Worst Scooter Brands

Scooters have become a mode of transportation that is popular not only with children but also with adolescents and even a few adults. The sleek and simple design of the average scooter is enough to attract many would prefer a faster method than walking but aren’t quite up to the care and maintenance that a bike or anything larger would demand.

Unfortunately, despite being quite popular, some scooter brands are less than reputable thanks to either shoddy workmanship caused by cutting corners or cheaper materials that can cut down on overhead costs. Because of this many brands have been known to be avoided by many discerning customers. The top ten worst scooter brands are so names largely because of their unstable construction, which is simply too important to ignore.

Following are the top ten Worst Scooter Brands

10. District

District Top Most Worst Scooter Brands 2017

While some people might stand by this brand it is has been noted to have a few stability issues when taking jumps. The deck can come loose far too easy and tends to shimmy and shake when getting up to cruising speed. It’s very likely that those who are experiencing any real problems are not using the scooter in the proper manner, but stability is kind of important when cruising along so that one can avoid bodily injury.

9. JD Bug


For the price this scooter is kind of a ridiculous purchase. The deck is highly unstable even when the weight requirements are below what is considered safe. The wheels also have a tendency to go off in their own directions, grinding against their mounts and jeopardizing the overall integrity of the scooter. As a means of transportation this scooter is kind of dangerous, but as a means of pleasure it’s not really worth the money that people pay.

8. Fuzion

Fuzion Top Most Popular Worst Scooter Brands 2018

The fork has a tendency to break if stressed, which can be the fault of the rider, but not when the scooter is being used correctly. This scooter is kind of hard to handle as it tends to rattle quite a bit as though its construction is continually loose. Many people that have purchased this scooter have complained about its constant instability and the fact that it can’t be tightened enough to make it seem safe for their kids. The Fuzion is one of the many scooters that seems cheaply made and mass-marketed to make up for the company’s overhead costs.

7. Micro


Despite being marketed for kids this scooter is horrible and tends to fall apart on even the most sensible terrain. The fittings and fastenings that hold it together are known to loosen and even break at times, creating a hazardous situation while riding. There have been reports of many children that have fallen as a result of the scooter breaking beneath them, further confirming that this device is anything but effective.

6. Damaged


There is almost no way to justify the price of this scooter as even its name seems to imply that it is anything but serviceable. The deck shakes, the crossbar tends to bend under minimum pressure, and the whole thing rattles as though it is about fall apart. As a dollar-store knockoff it would still be too pricey for the slipshod way it is made according to some buyers, though considering that it is supposed to be made from quality materials this scooter is rather expensive despite its many flaws.

5. Tesco


Sometimes buying the cheapest scooters is done because of the cost, other times it is because cheap sometimes means more solidly built. Higher prices tend to indicate that the scooter would offer far more flexibility at the cost of stability, but this is not the case when it comes to the Tesco. Cheap is as cheap does with this model as it has been found that the cheap and very breakable materials are a constant hazard to children and anyone else that seeks to ride this scooter. The price is ridiculously high when taking into consideration the number of problems that come with this model.

4. My 1st Scooter


Some people might see the effort of changing the wheels as a bonus as you can train your child to ride with more stability at first and allow them to progress until they are fully ready to move on to a more advanced scooter. Unfortunately this model is not the best to begin with as it barely challenges the younger children it is designed for. In truth it is more like a model replica in that it could be set on a shelf where it could provide more use as a conversation piece. The wheels simply take too much work to switch out, and the maneuverability is woefully inept. As a training scooter and even as a normal scooter this model is less than adequate for its price.

3. Flashing Storm


This is another good example of a scooter that is unable to earn its own price. What this means is that the cheap construction and the fact that it tends to shake and shimmy with each use makes it less than effective as a toy or even a temporary mode of transportation. Like so many of the entries on this list it shakes horribly with each use and feels like it will fall apart upon contact with the ground. Its wheels shake horribly and don’t seem possible to mount with any true stability. It’s not worth the price that it retails for.

2. MGP


Opinions vary on this scooter, but the more negative comments lean towards its massive stability issues. The deck is not quite balanced and shakes horribly with each use, and the wheels are easy to grind down with only minimal use. While it is largely up to the user to determine how much abuse the scooter will take, there is no way to justify the expense of a scooter that will threaten to break into a dozen pieces before it’s even a month old.

1. Razor


At one time the Razor was the absolute favorite scooter to buy and retailed for an insanely high price for any such item. However, when people started finding out what kind of shoddy workmanship went into the later models they discovered that the hype was less than adequate to cover up the fact that Razor is a very hastily put together item. While its differing colors look great and offer it a reputation for making its rider look cool, the overall impression fades quickly once the scooter begins to shake and fall to pieces.

Sometimes it’s not about what’s cheapest or more expensive, but about what is solid and has the type of durability that can withstand the constant pressure and abuse that is heaped upon it. The scooters listed above were found to be inadequate largely because of the poor construction issues and the cheap materials that were used in their design. Scooters that can stick with a person as they grow are often the most reliable, and sometimes they are made by the smaller, lesser known companies.

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