Top 10 Best Plastic Companies in India

When man entered the modern era, he entered it with a ray of hope. A hope of making his tomorrow better. He had a reason to live. When he started to live out that reason, he made it easy for himself by scientific discoveries and also inventions. A plastic, which was supposed to replace the snooker ball accidentally changed the world. It has become so much inculcated with us that it has been an inseparable part of us. Forgetting the negative impact of it, plastic has thousands of use right from the manufacturing of pen to the chair etc. Thus India is also one of the leading producer of plastic and production of plastic needs to much of synthetic raw materials. Thus given be are the top ten best plastic companies in India 2018.

10] Kingfa Science & Technology Ltd:

Kingfa Science & Technology Ltd

Basically the company originated from China. Right now, it has its operations all over the world, including India. They are widely recognized for casting with vitality and forging the character of tenacity. They are known to offer best of the plastic quality with their products, thus making it to the 10th spot in the list.


9] Arrow Coated Products Ltd:

Arrow Coated Products Ltd

At the 9th position is this Indian based manufacturing company. The company is known for its manufacturing of water soluble film and bio compostable products. They have products such as water soluble film, mouth melting strip products, Arrow Care Division, Patents and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Strategic Business Unit (SBU), Arrow UK Activities, Export Division SBU and Arrow Pharma Foray.

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8] Wim Plast Ltd:

Wim Plast Ltd

This company is established in the year of 1988. They are known for their Manufacturing of molded furniture, bubble guard sheet and air coolers. This company unlisted in the Bombay stock exchange in the year 1994. The company started its production unit at Samana and they started producing molded furniture. They are known for their elegant style, awesome creativity and innovation in the molding technology thus featuring at the 8th position in the list.

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7] VIP Industries Ltd:

VIP Industries Ltd

This is an Indian based company. The company was established in the year 1971. They are known for their suitcase manufacturing and they have sold 60 million pieces of luggage to people all around the world and they are the leading production house of the language bags in Asia, thus ranked at 7th position in the list.

Company Website :

6] Nilkamal Ltd:

Nilkamal Ltd

They are an Indian origin company. The headquarters of the company is located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are known for the being the processor of molded products. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of the moulded furniture. The Furniture product range comprises Plastic Furniture, Material Handling Crates and Bins, Baby Table, Center Table, Dining Table, Planter, Rack, Stool, Industrial Pallets, Waste Bins, Insulated Crates.

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5] Mayur Uniquoters Ltd:

Mayur Uniquoters Ltd

At the 5th position is the Mayur uniquater, who are known for their export of various forms of PU leather, PVC leather and synthetic leather. They are basically a synthetic leather manufacturing company. They are used for the production of furniture, automotive industries, footwear, apparel, luggage, upholstery and other materials.

Company Website :

4] Responsive Industries Ltd

Responsive Industries Ltd

This is one of the companies known globally for its production of poly vinyl chloride pipes and a lot of other products. They are largest producer of the Indian PVC flooring. They are one among the few international level PVC manufacturing company. They are knofor their manufacturing of artificial leather cloth, rigid gold, soft sheeting. Thus it stands in 4th position.

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3] Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd

This is a global company playing an important role in the production of micro Irrigation systems, plastic pipes and products, agro processed products and renewable sources of energy, tissue culture of plants, financial services and other agriculture related issues. This company is primarily known for its wide range of services provided. This becomes number 3rd in the list.

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2] Astral Poly Technik Ltd

Astral Poly Technik Ltd

This is one of the best quality pipes in India. They are known for their best quality plumbing and drainage system. The application rests I. The residential and commercial purposes.  They are also used for CPVC piping systems for industrial applications. They produce conduit pipes for residential and commercial purposes. Thus with great application and the quality products, they are trusted all over India. Thus they are in 2nd position in the list.

Company Website :

1] Supreme Industries Ltd

Supreme Industries Ltd

It is India’s leading producer of plastic and other similar materials. The company was established in the year 1942. They are known to handle about 3,20,000 tonners of polymers every year with great efficiency. Thus they become largest manufacturer and also processor.

Company Website :

Thus this is the list of top ten best plastic companies in India 2018. They are all expected to come up with very creative ideas and also solutions for the pre existing problems. Right now handling plastic waste is one of the considerable problem but day by day new methods of plastic segregation is being invented. Thus some day the plastic is going to be as safe as it is with its cost effectiveness.

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