Top 10 Most Hated Companies in America

There are some companies that just can’t seem to make people happy. Most often these are the kind of companies that charge a monthly fee for a service that they provide. There is a certain inevitability that most people will start to come to terms with the fact that they are overpaying for a service, and when unable to remedy that in their lives, the company starts to get quite a bad reputation as a result. While there are countless hated companies all throughout the United States, this list is dedicated to labeling the Top 10 Most Hated Companies in America right now.

Here are the Top 10 Most Hated Companies in America

10. Mylan

Mylan Top Popular Hated Companies in America 2019

This is a company that really started rubbing people the wrong way within the past year or so. This pharmaceutical outfit is responsible for the creation of the lifesaving epi-pen tool. When the device first was released, consumers were surprised by the high cost of the necessary tool, but were willing to fork over the 95 dollars that was required to afford a two pack. In the past year, Mylan the Epi-pen creator and distributer determined that it was a suitable business practice to raise the cost of this 2-pack to 608 dollars. This exponential cost increase is seen as nothing more than corporate greed and exploiting those that literally need the pen to counteract potentially fatal effects of severe allergic reactions.

9. McDonald’s

McDonald’s Top Famous Hated Companies in America 2019

People are always up at arms with McDonald’s about something. For as many people that don’t like the brand though, there are 2-3 others that think they can do no wrong. While the biggest gripe that people have had in the past with the fast food giant was the unhealthy nature of the food that the chain offers. While studies have suggested that nearly one in every 3 children born after the year 2000 will develop diabetes due to their excessive size, it seems that this particular fast food chain is taking the biggest blame for this staggering statistic.

8. Walmart


No one really goes to Walmart because they are so impressed with the quality of their products. The reason people tend to shop at Walmart as much as they do is because of their commitment to having the lowest prices on nearly everything that people commonly shop for. Lately however, the bulk of America has started to name this particular company as one of the worst in the entire country. This isn’t stopping them from shopping there, but just being a lot more open and vocal about the steady decline in product quality coming from the chain, and the general lack of quality customer assistance within the stores themselves.

Another big push towards not liking Walmart comes from the understanding that wherever a new store opens up, they are pushing out all of the small mom and pop shops within that area. It is well understood that these small businesses simply cannot compete with the low costs of the items within the superstore, and they eventually are forced to close up their stores when their modest profits dwindle down to nothing.

7. Sprint


There is a big push that Sprint is making right now to try and get people signed up with their service. However, as far as cell phone carriers go, people are the most dissatisfied and unhappy with the Sprint service that they are then locked into. Customers claim that the service is unreliable and spotty at best, and even the lower cost of these new plans in comparison to the major competitors really isn’t enough to overcome the hurdle of their unreliability as a provider.

6. Dish Network


It is no surprise that people aren’t happy with their television provider, but at least Dish Network can hang their hat on the fact that they aren’t the most hated of all of the television providers on this list or in the entirety of the country itself. The main gripe that people have with Dish Network is the horrible quality of customer service and the help that they almost never get when they call into the provider with a legitimate concern regarding their service. The customers are not the only people that really hate the company, as the employees of the company have been polled and less than 40 percent of Dish Network workers would recommend a job with the company to someone that they know.

5. Bank of America


Banks are always considered among the most hated institutions in the entire country simply because of their ever present rules regarding how we spend and save our money in their company. Now all of that aside, there are several things that Bank of America is doing in particular to terrorize its customers. Cold calling the customers to try and upsell them on services offered through their branches is among the most hated things that the bank does. In fact it got so bad that one Florida couple took the major bank to court and was awarded 1,500.00 for every single one of the over 700 collection calls that the couple received over a span of 4 years.

4. Sears


Sears is also getting pretty hot right now on the hate radar for the bulk of the country for a number of different reasons. The major chain is most hated for two reasons. The first of which is that customers believe that the service within every branch of the chain is subpar at best. The store is accused by many of its patrons to mislead the customers into thinking that they are getting bigger savings than what they end up actually receiving when the order gets rung up. The second thing that makes them a hated company is the fact that less than a third of the employees consider it a good job to have, citing most often poor management on all levels as part of the miserable workplace that they experience.

3. Facebook


Facebook isn’t something that people are just going to stop using for many years to come. Even with this being said, the company has been taking a lot of heat over the last couple of years about the lack of privacy for the users on the social media giant. There were clear discrepancies which suggested that the social media juggernaut allowed third party companies to access private information for individual account holders.

2. Wells Fargo


Banks again make the list for the most hated companies in the country, but this time it is a little less about the cold calling and collection campaigns. While this is certainly something that Wells Fargo is also being hated for, as this is often the case with every single major bank in the country, the most despicable thing that the company is hated for the fact that in order to meet sales goals, the company would simply open new accounts for existing customers without their knowledge. While the company would later be fined a total of 185 million dollar for the millions of fraudulent accounts that they created, their credibility is still very much on the mend with their wronged clients.

1. Comcast/ Xfinity


Surprise surprise, a cable company is topping off the list as one of the most hated companies in the country right now. So what has Comcast/Xfinity done that wronged so many people and earned them a spot at the top of this particular list? It begins with the fact that the company has recently been massively fined for being caught charging a large portion of their customers for services and equipment that they didn’t actually have. This would include premium channel packages and extra cable boxes. Secondly, Comcast is slated to have one of the worst customer service call centers to get in touch with. Customers have recorded abusive conversations with Comcast employees that were anything but helpful, and there are numerous instances in which people are forced to spend hours of their day waiting on hold or calling back into customer service when their call is repeatedly disconnected from unhelpful representatives.

While there are all kinds of companies doing shady things to make us unhappy with them, these are the companies that are disappointing people the most. Getting all the way up to the top 10 most hated companies department takes a lot of years and effort. Sometimes it is just letting down your customer or doing some underhanded activities to boost profits at the consumer’s expense. Whatever the case, these companies currently hold strong at the most hated in the entire country.

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