Top 10 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2017

Valentine’s Day is a specific holiday to show the woman (or guy) in your life just how much they mean to you. For the sake of this particular list, it is more or less taken from the perspective of a guy purchasing gifts for his girlfriend or wife, but the same rules apply to the alternatives. Choosing the right gift is not always something that is easy to do, but there are clear and concise things that you really shouldn’t ever do.

Here you will find the Top 10 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

10. Gym Membership


There are plenty of people that are all about fitness. Even if your significant other is really making great strides in changing their body, or really wish that they could afford a nice gym membership for themselves, this is never a good gift idea for anything other than just a normal purchase on their behalf. Turns out that people more often than not get offended at the thought of you choosing a gift that is intended to encourage them to change themselves, even if it was their idea to start with. It is typically thought of as a selfish and unthoughtful gift, so do not under any circumstances get your significant other a gym membership or exercise equipment of any kind.

9. Couples Clothing


There is nothing that says someone in a relationship needs unnatural attention quite like purchasing a couples article of clothing of any kind. No one wants to be attached to someone else in a foreign way, whether that’s some obnoxious oversized hoodie or even worse couple’s underwear. It’s just unnatural and it’s off putting all around. Even a small amount of enthusiasm about a gift like this when the two of you spot it together at a store should never convince you it’s a good idea. It isn’t romantic, it’s a literal version of entrapment.

8. Chocolate Molds

Chocolate Molds Top Most Worst Valentine's Day Gifts 2017

Now chocolate is a time honored gift for someone on Valentine’s Day. Feel free to choose this as a suitable gift and leave it at that. Do not choose to make a weird mold of something to offer a chocolate version of to your significant other, because it is just too strange to be enjoyed. The most popular choice of chocolate molds around the Valentine’s Day holiday tends to be the face and the hand, neither of which your other half wants to eat. It’s just safer to stick with the pre-boxed assorted chocolates. They are a traditional gift for a reason.

7. Unthoughtful Dinner


Remember that Valentine’s Day is about showing the other person just how much he/she means to you every other day of the year. This is not open season to do the same things you always end up doing, and certainly not an excuse for you to go to the restaurant that only you want to go to. Consider the fact that you can go to these places he/she tolerates any other night of the year, so a little consideration in the restaurant choice will go a long way to making it a good evening for you both. Be prepared to go somewhere nice, because that is a nice sentiment to your significant other. Under no circumstances should fast food be an acceptable dinner, as this is quite literally the most uninspired of any meal option you could offer your partner.

6. High Maintenance Plants


Flowers and even certain varieties of plants are worthwhile gifting options for the big V Day. However, remember the kind of schedule that your significant other keeps. Some people really don’t have the time or the resources to take care of a plant that requires a lot of attention to thrive. That being said, you might be better off choosing the precut flowers that have an expiration date that everyone expects. This shows a token of your affection, but it requires very little from your other half in terms of trying to preserve it.

5. Edible Things That Aren’t Normally Edible


While you might be able to get by with this any other night of the year in serious moderation, there is nothing that says I want this day to be all about me quite like edible clothing items. The truth is, these really are kind of gross when you think about it, no matter who happens to be sporting them, and there’s just an overall feeling of thoughtlessness when it comes to purchasing edible clothing for your partner. This is not to suggest that you can’t get a classy bit of lingerie or similar clothing option for your significant other, just make sure that it is something that she would like and that it is the appropriate size.

4. Any Kind of Pet


This just really isn’t the holiday for huge gestures like getting someone something they are responsible to keep alive. There are very few exceptions to this, and only if the clues are really being laid out pretty thick. Never take it upon yourself to assume the level of responsibility that someone else could have to take care of an animal, even low maintenance animals like fish. Some people just have a general aversion to keeping pets, and it could be an offensive gift. Refer back to high maintenance plants and the problems there, and assume that getting someone a pet is much, much worse.

3. Song/Homemade Card


These are really only acceptable gifts if your significant other is aware of your tight financial situation and general inability to get anything substantial in lieu of the homemade gift. While there is something to be said about the originality it would take to create a nice card for your loved one at home, or even more so to write a song for them, these pale in comparison to a nice night out on the town doing all of the things that make her feel special. So keep this in mind, if you can afford to do it, go out and treat her to a nice evening instead of making her a Crayola creation and sitting at home.

2. Gift Card


Nothing says I don’t really know you at all quite like getting someone a gift card. This is kind of thoughtless gift for any holiday ever, but it has a serious negative connotation when it comes to Valentine’s Day. You might be at a loss for things to get your significant other, but that is what makes the internet such a great place to look for quality information. You can find the top gifts this year, you can find out what’s currently trending, or something truly unique to your significant other that she is sure to love. A gift card says I know you’ve shopped at this location before and I don’t have the time to figure out what you would get from there again. Don’t be that person.

1. Nothing


This is quite possibly the very worst thing that you could do to someone you love on Valentine’s Day. There is nothing that says I wasn’t thinking about you at all quite like not getting them anything for the holiday. Whether she has spent weeks telling you that it’s all just a waste of time and money to try and celebrate this retailer holiday, it’s all smoke and mirrors. It’s a test that you seriously don’t want to fail.

While she might easily bounce back from not getting anything, especially after she spent time suggesting it was pointless, it is still something she is not anticipating. You need to disregard the negative aspects people carry around with them about the holiday and get something for your significant other, no matter how you feel about it. Even a small token of your love can make a significant impact to the one you love, and this can show them that in spite of how cheapened the holiday is, she will always be your Valentine.

These are a few of the worst gift ideas that you could ever have when it comes to Valentine’s Day this year. Depending on your situation, you might want to just ask for some direct hints about what your other half is interested in and what might really make them happy to receive. Remember that this is a day to celebrate the love between the two of you, so even if it is a little cheesy and over the top, this is most certainly the day to do it.

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