Top 10 Rent-A-Car Companies in The World

Car renting makes everything easier for anyone travelling to a foreign city/ country. There is nothing worse than trying to figure out which metro line you should take or deciding whether you shall use cab for your entire stay. This is where online car services come into play. These ten mentioned sites offer users with a wide range of different vehicles to pick from. Let us take a closer look at our top picks:

Here are the Top 10 Rent-A-Car Companies in The World

10. Alamo Car Rental –

Alamo Car Rental Top 10 Rent-A-Car Companies in The World 2017

Alamo shares the same parent company as National and Enterprise Rent-A-Car known as Enterprise Holdings. Alamo offers its users a very easy to use website that is highly informative. All you have to do is enter your location along with dates you intend to use car and for how long you shall need it for.

From here, you will be guided to a car selection page that is quite impressive. You can be able to rent luxury cars, convertibles, pickups, and even hybrids. Vans are also available but you cannot rent commercial trucks. Alamo does not offer carpooling options as well.

9. Dollar –


Dollar offers great deals but the reason we have placed it at position 9 is because it lacks some vehicle options. However, this does not mean that it does not have a good number of cars at its disposal. A customer is able to select from compact, large, and midsize vehicles. You will have access to convertibles, minivans, and SUVs of different sizes. Dollar however does not offer any trucks or hybrid vehicles.

8. Avis –

Avis Top Most Rent-A-Car Companies in The World 2018

Avis is a highly reliable company that is available all over United States and Canada. This company has locations spread all over these two countries and finding an Avis near you should not be an issue. However, Avis has a limited vehicle options for customers to choose from. For example, Avis does not offer commercial trucks or pickups.

However, it has an impressive fleet of hybrids, convertibles, and other models. Avis vehicles are SmartWay certified – this means that it has an earth-friendly fleet and has implemented policies to conserve water, noise, energy, natural resources, and landfill contributions.

7. National car Rental –


As mentioned earlier, National Car Rental is owned by Enterprise Holdings (same company that owns Alamo and Enterprise). Similar to its sister companies, National offers an impressive fleet that includes everything you need such as luxury cars, vans, pickups, hybrids, convertible, and fuel-efficient cars. They also have hybrid SUV’s as well. National does not offer commercial trucks in United States but customers from Canada can have access to them by using National Canadian branches.

6. Ace-


Ace has 24 locations spread across 24 states in USA. Ace offers a limited number of brands but the cars that they do offer and well serviced and affordable. Ace offers weekly car rental deals that brings overall costs down. Ace has a Rental Genius Program for repetitive customers – this means that loyal customers will get discounts as you earn points. You can even cash in on prizes such as Kindle Fire if you have accumulated enough points.

5. Payless –


Payless is a fast growing company that is located in the United States and other countries. In USA alone, it has branches in over 30 states. For anyone looking to save a few bucks, you can go to their deals prompt option (on their website) and get deals on economy and midsize cars starting at about $10 per day.

You will also be able to bid on last-minute deals if there are any available. When compared to our top 4, Payless does not offer a lot of extras but it makes up for it with its high-quality vehicles that are well maintained and serviced. Payless has options for disabled people and you can even request for hand controls ahead of time

4. Budget Car Rental –


Budget is an accessible rental service that has one of the best websites for renting cars. Its website has a very impressive and easy to use layout. It is modern and non-cluttered. All you need to do is log in and type in your location and time you need to pick up and return your vehicle. Budget’s website also has a simple location finder.

Simply click on it and select your Country, state, and City and then choose a radius. Once you find out if Budget operates in your area, you can now begin rental process. You will have a pick from luxury cars, pickups, commercial trucks, vans, and convertible.

3. Enterprise Rent-A-Car –


Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a car rental service that provides a very large selection of cars. They have a very easy to use online rental system and a very helpful customer service. Enterprise Rent-A-Car also provides its customers with very interesting and unique features such as car share and carpool assistance services. Granted that Enterprise Rent-A-Car doesn’t offer too many features especially when compared to other companies, it makes up for this by introducing features that no other car rental services offer as mentioned earlier.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car also has an option for disabled drivers. All you need to do is give a two days notice for them to prepare your car – they can meet requirements such as requests for hand controls, spinner knobs, and pedal extenders. Only limitation is that Enterprise does not offer lift-equipped van options for wheelchairs.

2. Hertz Car Rental Services –


Hertz is a very popular company that caters to a wide range of people. This company offers all rental types you might require. They have a fleet of vehicles ready and well serviced to s=ensure that you have a smooth and safe ride wherever you might be travelling. Hertz also has a user-friendly website that is incredibly easy to navigate.

Hertz also has an on-set car purchasing program and customizable baby car seat options. It also offers a roadside assistance program and customizable baby car seat option. I=This company also offers road-side assistance which is incredibly helpful especially if you plan to use your ride for a long time.

1. Thrifty Rental Car –


Thrifty Rental Car is part of Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group. It is one of the largest car rental companies in the world. Thrifty Rental Car is located in more than 1,000 locations in over 70 countries worldwide. One of its most unique features of their very informative and easy to navigate website is the 360 spin. Here, a potential customer is able to have a 360 degree visual view of their car’s interior and exteriors.

This feature is very important as it weighs heavily when it comes to decision making time. Thrifty Rental Car website uses a Wild Card app that searches for a car for you – all you have to do is enter your location and date you shall be needing your vehicle and it will look for best deals for you. Thrifty Rental Car is our top pick for best car rental services of 2017.

Renting a car makes your life so much easier – you no longer have to worry about catching a cab or riding a train. These services mentioned above provides users with a wide array of cars to choose from. You will have access to a variety of vehicles that will meet your desired needs. Have you ever used any of these services before? what was your experience? Do comment below and let us know.

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