Top 10 Most Evil Companies of All Time

In most cases, we rarely sit back and throw accusations at companies. You will hear people complain about McDonald’s making people fat or being the world leader in trying to depopulate the world. Some people claim that most of the advertisements on the Television and magazines are 90% false. But since they have to sell their products, and most people don’t realize it anyway, they end up lying. On the other hand, some corporations go over the line to make money.

Below are the top 10 most evil companies of all time

10. Monsanto

Monsanto Top Most Famous Evil Companies of All Time 2018

This company deals with manufacturing pesticides. Monsanto is the first ever company to genetically modify seeds to be resistant to any kind of pesticide or herbicides, to make sure only those seeds that are sprayed with Roundup (one of their products), are the ones that survive. Roundup was Monsanto’s one and only herbicide product, and the company pushed for crops to be genetically modified. Their end products grew faster and were big in size and if put in chemicals they would still survive.

This Company was also charged with Dumping and this is after they had refused the allegations. This delay led to one of the largest concentration of pollutants that has ever occurred. Monsanto main concern was that for them, it was too expensive to lose a dollar.

9. American Cyanamid Company


There was a project in the United States to export pesticides to the developing countries. The main concern was that the claimed pesticides was carcinogenic, meaning they had deadly chemicals that if not handled with care would cause cancer and death. As such, you are supposed to wear a protective gear when in the fields.

There is the case of Counter pesticide manufactured by American Cyanamid Company. It contained a chemical called organophosphate, which was used during the World War II. This particular chemical was only allowed to be used when you are wearing a facemask and gloves. It happened that the farmers were not told of the dangers that come along with using this chemical. They ended up vomiting blood and spitting foam from their mouth. This was as a result of the toxins that got in their bodies.

8. Pharmaceutical Companies


In India a test was done in the water and it was discovered that it contained different pharmaceutical drugs. This was the town’s water supply and it was deliberately dumped by the pharmaceutical companies around that region. One of the said companies used to dump ciprofloxacin into the water supply. The water the locals had to drink was found to contain traces of these drugs. This contaminated water caused stunted growth on animals. This can’t be good when small quantities of drugs pile up to dozen and are then taken in by human beings.

7. Bayer


Bayer are among the top pharmaceutical companies in the globe. They are mostly known to be manufacturers of Aspirin. Research was done and the medicine they produced used to stimulate blood clotting with patients of H.I.V. Later, they looked for an alternative medicine to replace this medicine before it spread to other countries. An alternative medicine for H.I.V & AIDS patients was again generated and it was mostly sold to third world countries. Sadly, over five thousand people from this medicine. In Argentina and Asia around a hundred thousand people died due to the effects of this drug.

6. Rio Tinto


This is the largest private mining company in the planet. Most of the raw materials are mined by thins company, such as gold, diamonds, Copper and Aluminium. However, they are known to violate human rights. In early 1970, this company was found to be operating on illegal uranium mines. Then it used to sponsor the apartheid government of South Africa, where they had a private mercenary army that barred the blacks from going against them or the government. There were reports claiming that security guards were told to use force and violence in order to keep the miners at their fingertips.

5. Siemens


The Siemens company is responsible for manufacturing vacuum cleaners and car parts. Siemens were responsible for creating a huge hydrogen cyanide chambers that was used in Auschwitz. They built the not famous train system of Nazi-era that was used to transport people to the camps. This company also financed the Nazi party and became part and parcel of the Hitler’s regime. Currently, they are actively involved in electronic cartels, bribing government staffs and also the government of Greece.

4. WalMart


Wal-mart used to refuse to employ women. They are also commonly known to employ illegal staff to wash their stores. Allegedly, the employees are often overworked, working seven days a week and some are even locked in the stores. They are also allegedly used to take part in human trafficking.

3. James Hardie


Asbestos, formerly a popular building material, causes mesothelioma in humans by coating the inner organs. In the year 1987, there was an Australian manufacturing company that dealt with asbestos; James Hardie. The company knew that asbestos affected its workers but was not concerned since they continued to manufacture it. Surprisingly, James Hardie was very aware of the accusations, but they were clever enough and they dodged the subsidiaries to take the fault.

2. Smithfield Food


Smithfield Food is a pig slaughterhouse. Many people love eating bacon and other pork products. However, the said company was responsible for massive pollution with its ponds. It is a mess when you think about how the waste is absorbed into the air holding ponds. The waste comprises of chemicals, insecticides and antibiotics. These ponds are so risky and deadly that if one falls in he would probably die. The only way to get rid of the chemical-infused pig waste is to spray it into the air. This would cause air pollution since the spray contains particles of methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide. All these would cause respiratory complications such as neurological damage and bronchitis.

1. Chiquita

Chiquita Top Popular Evil Companies of All Time 2017

The staff in the United Fruit Company kept requesting for better working conditions. Nevertheless, this proved hard to deliver. The Colombian army opted to clear them with mounted machine guns. This resulted into a coup that was as a result of an argument between Guatemalan President and United Fruit Company. This led to the deaths of up to 250,000 people.

The main concern of all these corporations was power and money. Little did they know that it would slowly pollute their brains. This is the other side of the greed game.

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