Top 10 Toy Lines of The 1980’s Famous in 2017

Growing up in the 90’s we played with toys with our friends and neighbours. Play time involved interaction with each other and our favourite toys, our playmates. The toys truly and enriched our childhoods! I remember how painful it was to lose my favourite toy. Most of these toys were the super heroes of our favourite shows.

This list takes a look of the toys that transcended generations that you can get them today. The toy game has greatly changed with today’s kid preferring online games to the physical toys we used to love but there are some great toys out there that you can buy for your children.

Following are the Top 10 Toy Lines of The 1980’s that are Famous in current time

10. Super Soaker


Former NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson invented the Super Soaker. The gun was a reinvention of the classic water gun and was the summer-fun equivalent of bringing a bazooka to a gunfight. The Soaker shot distances of up to 50 feet and completely changed the face of backyard water warfare. It has gone on to sell 250 million units with the number continuing to rise. The super soaker has been upgraded over the years and today it’s a sleek play toy. Get one for your kid and get him playing outside with friends just like you used to.

9. Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop Top Most Famous Toy Lines of The 1980s Famous In 2018

The Hula Hoop is considered a timeless classic. The toy is used all over the world and has been there longer than we can estimate. This toy was made specially for young girls. This toy can be found in any toy store and are quite affordable selling for two dollars or less.
Of late, the hula hoop has been used for fitness. Fitness enthusiasts have been using the hula to train the waist and shed some pounds.

8. Legos

Legos Top Most Popular Toy Lines of The 1980s Famous In 2018

Legos, derived from the Danish words for “play well,” was invented by carpenter Ole Christiansen and was famous in the 1980’s. The original LEGOs were just red-and-white bricks that interlocked in a way that allowed children to build things without limits. Today, the company has included many colours and block sizes to meet any preference.

LEGOs have endured through the years and is still a favourite toy for hands on kids. They are used by teachers to keep children occupied in schools.

7. Rubik Cube


The Rubik cube Created in 1974 but was not licensed for sale until 1980. The Rubik’s Cube is still a popular toy among the young generation who love solving puzzles.

Rubik’s cube toy line continues to give most people fits, and help kids with problem solving. It’s a simple small toy that solves a problem too. Ever seen grown people deep in concentration trying to align the cubes? This small toy is addictive, no wonder over 400 million cubes have been sold so far and the numbers keep on rising.

6. Transformers


Transformers toys were a favourite of mine when growing up. The first generation was authentic and today are considered a collector’s item. Hasbro has gone on and made generations of this toys. Optimus Prime, Jazz, Scorponok, Soundwave were the first line. Toys that would end up defining many a childhood. Gorgeous details, tons of playability and spectacular toy engineering. The newer generations are modern looking and still great toys. You can get them in any major toy stores across the country.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The line of toys by Playmates is an absolute joy to have if you are a fan of Ninja Turtles. The collection is made of a many figure and can be bought as a set or just one of them. It’s an impressive collection to have.

TMNT is just incredibly fun. It is a toy line that for certain didn’t take itself seriously. What the figures lacked in articulation, they more than made up for with accessories, painted details, sculpt and sturdiness. These were solid chunks of plastic. The vehicles in the line were usually large and impressive, like the Technodrome, Party Wagon, or the Turtles Blimp. The figures were even more impressive, but not necessarily in size, rather execution and creativity.

The cast is made up of mostly anthromorphic characters, ranging from reptiles and fish to birds and mammals. The characters all came with absolutely weird names. The original Ninjas are hard to come by but you can score yourself a generic which is still impressive.

4. Star Wars Action Figures


Kenner made the most popular toy line back in 80 and sold millions of them. One could claim that this was the toy line that started the great era of toys. Never before had toys been that accessible and affordable. They became so popular because of the media that connected everyone especially kids with star war series on the televisions.
It’s easy to see why the Star Wars toy line was vastly popular. Kenner created these amazing figures with unfailing quality from the late 70’s to the mid-80’s. Hasbro has held the license since the brand left Kenner, and the figures continue to be a big money-maker for the toy company.

3. Marvel Legends


The marvel legend toys are good and better if you are a Marvel fanatic. They are all in scale with each other, for instance the Juggernaut is huge, while Wolverine is small. Nightcrawler is slim, while Colossus is bulky. Almost every figure is a new sculpt. Produced by Toy Biz in the 80’s, this was a successful toy line.

Hasbro took over the production of the toy line which you can find in many toy stores. Hasbro are still releasing highly demanded characters with just a few additions and are in the process of remaking heavy hitters that Toy Biz has left out.

2. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero


The first line of G.I Joes were totally too cool. They were durable, had many points of articulationand came with cool accessories (a fantastic comic, cool card art). This was of course in addition to the ridiculously cool designs to the various characters, and the general theme of a seamless mixture between traditional military and science fiction.

The modern Joe toy lines are not bad, and are still just based on the original line, they didn’t bring anything new to the table apart from a different construction. We can say that G.I Joe was the greatest toy to come out the 80’s.

1. Barbie


The famous Barbie doll. Every little girl’s best friend. We all remember how little girls could be seen carrying their Barbie’s all over the place. Barbie doll is easily one of the most recognizable and best-selling toys in history. The 80’s Barbie was a miniature princess and was always a white Barbie

The Barbie doll has been reinvented to include all skin tones and body types to depict real types of princesses. So, you can get your daughter a Barbie that looks just like her!

The toy market is huge and many toys have come and gone and some few great ones have stuck around. This is our list of the favourites. Do tell us which toys were your best in the comments section below.

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