Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in South Delhi

Chinese are well known for their unique food habits and recipes. Their cookeries and dishes use some special techniques, sauces and seasonings to impart the unique tastes. There are some awesome Chinese restaurants in and around Delhi which are very much famous amongst the masses.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Chinese restaurants in South Delhi

These Chinese restaurants are very popular, unique and highly acclaimed by the masses:



Yum Yum Cha is one of the most popular and most visited Chinese restaurant in South Delhi. Its legacy is known for its delicious Chinese food and wonderful services. It provides the genuine taste of Chinese cuisine in a great ambience. Located in Saket owned by restaurateur Varun Tuli it provides the best taste of Chinese cuisine to those who are fond of eating. It is a must go place for fodders with classy taste buds. It has the broad selections of sushi and sashimi in the city and along with it 22 varieties of dim sum. It has cuisines whose names are Vietnamese Lotus Root, California rolls made of crab, little bundles and other attractive cuisines. The Japanese origami brightens up the open faced restaurant from the butterfly installation on the ceiling and the other décor is of much fun like slippers and bao-in-steamers displayed on the walls.


the china kitchen, Top 10 Best and Most famous Chinese restaurants in South Delhi 2018

It has the classy way and the concept of dining in the kitchen which offers a stylised and the traditional dining experience. It comes under one of the best Chinese restaurants in Delhi which offers delicious ecstasies of Chinese delicacies that ranges from Peking duck and beggar’s chicken to hand-pulled and Dan-Dan noodles. It has four sections that includes open kitchen which can be encountered immediately on entering the restaurant, then five skilfully designed private dining rooms, the wine and the tea bar, and the dining area. The uniqueness of the private dining dining rooms lies under the high point of the restaurant and have been named after the provinces of China, which incidentally also points the origin of the chef – Sichuan, Hubi, Guangzhou, Anhui and Hunan.



Nikashee is one of the finest Chinese restaurants in south Delhi and stands 8th in the list. Its distinct image in South Delhi has been set for its intimate legacy and delicacies of its Chinese food along with its exceptional services. This restaurants has the capacity of providing the best dining experiences in your entire life. Under the elegant ambience of interior which is fabulously decorated it serves one of the tastiest Chinese cuisine that lurks the taste buds of any visitor and will provoke him to visit the palce again and again. It has some famous menu highlights like honey chilly potato, veg Manchurian, egg fried rice, chilly chicken, chicken diced hot special.



Lotus pond is a place where people go for a really special dinner or a lavish lunch in classy way. It is counted today amongst the best Chinese restaurants in Delhi which is located in one of its poshest colonies that adjoins Hotel Surya Plaza which is the “Classy” Joint. An array of oriental dishes of finest quality is served with elegance at this place with an elegant surroundings and an intimate environment. It has two floors which it can boast of because each of them has its own unique style and ambience which can accommodate 130 guests at a time. Various exquisite and delicious foods with loads of creativity is offered here. It has the trend to create innovative food by experimenting with the menu ideas and recipes. Some delicacies include Crispy Sweet Chilli Garlic Duck, Sliced Chicken in red or Green Curry, Nasi Goreng Dim Sum and Sui Mui. It has been voted as the ‘Best Chinese Restaurants in Delhi’ by TATA yellow pages, four years in a row.



Its oriental cuisine has been recognized for its excellence. It is acknowledged for its rare breed of original Chinese Master Chefs which has unmatchable standards in food, service and hygiene and an extraordinary list of distinctions from national and international bodies. Nelson Wang who doesn’t need any kind of introduction is the owner of this unprecedented restaurants. A number of delectable delicacies from the oriental cuisine including Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese is offered in a very authentic style. It has a subtle blend of traditional Chinese designs with contemporary surroundings. It personifies the South East Asian Luxury with its interior decors. The ministry of tourism Government of India has awarded China Garden for the unmatchable standards of cuisine service and hygiene.



The Yum Yum tree serves the fresh, flavoursome sushi sum, salads, grills and stir fries that has a lots of fun and which is healthy too. The noodles with the Dim Sum and sushi are the most popular Asian favourites and define modern Asian dining. They provide fun and attractive foods which attracts visitors from all across the Delhi. It comes under one of the best visited places for fodders who are highly attracted by the Chinese cuisine. It is a must go place for them where they will rolls, sashimi, spicy sauces in a lavish presentation and the entire meal be just about sushi too. Various events and promotions keeps on taking place like Sushi Dim Sum Lunch, Table on Tuesday and Thursday, Sunday Brunch, etc.


mamagoto, Top 10 Best and Most famous Chinese restaurants in South Delhi 2017

The word Mamagoto means to play with food in Japanese. The Pan Asian Café is nothing but the fusion by which Mamagoto is made. It has a casual atmosphere where affordable Asian cuisine and drinks are there to combine with the lavish décor of the interiors. Its foods are the blend of taste from Asian street hawkers and the experiments made in those silent kitchens which is located deep beneath the core of earth. Not in Delhi but in other parts of the country it has been attracting folks who are nothing less than a fodder with its delicacies and zeal to provide best amongst all. It is also a must go place who love having Chinese cuisine from core of their hearts.



The Royal China located in the Eros tower in the south Delhi offers one of the most delicious and luscious ecstasies of Chinese cuisine which are almost real and which is served in a nice ambience. It is a place where both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine of high taste and quality. For Chinabi lovers it is the real thing and many may not like some of as much. Those who have developed a taste of originality for them it is the best place in and around Delhi. The restaurant with full glass walls, being located in a high-rise enables us to enjoy the view of the city dining. The ambience of this place is nice and enjoyable.



Mainland China is a popular Chinese restaurant chain which is owned by speciality restaurants limited. The Speciality Restaurants Chain was established by Anjan Chatterjee who owns many other hostel chains also. Coming amongst one of the best Restaurants in Delhi it marks the attraction of many vistors who are fond of having delicacies with a class. Under the ambience of beautiful interior décor Mainland China serves the best cuisine that has a Chinese mark on it. People love coming here to dine with their beloved ones and they aspire to have the best dinig experience of their life. Located at Greater Kailash in South Delhi it provides some of the delicious foods like crispy corn chilli pepper, slow fried Jumbo Prawns, Maoshi Chicken, Brownie with Hot chocolate, etc.



Yauatcha is the restaurants which lists amongst the top in the list of best restaurant by many national and international committees. When it comes to the authenticity and taste of Chinese cuisine and great ambience nothing can beat the legacy of yauatcha which is one of the finest Chinese restaurants in South Delhi and it is known for its great Chinese dishes. It was started by Alan Yau in the year 2004 a famous restaurateur who established many world-renowned restaurants all around the world. It serves one of the best cuisines which has its name because of its delicacy, and taste like Kung Pao Chicken, Pan Fried Satay Chicken Bun, Crispy Duck Roll, Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse, Raspberry Dellice.

This was the list of the Top 10 Best and Most famous Chinese restaurants in South Delhi that are known to serve the best Chinese food in and around the capital city of Delhi. All the fanatics of Chinese cuisine out there shouldn’t miss out any of these Chinese restaurants.

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