Top 10 Power Tools Every Man Should Have

From the beginning, man used wielded tools to protect his environment. The benefits of these tools are in the genes of human kind. Everyone should at least do minor repairs and a bit of maintenance in their home. Particularly men feel the need to have the proper tools for defence or any other job. If we think of evolution, we have really come a long way. Some of these power tools you will use them maybe once a month but others are needed on a daily basis. The following breakdown of the tools is commonly used by homeowners. Learn more from our top 10 must have power tools for men.

Following are the Top 10 Power Tools Every Man Should Have

10. Stud Finder


This may not fit the actual “power tool” but the fact that it needs battery in order to function qualifies it as a handheld power tool. The stud finder is usually used to locate framing studs that are placed at the back of final walling surface. They are mainly divided into electric and magnetic stud detectors. Stud detectors have revolutionized since their multiple sensor plates can sense the wall in different locations immediately.

9. Router

Router Top 10 Power Tools Every Man Should Have

The router is a power tool used to cut the interior section of a material out of a hard piece. The material could be either plastic or wood, though routers are commonly known for woodworking. In most cases, it is used as a plunging tool. It is more versatile than using both a drill press and jigsaw. Routing involves a fast process of trimming, cutting and shaping wood or metal.

Onsruters were the first handheld power routers and was invented in 1915. The modern day routers are being used in place of the old moulding planes for edge moulding of wood. Currently, the most common router is an electric-motor driven spindle.

8. Drill press

Drill press Top Most Popular Power Tools Every Man Should Have 2018

This machine is not only sidelined for blue-collar shop workers. It is beneficial in cleaning a hole cut in any given material. It guarantees a perfect and straight-sided hole. They are used in woodworking, construction and metalworking. This power tool is more applied in medicine and space mission. The available drill press differ in performance and characteristics in terms of capacity and power. They can either be powered manually, by electricity or air compressed.

The drill press can create holes on a chair rung and Forstner bit bringing out a mortise. You need to make a number of considerations before choosing one, including the spindle travel, table tilt, Benchtop or floor standing, chuck size, or motor power.

7. Oscillating Saw


This oscillating saw works very fast moving side to side about three degrees. In case of a fire breakout, this machine is used to cut you out of the car. It is also used in removing grout, undercutting trim for flooring installation and making drywall cuts. This is not its main use but rather can be used to cut through any material. It works together with sanding pads and scrappers.

6. Orbital Sander


Orbital sender is a hand-held power tool that is used for sanding. It is mostly used to flatten surface or smoothen the edges. I will recommend you to buy the electric Orbital sender rather than the cordless. This is due to durability. They are available in three different types: orbital floor sanders, electric and air powered. Both electric and air powered sanders are hand held while orbital can roll on the floor.

5. Table saw


It is used to build custom made shelves that are used for storing other power tools. It is mainly a circular saw blade that sits on an arbor. This blade is exposed through the surface of a table. This mostly gives support to the piece of material that is in most cases wood being cut. It does a perfect work in cutting a cleaner and a straighter line when compared to a handheld circular saw. It rips out timber too.

4. Air compressor


It is commonly used to top off your car tires, supplying high pressure air to fill gas cylinders and re-inflating your bicycle. This power tool converts power to potential energy and is stored in pressurized air. Air compressors can be classified according to the level of air released and these are: high-pressure, low-pressure and medium pressure. The design also differs and can be categorized into, Turbo or rotary-screw compressor.

3. Wet/dry ShopVac


This power tool usually helps in heavy-duty clean up. This is an easy way to do away with waste, beause you just have to flip a switch before your problem is solved. It is worth purchasing because you never know when you will need it again to clean a wet mess. Shop vacuum is worth buying.

2. Circular Saw


It is used to cut scrap wood and bookshelves to their desired shapes. It uses toothed or abrasive disc that cuts different materials by using rotary motion spinning at the arbor. In the past, circular saw were used in sawmills. It can cut through any material from plastic, wood, masonry or metal. Circular saw could either be handheld or mounted on a machine. Circular saw mainly refers to a hand-held type and a table saw or chop saw. They are all fashioned for a specific material that is supposed to cut. When cutting wood they make either cross-cuts or rip-cuts or both. Most of the circular saws are electric powered but at times gasoline may be an alternative solution. I will recommend that you buy the electric plug in.

1. Cordless Drill


The cordless drill is lightweight, has high capability and is a compact power tool. This is an agile tool and is incredibly handy for men. The most recommended is the 18-volt cordless drill. It comes with a battery charger and has a lifetime warranty. It comes with a gauge that notifies you on the battery balance. It does a good job in drilling pilot holes and screws on the wall. This cordless drill has a firm base that supports it when placed on a bench.

Men cannot live comfortably without their power tools. The above mentioned tools are essential for every household, and will make a man leap with unexplainable joy when using them. Plus, they are all problem solvers in one way or another, and make home DIY projects easier and fun.

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