Top 10 Worst Things To Give A Kid

Buying gifts for children can be kind of a headache. There are so many things that are just bad ideas when it comes to presents, and the top 10 worst things to give kids are going to be listed below. Here you will get introduced to some of the very worst things that you can give to a child for any holiday or event, and more specifically, why it is such a bad choice for you to gift it. Without further ado, let’s get into the Top 10 Worst Things to Give a Kid.

Following are the Top 10 Worst Things To Give A Kid

10. Offensive Clothes


It really is bad enough when adults are wearing obscene clothes out in public. When it comes to obscene and offensive clothing, there is something that is deemed cute about a child unknowingly wearing offensive clothing, and this is just something that is kind of tasteless when it comes to the one gifting. Remember that whether you are the parent of the child in question or not, other adults are going to be looking at the parents of that child to have the good sense not to dress their child in such a manner. So no matter your role in this, you might be gifting something or purchasing something for your own child that has seriously negative connotations to your overall parenting.

9. Electronics


Kids are far too wrapped up in all things electronics these days. Decades ago, kids couldn’t wait to get out in the yard and hang out with their friends until the street lights came on. So when you are giving your child or someone else’s child more electronics, you are just promoting this exodus from the normalcy of playing outside and getting healthy amounts of exercise for sitting in front of a computer or gaming system in the house instead. Instead of more devices and electronics, you might opt to gift some outdoor toys that encourage your child to get out and experience a little bit of the world outside their front door.

8. Toys That Require Adult Involvement


This is not to suggest that a child’s parents don’t want to be engaged in the things that their child is doing throughout the day, but they certainly don’t want to only be doing what their kid wants to do either. Getting something for someone’s kid (or even for your own child) that requires a lot of adult interaction is sure to get tiresome very quickly for the adult that is involved. So use some serious consideration about the independent playtime that a child can have with the thing that you are giving them.

7. Ant Farm

Ant Farm Top Most Worst Things To Give A Kid 2017

There is nothing that quite says a bad idea like an entire ant infestation of a home separated by a thin plastic lid. This is one slip of the hand away from a disaster, and next thing you know there are ants all over the place. Now, even on the assumption that you have one of those super rare careful and considerate children out there, this is still a pretty boring gift. Remember that these gifts saw the peak of their sales decades ago, and that was pretty much because kids really didn’t have a lot of other options for entertainment in their own bedrooms. Ant farms are just a collection of problems waiting to happen.

6. Anything You Have To Keep Alive

Anything You Have To Keep Alive Top Most Famous Worst Things To Give A Kid 2018

While the ants might be low maintenance, parents are constantly getting convinced that live animals are a great gift for their children. While some older kids might be getting to an age where they can assume some responsibility for what a house pet might need, they are not developed enough mentally to fully assume the responsibilities of completely and wholly caring for a pet. This kind of makes the gift bad in a number of different ways. For one, this is a gift that will inevitably require consistent purchases for you in the form of food and other needs, but it will also require a lot of adult interaction to maintain and preserve the life of the animal when the child ultimately negates their responsibilities.

5. Excessive Candy


Every kid likes candy. Every kid will sit and eat piece after piece of candy if they aren’t watched carefully and instructed not to. So bear this in mind when it comes to things that you give your kid or someone else’s. Excessive amounts of candy for one is just generally unhealthy for a child’s teeth and body, but even more than this, it tends to bring out a sugar high and uncontrollable nature in a kid. There is nothing quite like dealing with a hyperactive child that is running on nothing but sugar, and you really don’t want to be the sole cause of that level of annoyance, do you?

4. Toy Guns


This does not mean every toy gun is not something that a child might enjoy playing with, but they certainly do not need anything that literally resembles an actual firearm. Given the high level of gun violence all over the world right now, the last thing that a child really needs to be carrying around with them is a toy that looks like it is a real weapon. This is just ushering in a lot of trouble for both the child and yourself, and really isn’t worth potential consequences one might have to face in the wrong circumstances.

3. Drums


There is nothing that is going to drive parents crazier than a young child with a percussion instrument. Even if your child is a skilled player of the instrument, it is still very loud and very in your face for as long as that child happens to be playing the instrument. So it stands to reason that a lot of parents are doing just about anything but getting their kids drums for at home use, but that doesn’t seem to stop other people from purchasing these items for a child. So it is wise to consider the sanity and patience levels of the parents involved before you take it upon yourself to give a kid a drum kit to start beating on.

2. Money


There really is no worse thing than giving a kid money, especially a young kid. Because they are immediately going to want to go and spend that money, with no real understanding of its actual monetary value when they are perusing the toy aisle. So you are both setting up a parent to have to answer a hundred questions about whether they have enough money to purchase certain items, and a child up for a lot of disappointment when the money that they have on their person isn’t quite enough to cover the cost of what they really really want. Inevitably, this ends up causing the parents to have to spend more money to cover the difference between what a kid has and what the item they really wanted actually costs.

1. A Complex


Yes, this is one of the easiest things that you can give to a kid and yet one of the very worst things that you can pass along. There are plenty of things that you can do to make a kid start second guessing their actions in a very negative way, and this is mainly related to passing along your own complexes. Things that you do a certain way, or a negative view of something that your child begins to also feel negatively about in kind. This really is a matter of carefully considering the kinds of things that you wish you could change about yourself and encouraging your child to not get caught up in approaching these things the same way that you might, and nipping certain bad habits in the bud really early on. Allowed to run freely, you are setting up a cycle of complexes that your child will eventually pass on to their own children and so on down the line, even though they are not exactly normal behaviors.

These are some of the worst things that you can give a kid, both in a literal sense right now for gifts and in a broader overall sense. These things are going to either drive their parent’s crazy through excessive intervention with the gift, or it will just be something that will eventually cost the parent a lot more money in the long run and their own time invested into it. These 10 worst things are important to keep in mind when you are considering what to give a kid in your life, as this will at the very least show you what not to do.

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