Top 10 Most Overrated Brands in The World

In today’s world, there is more to appeal than there has ever been. A lot of brands are competing to remain relevant in a world that is evolving in every aspect day in day out. It is common for corporations to desperately capture the consumer’s attention. They have focused their attention on image makeover in order to boost their brands and businesses. However, in this modern world some brands are quite overrated.

These are therefore among the most overrated brands in the world

10. The Every Brand Apparel


It was started eleven years ago by Clint Henderson in 2006. This brand focuses on golf tournament Company. This overrated brand is struggling to catch the attention of the consumers now than ever before. Clint noticed that his clientele struggled to find all there apparel in one place. He therefore decided to start a company that had its main focus only on apparel.

9. Trump

trump, Top 10 Most Overrated Brands in The World 2017

Even as Trump continues to fail, in unusual way he continues to cash in his rich guy self. The reality show “The Apprentice” led to his downfall from a B-list celebrity to C-list. He now has a lot going on in the market from Trump Cologne, Trump Water and Trump Vodka. However, it is quite unclear what will happen to this brand now that the rich guy himself is at the top of the ladder, the President of the United States.

8. Apple


Apple is famously known for having an excellent design with great technology. This brand is too expensive. The high pricing is due to the style of the brand. In the coming years, Apple hardware owners would have aged poorly. For instance Mac PCs, are too expensive for nothing while you can get a brand new fairly cheap PC brand. With the Google phones on the rise, it will definitely take over the attention of Apple’s customer. Once Companies rise to create phones of equal quality as Apple and at a reduced price. Apples future as a technology giant is working on a thin line unless they re-evaluate their prices.

7. Victoria’s Secret


Victoria’s fall came in 2004 where the company hired Legend Bob Dylan. The biggest issue is their over pricing and you can still get the same good stuffs elsewhere but at a cheaper price. In the past they used to be good but they later used low quality materials in their construction but still sold at high prices. They should tone down a bit on the bright colors, heavy labelling and graphics. Their bras range from $35-$40 even for juvenile designs.

They have faced a number of lawsuits that they have found a way to defend themselves. These accusations were trademark infringement and patent related. Victoria’s Secret model seem to have lost their way as the CEO Sharen Turney admitted. They have ventured into selling bedding, flip flops, tote bags and lounge wear. This brand is out of ideas. They only thing they have to come up with is better products and innovations.

6. Dunkin’ Donuts


Since 1950, donuts and coffee was served by Home-state favorite. Lately, there is something amiss about them. A few years back, Dunkin’ Donuts was bought for $2.4 billion. The brand was pressurized and more stores were added. They also begun selling coffee in supermarkets. There was an allegation that this brand promoted terrorism due to the fact that Rachael Ray was seen wearing a Muslim headscarf. The Dunkin’ Donuts reacted by pulling the ad. The brand seems to be suffering from this and it is on its way to failure.

5. MTV


This brand used to air original programming, music videos and trailblazing reality shows. There have been great changes with length videos being replaced by quick choppy and the original programming amounted to boring dating shows and non-educative reality crossovers. The music awards hosted by MTV featured Britney Spears who was a wreck. MTV is dead!

4. Oprah


In the recent” Oprah’s Big Give”, there was unexpected product placement. It was so chaotic that it resulted in participants being kicked out of the show. This was after the judges were dissatisfied with their legibility to give. Her greatest downfall came when she was overexposed for all the work she had done. It is always proper to keep the charity work behind the scene, it is not a must that people get to know.

3. The ‘Los’ Angeles Lakers


We had expected a comeback from Celtics-Lakers, after their return for NBA finals. They have inexperienced backups and they failed in keeping the fans attention.

2. The Gap


The Gap is a multinational store that deals with accessory and clothes. It has 5 distinct divisions: Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta. This brand has tried all it can to get their customers attention. The brand has been advertised by Sarah Jessica Parker. Fashion houses like H&M and Zara have focused more on selling cheaper clothes unlike the Gap that sell at a higher price.

After failing a number of times, they decided to do away with Television advertisement. When this brand was founded in 1969, it promised affordability and great style. Currently, the brand is far from what they promised because they sell at high prices and poor style. Gap used to be creative before but now they are not making any progress.

1. Southwest Airlines


The United States of America fell in love with Southwest for their low fares. During the time of high oil prices and other scandals, the customers were disappointed in them. Their dreams were shattered when FAA revealed that this Airline was flying planes with inspection. Although, they defended these allegations. This brand was fined $10.2 million.

In one way or another, these brands have failed to deliver to their clientele what they had initially promised when starting up. A lot of them have failed while others have drastically lost their base. Brands are now realizing that they should give consumers what they truly want. If brands fail to recognize the needs of their customers, the customers can always turn against them and go for others that serve their interests.

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