Top 10 Most Iconic Symbols of All Time

People everywhere see iconic symbols every day. Many of these symbols are often identified with a particular product or service brand or with some type of group. The most iconic symbols bring a sense of comfort to people because they can immediately connect with a brand or service that they have been using for some time. Symbols are just powerful reminders of an enterprise’s ability to serve customers and to help fulfill their needs.

Symbols are also important because they help people to identify an organization or business. There are many different types of icons and some of the most recognized types include those that are for business. Icons not only help people to identify an enterprise and they are also used to distinguish brands. Symbols have power and they are often necessary for companies staying competitive within the market.

Here is the top 10 most iconic symbols of all time

10. Google

Google Top Most Famous Iconic Symbols of All Time 2018

Google is a brand that is associated with the internet. Once people see this iconic symbols they immediately think of the web browser that provides them with a ton of information. The colors that are associated with Google are designed to bring it immediate recognition. This particular brand is also used on many other electronic products and services but Googles red, yellow, green and blue symbol is just about familiarity and reliability that a brand brings to people.

9. Adidas

Adidas Top 10 Most Iconic Symbols of All Time 2017

The Adidas symbols are known all over the world in terms of sports and leisure wear. They consist of the famous 3 Adidas stripes and the Adidas trefoil sign. This brand is world renown because of its association with the Olympics and it even was even used in a rap song that was made well over 30 years ago by Run DMC. Millions of people wear this logo in the form of tennis shoes and sportswear.

8. Zippo


Zippo lighters are metal lighters that are world renown for their design, style and even smell. Many people who use or even sees Zippo lighters in action realize that the lighters are wonderful products that they would not mind having in their possession. The lighters are associated with integrity, a long- standing history and they attention grabbing with the way they flick on. The Zippo symbol is just a cool symbol for anyone to see.

7. Veuve Clicquot


Veuve Clicquot is an expensive French champagne that uses a famous anchor heritage mark. It also has beautiful typography to help define the logo on the bottle. The colors are black, gold and cream and each of these colors help people to identify this brand with other recognizable colors as well. Veuve Clicquot is a wonderful world class symbol that is memorable and is associated with elegance and sophistication.

6. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Top Famous Iconic Symbols of All Time 2019

Ralph Lauren has been around since 1967. It is owned by Ralph Lifshitz who is also known as Ralph Lauren. This brand is known by its simple moniker that states Ralph Lauren. This brand represents more than just clothing; it causes people to pay more attention to the American dream, their style and their way of life. Ralph Lauren’s logo is known all over the world

5. Subway


Subway is a logo that represents healthy food and this symbol is located within many cities all over the world. The Subway logo is simply a moniker that showcases the Subway name. This particular logo appears in places such as Jamaica, Japan, Finland and even in Russia. Once a person sees this moniker they will quickly think America, good food and modern life. Many people relate to this logo and all that it stands for.

4. Uniqlo


Uniqlo is a Japanese based clothing company that is headquartered in Yamaguchi. This company is a leading clothing retailer within that nation. Their symbol consists of English and Japanese characters being placed side by side. This logo appears all over the world in places such as France, Germany and even the U.S. This company has made a bilingual logo which has helped to push them into the realm of being internationally known.

3. McDonald’s Golden Arches


McDonald’s is a company that has the golden arches. These arches are recognized all over Earth. People love to see them because they represent great food and American culture. The golden arches also represent progress within most countries. When the arches are seen around a local town or community many people find comfort in them. Whether people like McDonald’s or not, this company is a highly rated fast food chain that provides comfort and a sense of security for people everywhere.

2. Apple


Apple’s iPhone is the leading smartphone brand in the world. This organization makes the most money from their mobile devices. Their apple logo was created by Steve Jobs after he left a fruit farm. He wanted an apple logo so that it could be spirited and fun. He decided to make the apple with a bite so that it would not be confused with a cherry. Many people recognize the Apple logo as a powerful symbol in terms of mobile technology and business.

1. The Red Cross


The Red Cross was started in 1881 by Clara Barton. This organization is known for its life saving activities and for medical aide. The Red Cross logo was created to let people know that medical help is available or on the way. Henri Dunant in 1863. This flag is a reversal of the Swiss flag that has a red background and a white cross. People everywhere recognize and respect this flag. Once this logo goes up it represents a neutral place for help.

Just as a side note the Red Cross symbol has become a standardized medical design that is worn by medical officers and personnel all over the world. Even the Muslims have a version of this organization. Except, they use a red crescent moon symbol on a plain white field instead of a cross.

These symbols are truly well-known brands that many people love to see. They ensure that consumers who encounter them can instantly identify with a product or service. They will not forget what it does and how good it truly is.

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