemicals related to fluorochemicals. The company has its branches throughout the world.

03. Tata chemicals limited

Tata chemicals limited

Tata chemicals limited is a company combined with the tata groups which was introduced in the year of 1939 and now it is in the top third position in the top ten list which also helps in the increase of economy of the country.This company is not only known in India but also in Africa and north America.The company produces chemicals like salts, water purifiers, fertilizers and cement. Tata salt is one of this company product which is appreciated by all.

02. UPL


UPL is a second leading Chemical producing company which was established in the year 1985. UPL Chemical company produces some products like agrochemicals, industrial chemicals and other related products.It also produces insecticide, rodenticides and fungicides.This company has won many awards for its company’s quality products and hygiene.

01. Pidilite


This pidilite is on the top of the list in the top ten Chemical producing Industries of India. This company was founded in the year of 1959.This company produces the products like construction adhesives, Chemical adhesives and other chemicals.

Fevicol is the highest selling adhesives in the country.It can be used for a paper work and also for construction work.Dr.fixit, fevikwik, mseal and moto Maxx are some of the well-known adhesives in the country of this company. This company has shown a great increase in the financials than any other companies of the country.

These are the top ten Chemical producing companies 2018 according to the latest survey on the Chemical production.These Chemical companies have their own contribution towards country in terms of increase in economy of the country and also have made a lot of profit out of it.

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