Top 10 Most Ridiculous Toys Ever Made

Toys are a part of every childhood. Toys provide education, along with hours of leisure time play. Toys are often enchanting while encouraging a healthy dose of imagination. However, not all toys are sweet, soft and cuddly, nor are they all educational. Take the Pet Rock, for instance. In the 70’s people lined up just to purchase a rock. We’ve selected some of the oddest toys ever made. In fact, some of these toys can be quite frightening. We hope you enjoy some of the more ridiculous toys ever made.

Here are the Top 10 Most Ridiculous Toys Ever Made

10. Kaba Kick

Kaba Kick Top 10 Most Popular Ridiculous Toys Ever Made 2018

The Kaba Kick, a toy designed to give your child the thrill of Russian Roulette. If it sounds a bit on the odd and strange side, and you can’t believe it’s a real toy, well, yes, this is an actual toy. The object of the Kaba Kick revolves around putting a toy gun to your head and pulling the trigger. A derivative of Russian roulette, but one that you somehow think is ok to give to your kids to play with. If you are concerned about bullets, don’t be. Instead of bullets a pair of pink hippo feet come out and smack your kid in the head. How does the game work? Well, if the gun does not go off, you score a point.

9. Shape Shifter Punisher Doll


This one is truly mystifying on how the design actually got past a marketing team, let alone onto the sales floor makes you wonder if they were not swinging from trees and eating bananas at the time they designed this toy. Marketed by Marvel, this dandy little doll sports a crotch rocket. Yes, a crotch rocket. It seems that this little guy is a shape shifter indeed, with a crotch rocket that shoots projectiles into the air. Parents were not to thrilled, it seems, but the collectors just love the little guys.

8. Sixfinger


This is one of the oddest toys on the list, ‘Sixfinger’ was put on the market by Topper Toys in the 1960s. What was it? It was a finger. That’s right, a toy marketed as “The Most Amazing Toy Ever”, was a plastic finger. It looked like an index finger, and it fit into the palm of your hand, so it looked as if you had 6 fingers. But that wasn’t the niftiest part. the Sixfinger was actually a toy gun. This toy shot cap bombs, worked as a ball point pen, shot a secret bullet, missile and if that’s not enough to make you sweat, it also shot a fragmentation bomb. Considering it was the 60s, it’s safe to assume that the it was probably designed amid the smokey haze of a lava lamp, in a dark room while listening to Zeppelin.

7. Swing Wing


For those of you out there, that have always dreamed of putting on a plastic beanie cap with blue streamers and giddily dance around your home or community, boy have we got the toy for you. the Swing Wing was just that, a plastic blue beanie with streamers held down tight with a chin strap. if you’re waiting for a punchline, there isn’t any. This is simply a lame toy. Transogram Games developed this toy in 1965. Basically, you strap the beanie on your head and just whip your head in circular movements so that streamers fly about you. Yep, this toy is about as exciting as a bag of livers sitting on the kitchen counter on a hot summer’s day.

6. Atomic Energy Lab

Atomic Energy Lab Top 10 Most Ridiculous Toys Ever Made 2017

Yes folks, this was an actual toy, and it was an actual atomic energy lab. Produced by the A.C. Gilbert Company in 1950, this toy actually took real, honest to goodness uranium samples and radium and let your kids play with them. Which is a little on the shocking side, considering that uranium and radium are both highly radioactive. Not only that, but if you take a look at the instruction booklet, it also told your kids to handle dry ice, which is dangerous to be handled by bare hands. The Atomic Energy Lab was labeled the most dangerous toy in history. I’m sure that made adults who once played with it feel so much better.

5. Roadkill Cat toy


Roadkill Cat toy designed by manga artist Shintaro Kago, and is nicely packaged in plastic with a picture of a smiling kid looking up at the image of a flattened feline. The image is complete with road treads, as the wheel crushed its body. The toy is simply a cat made from plastic, with its entrails leaking out. The name of the toy is “Neko Funjyatta”, the same name of the title of a piano piece. This song is called “Der Flohwalzer” in German, the “Flea Waltz” in English and “I Stepped On A Cat” in Japanese. There is no point to this toy, as such it’s a given that it will be sought after by collectors everywhere.

4. Space Monolith


For all you collectors of action figures out there that find all the arms and legs on these figures tedious to deal with, then the “Space Monolith” action figure is just for you. This toy from Think Geek, is nothing more than a block of plastic that is made with the same proportions as the monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s film, “2001: A Space Odyssey”. That’s right, this action figure is a solid, black plastic brick. What to say about a toy that is simply a solid, block of black plastic. Basically, not that much.

3. Kong Suni


You’re probably wondering what it is that makes Young Toys Kong Suni so special, or so odd. Just to look at this sweet little baby doll, with her perfectly coiffed hair, sweet little gingham red and white checked dress. What could possibly be wrong with this little cutie? What is her special power that makes her so unique. She Farts. Yep, meet Kong Suni, the doll that was specifically designed to fart. She comes complete with gas intoxicating cereal and a toilet for relieving herself. It’s called ‘Keeping it Real’ folks. Educational toys at their finest.

2. Jar Jar Binks Candy Tongue


Boy, this list just keeps getting better and better. Number two on our list of oddities in the world of toys, is the Jar Jar Binks Candy Tongue. This is the part where we enter the facts of the toy, so you don’t think we make this stuff up. This little gem of an idea, was a promotional tool for the movie “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”, along with the video game release back in 1999. The candy tongue itself had such a gross and disgusting design, that I can’t imagine anyone even attempting to buy it, let alone taste it.

1. Giant Microbes


Giant Microbes are kind of strange, labeled as a fun sort of educational toy, these plushies will sure to be on your child’s Christmas list next year. Visiting the website, one can see how easy they make it to shop for the little pustules of plush. You can choose Cells, Diseases, Critters (you know, parasites that dig into your flesh and infect you, making your life an absolute nightmare), and gift box sets.

Hey, they are such jolly folks over there, that they even have ‘Microbe of the Month’. So, if you’d like to give the gift of a plush toy disease to your child or other loved one, it’s good to know that they are available, and also quite reasonably priced. I mean, who wouldn’t want a plush Ebola toy, or Chlamydia toy to cuddle with late at night? Personally, I don’t know of any. Maybe you do.

As can be seen, these are some of the most frightening and odd toys ever unleashed upon the world. All are strange, and some, like the Jar Jar Binks Candy Tongue, have just that little bit of extra grossness tossed into their design. We wonder what went on in the minds of these most valiant toy designers, and also hope that they keep it to themselves from now on.

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