Top 10 Richest Corporations in The World

Corporations are thought to be the lifeblood of humanity in many ways, as they control the greatest amount of stock and are able to determine the fate of millions upon millions of individuals based upon what they do, what they control, and who they affect directly. While many people don’t necessarily trust big corporations this is as close to a self-defeating attitude as one could possibly have. Unless you’re living in the woods off of any conceivable grid you will be living under the influence of one corporation or another, which might be a scary thought, but is at least a bit of reality that most people can accept. The top ten richest corporations in the world as of 2017 are perhaps some of the most well known as well as the most beneficial in many ways.

Following are the Top 10 Richest Corporations in The World

10. BP- $226 billion

BP Top Most Richest Corporations in The World 2017

A good chunk of this corporation’s profits will soon be going to fix the offshore explosion that occurred on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig back in 2010. Environmentalists and a host of other groups were outraged at the damage done to the aquatic environment thanks to this unforeseen explosion, but BP has still managed to cap the problem as well as they could and even began to make amends some time ago in order to retain their influence and prosperity. Representatives of the corporation were often heard to give comforting platitudes and supposedly heartfelt speeches designed to placate the masses, but to this date BP is still looked at with a leery eye.

9. Apple- $234 billion


It’s almost a bit surprising to see this corporation sitting so far down on the list. One would have almost assumed that in this current technological age that Apple would have ascended several more spots in order to clinch a top five berth. However, thanks to a few minor setbacks over the years Apple has had its fair share of downtime and a need to restructure now and again in order to maintain its good standing. Considering the demand of new software and advanced technology it’s not likely that this company will drop any lower in the years to come, but if it doesn’t rise any higher it might be a little surprising.

8. Toyota- $237 billion


For a long time now Toyota has been a reliable and comforting name when it comes to automobiles, and has proven that it can stand the test of time. Despite being tied with its German competitor, Volkswagen, Toyota actually does manage to produce more vehicles per year.

7. Volkswagen- $237 billion


Oddly enough, even after the company admitted to installing software that would allow its vehicles to cheat on emissions tests its profits didn’t suffer too badly. It could be the fact that they were forthcoming with this ethical issue that they were let off so lightly. It could also be the fact that Volkswagen has for a long time been a name in the automobile industry that, like Toyota, is equal to quality and reliability when it comes their production.

6. Exxon Mobil- $246 billion

Exxon Mobil Top Most Popular Richest Corporations in The World 2018

Having shaken the last few vestiges from its almost ruined reputation after the infamous tanker spill so long ago, Exxon Mobile is back to its former self after the merger that created this corporation back in the late 1990’s. In terms of its size and scope it is an absolute giant in the oil industry, and despite the obvious references that will be made by those old enough to remember the disastrous days following the Valdez incident, it will continue to be a presence within this industry for years to come.

5. Royal Dutch Shell- $272 billion


It’s not too hard to believe that the top names on this list will belong to oil companies that are known worldwide. Royal Dutch Shell is commonly known in the US as just Shell, a common enough staple to be seen across the continental US. It is based in the Netherlands and also incorporated in the United Kingdom.

4. Sinopec Group- $294 billion


Get used to seeing the oil companies at the top, as they are in charge of the precious fluid that makes a great deal of the world run. Without their influence there isn’t a great deal of hope that the world would continue the way it is. Despite the large drive to denounce huge oil companies and convert to an equal and less privatized system, corporations do in fact have a large amount of sway over how the world runs, and big oil will always have one of the loudest voices.

3. China National Petroleum- $299 billion


Another oil company based in China, this particular oil giant has operations in the Middle East and Russia as well, branching out a bit more than Sinopec. It is owned by the state of China, and is a global force within the oil industry.

2. State Grid- $330 billion


Also based in China, this utility company is the second largest in the world and is well-renowned on a global scale. It delivers power to its home country and overseas and is located in Beijing.

1. Walmart- $482 billion


If you’re even a little bit surprised that this store topped the list then you’ve been out of circulation for some time. Walmart has been an American institution for many years now, drawing more and more shoppers thanks to better prices and more selection than other stores can afford to offer. The trend has continued throughout the decades as the stores have grown even more popular. At one point and time it was common to see one Walmart store every hundred miles or so. As of the current day it is far more common to see at least two or three such stores in any given town that has the space and available customers willing to frequent the store.

There isn’t a single corporation on this list that should come as a surprise, as each one encompasses a need that America and other countries have come to deem as important to their everyday lives. Through mass commercialism corporations have learned just how to reach their target markets.

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