Top 10 Most Favorite Mint Flavors And Their Brands

Everyone loves a good mint candy or flavoring, it’s a burst of chill and peppery goodness that coats the tongue and gives a refreshing feel within the mouth. When coupled with other flavors it can even heighten the intensity of the flavors, bringing a new level to the taste profile that might have been missing otherwise. The top ten most favorite mint flavors and their brands know very well how to get to the average consumer when it comes to getting their products to sell, as history has shown.

Mint has been used as a breath freshener and as a way to ease aches and pains, but has always been a popular substance for its cool taste and medicinal qualities. One of the absolute best incarnations of mint flavoring however, and many would agree, would be its use in candy.

Here are the Top 10 Most Favorite Mint Flavors And Their Brands

10. Perugina Glacia Mint


Inspired by the glacial valleys and snow capped peaks of the Alps, the cool, refreshing flavor of Perugina’s has been revitalizing treat for many years. Imported from Italy this candy is designed to offer a captivating flavor that will enable the consumer to feel that cool, crisp feel of the northern terrain of Italy in a way that will tingle the taste buds.

9. Starlight Peppermint


A commonly seen confection at many restaurants and perfect for holidays, Starlight mints are packed with flavor and are individually wrapped. They have become a mainstay for many businesses as a way to say thank you to consumers for their patronage, and are often bought in bulk. They are also advantageous as they are non-allergenic and contain absolutely no gluten, making them the perfect candy that is just sweet enough to be desirable and soothing to the taste.

8. Glitterati Deluxe Mint

Glitterati Deluxe Mint Top Popular Favorite Mint Flavors And Their Brands 2017

This is the first ever mint devised by Glitterati, and they are derived from beets no less! These wonderfully designed little hard candies are a favorite of many and are all individually wrapped. The mint oils that are used to give this product its unique taste are blended into a tiny package that is both harmonious and refreshing in its delivery.

7. M&M’s Mint Dark Chocolate

M&M’s Mint Dark Chocolate Top Famous Mint Flavors And Their Brands 2018

Everyone’s favorite chocolate candies have for so long undergone many different changes that creating a mint-flavored chocolate was just the next natural step. Each bag of delectable candies is made from genuine dark chocolate, delivering a rich and extremely satisfying taste that features a small burst of mint in every bite. These candies are a favorite at parties, special occasions, or just as a delightful snack when you feel the need for something sweet. They’re also quite a nice addition to cookies, brownies, and any other baking recipe you might wish to try.

6. LifeSavers Pep O Mint


Since 1912 when it was first introduced, Life Savers and their mint brand has been seen as an iconic mainstay throughout America. Thanks to its great taste and lasting flavor, along with its unique shape, Life Savers have been highly successful in launching and keeping the shape and popularity of their initial mint product. Throughout recent years the company has expanded on its original design and idea, but the mint brand has remained a large part of the company’s overall success.

5. Dove Mint Chocolate Chip


Dove is considered to be among the best when it comes to chocolate, and the mint flavoring they give to this bright green concoction is not only refreshing but offers a cool, almost revitalizing effect that leaves the breath cool and pleasant. Amid all the other mint flavors this is perhaps a bit heavier, but no less pleasant.

4. Merrimints


You can call them merrymints, merri mints, or even mint pastels, but these colorful candies with the signature form and snap will have everyone that tries them smiling in satisfaction. Each mint is made by hand and is created using the original recipe. They have the crystal to creamy texture that most people who remember them still love, but they also feature the famous ridges that they are so well known for on one side as well. These mints can be used as an after dinner confection, a greeting gift, or just a nice surprise for someone that might be feeling a bit nostalgic about their favorite candy. They are available in assorted, Christmas, and cinnamon varieties, and tend to come in one pound boxes.

3. Money Buttermints


These after dinner mints are good for any event. Featured as classic butter candy mints these confections make a very enticing table decoration. During weddings, gatherings, or any special event you can think of, just set these mints on the tables to give that festive touch that many guests will take note of and enjoy. Each mint is individually wrapped and is around 2 inches long by 1 inch wide. Their fun, dollar-bill wrapped design is enough to put a bit of whimsy in your event.

2. White French mints


When it comes to mints many people think about York peppermint patties or the red and white pinwheels that are sold in bulk and featured in so many different businesses around the nation. These hard candies are a bit more delicate in appearance and are wonderful for using as edible decorations. They can be used for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and virtually any special occasion to give it that special sort of feeling that guests will appreciate and enjoy.

1. Eating Evolved Mint Creme Coconut Butter Cups


Min and chocolate are a highly compatible pair that have been highly popularized by many brands and several products. This mint cream coconut butter cup has only 5 simple ingredients unlike several other products that have more than many can name or even pronounce. Unlike those highly processed goods this delectable confection is far healthier and is upfront about what goes into it.

Mint flavoring is by far and large one of the most favorite additions to any food, particularly sweets, that people tend to favor. When simply saying the word “mint” many people’s eyes will light up with delight as they begin to anticipate the treat to come. While it does carry a few medicinal properties that were, and still are, prized in the medical field, it’s applications towards food and sweets in general have made the flavor far more popular throughout the years. Anything with even a hint of mint flavoring in it has been seen to be highly lucrative and in some cases even assured to sell more than the average product.

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