Top 10 Worst RC Products Ever Built

Remote controlled products have been around for decades. While the novelty certainly hasn’t worn off for these toys and devices, it sure has produced a slew of products that really should never have been made. Some of the Top 10 Worst RC Products Ever Built are just bad ideas all around, while some of these products had the right idea but are universally hated for their low quality production and failure to perform as advertised. No matter the reason, this list will introduce you to the dark side of the remote controlled products that have come into existence.

Here are the Top 10 Worst RC Products Ever Built

10. Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark Top 10 Worst RC Products Ever Built 2017

For starters, why on earth would anyone want a remote controlled flying shark? But more than even this, this is a very universally disliked product. Unlike many of the flying RC devices that exist out there, this requires helium to be able to fly, and looks a lot like a miniature shark. While it is slated to be able to be refilled over and over and used again and again, it is also said to be very flimsy and easily punctured. All in all, with the bad design and the unlikelihood of being around very long, this isn’t a very good investment.

9. FocuSun Remote Control RC Mouse Toy


This is more of a novelty gag gift than it is anything else. People don’t typically like to spend hours of their time controlling a RC mouse, let alone one that doesn’t even really look all that much like a real mouse. While there are countless reviews of this product in various places online, the general consensus is that the controls for the critter are skittish at best and the mouse is not all that realistic looking (which really defeats the limited reasons that anyone would ever want to purchase it).

8. WowWee Mip Robot


While the novelty of a small robot that you can move around your house is something that all kids can seemingly get behind, all of these products (which have sprouted up like a bad batch of weeds) aren’t full of the fun and functionality of their bigger brand competition. The Wowee is a great example of this, as this is something that many people have built from the box, but then it just doesn’t work at all. Seemingly over half of the reviews you can find online suggest that the design of the RC product is flawed.

7. World Tech Toys Ford F-250 Super Duty RC Truck


Sometimes even conventional options like the RC car just aren’t done right, and a shining example of that is the World Tech Ford F-250 truck. Seemingly this would be a product that would have some sustainability, especially considering that it uses a well recognized truck brand that the body has been modeled after. The troubles with the device are abundant however, everything from a flimsy body to a faulty remote control.

6. Jada Toys Minnie Mouse RC Scooter

Jada Toys Minnie Mouse RC Scooter Top Most Popular Worst RC Products Ever Built 2018

The trouble with this toy is that so many people really love Minnie Mouse. Surely there will be products, even those that are directly related to major brands and entities that just aren’t going to live up to the hopes of those that purchase them. This scooter is a great example of that. While its controls are already very limited, as this is meant for very young children, the remote is known to malfunction and cease to work with the main unit. More than this even, the head of Minnie Mouse isn’t well secured, and your child can decapitate her easily by just picking her up by the head.

5. Remote Control Excavator


Who doesn’t love getting a remote controlled pint sized digging toy that mimics the movements and functions of the normal excavator? While the answer would likely be “a lot of us”, for those that would love this toy, it is very disappointing when it doesn’t work at all as it is advertised. The company has been notorious for not sending a means of charging the battery, or sending a foreign plug for a standard outlet. On top of this the remote itself has been falling apart on those using the toy on a regular basis.

4. Xtreme Cycle Moto-RC


Remote controlled motorcycles are cool for remote control enthusiasts of all ages, but only when they work like they are supposed to. This particular product cannot manage to stand upright while it is being used, which kind of defeats its entire allure. In addition its battery back sits loosely in the cheap frame of the toy, and causes the device to only work part of the time.

3. Star Wars Remote Control Deluxe BB-8


This is one of the most popular droids in the entire franchise of Star Wars, and is from the latest major film release in the episodic series. While BB-8 might have been a graceful mover on the screen, his remote controlled mini-version is certainly not as smooth. For one, the controls are greatly confusing because there is no set direction that lets you know what direction BB-8 is facing. In addition to this, the RC device repeatedly falls apart, most specifically, his head falls off fairly regularly. Which makes the higher price tag associated with Star Wars products hard to swallow for those that have dropped the money on a flawed product.

2. Hotkey RC Super Mini Speedboat (Dual Motor)


This is one of the coolest looking products that has a lot of hype and potential, but to so many now has fallen flat when they actually got to using it. For starters, the mini is meant to be taken very literally, as the entire boat mimics the size of a traditional toy car (Hot Wheels), but that isn’t its biggest drawback. While it is said to be used in water, most reviews suggest that after minimal use in water the toy ceases to work at all. What good is a boat that doesn’t go into the water?

1. Night Lions Tech TC Tyrannosaurus Rex


While RC dinosaurs are highly popular products for kids of all ages, there are as many bad options out there as there are good ones. The sad part is when the bad ones price themselves like they are on par with some of the major companies making the quality versions out there, so you think that these brands are on par with the slightly higher priced recognizable brands. This particular dinosaur is ripe with problems, and it is universally hated all over the internet. For most people, the dinosaur just quit working after a few minutes of activity. For others, the arms fell off and then it quit working shortly after getting started. All in all, it’s a bad design composed of low quality parts that are not worth the mid-range price in the slightest.

These are the worst RC products across the whole globe, and the sad part is that all of these are still for sale, duping the unsuspecting buyers into believing that these products will offer the functions that their descriptions claim. The best advice to combat the possibility of getting a dud of a RC device is to thoroughly read reviews for common problems that people are experiencing and not to ultimately believe the overly positive reviews right away and decide the product must be good.

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