Most Dangerous Kids Toys Ever Sold

Manufacturers know that kids like to spend their years away playing and having fun. Many toy companies typically want to make toys that children will love to play with forever. They also make toys that borderline into shady areas. Yes, it is a known fact that many toy companies had to remove certain types of toy products from store shelves. Many of these items were not appropriate for children or offensive to people.

Toy companies have an obligation to make decent toys. They should take the time to really evaluate a toy product to ensure that it is a good item for the public. Especially in an age where a lot of people are sensitive to children and their needs. The following top ten list details the most dangerous kids toys ever sold in the market. Here is a list of those toys.

Following are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Kids Toys Ever Sold

12. Aqua Dots

Aqua Dots Top 10 Most Dangerous Kids Toys Ever Sold 2017

Aqua Dots are also known as Pixels and Bindeez. This is a decorative bead making kit for children. This toy was extremely popular in 2007 and nearly 4.2 million of these products were recalled from all over the world.

This toy worked by taking a drop of water to activate the coating on the beads. Once this coating was activated it fused the beads together. This is where the problem came in. Children who played with this toy started to become ill or to report strange behaviors. Some kids started vomiting and some of them went into commas.

It was discovered that the beads contained the same chemical compounds that is found within the date rate drug. This brand had to be removed to protect the public. However, after the product was recalled, the toys were remade and rebranded with the Pixos and Bindeez monikers.

11. Austin Magic Pistol

Austin Magic Pistol Top Most Dangerous Kids Toys Ever Sold 2017

The Austin Magic Pistol has not been around for a very long time. This toy was really popular during the 1950’s. This product was a toy pistol but it shot out real explosive cannonballs. The unit worked by shooting ping pong balls through the same mechanical processes as a real gun. Austin Magic Pistol did in fact shoot work like a real gun.

Many parents did not mind buying these guns back then and most people thought it was safe for kids to use during those times. Children in those day had a better knowledge of how to properly use firearms. However, there still were injuries and problems because the guns sometime exploded when they were shot. The toy was quickly removed from the market because they were really no different than a musket. Very few of these toy guns are around anymore.

10. Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game

Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game Top Popular Dangerous Kids Toys Ever Sold 2019

Everybody remembers Hannah Montana who is a pop star. When she was at the top of her game there was a card game that featured this famous personality. While the card game was fun to play it had one major flaw – it was made out of lead.

For some reason, the manufacturers who made this product put 75 time more lead into the cards than is permitted by the law. However, the cards were never taken off of store shelves because the lead was in the vinyl. This was a loophole that allowed the cards to remain on the market. The cards were not removed but many people have enough sense not to purchase them once they discover the high lead content that they possess.

9. Cabbage Patch Snacktime Dolls


Cabbage Patch Dolls used to be famous back in the 80’s. There were different varieties of these dolls and the Snacktime Doll was one popular brand of Cabbage Patch character. The problem with this doll was that it had a tendency to capture a child’s fingers or their hair. Many young girls could not pull out their body parts after they were caught inside of the doll. These dolls did not have an off switch and the only way to stop them was to smash them. Parents were livid about these dolls and they were quickly removed from toy markets everywhere.

8. The Slip N’ Slide


Slip and slides were really popular from the late 70’s to the early 90’s. This was a simple water slide toy that lied flat on the ground. Once it was a wet people could run across it and slide all over the place. Most people would lie down (belly flop) on the slide or they would slide on their back.

Apparently, the slide was no good. Over the years, it contributed to many injuries and caused a few people to be paralyzed. Most of these injuries were done to children. This toy was not removed from the shelves but many people had stop purchasing them because they were fearful about the injuries that they would cause.

7. Sky Ranger Park Flyer Radio Control Airplanes


In modern times children have drones and remote control airplanes at their disposal. So, many people are used to playing with these types of products. However, there is still some chance that people can get injured from these types of toy products.

When most toys crash into people they typically stun a person. However, the Sky Ranger Park Flyer Radio Control Airplane literally exploded. It was so bad that the unit actually caused some people burns, eye lacerations and deafness. The toy was removed from shelves in 2007 and never made it back to the market.

6. Gilbert Glass Blowing


The art of glass blowing is best suited for professionals who know what they are doing. However, a toy company in the 1950’s made a glass blowing toy set that they actually sold to children. This toy set required unsupervised children to literally make glass items by heating the unit to 500 degrees. The unit did not provide safety equipment and did not recommend adult supervision. This toy created many injuries and it was eventually recalled.

5. Wego Kite Tube


The Wego Kite Tube is a dangerous toy like contraption because it is extremely unstable. This unit is an inflatable tube that is often pulled by a boat. The unit is supposed to move across the water at a safe height. However, if a gust of wind suddenly appears it can literally take a person 30 to 40 feet into the air. As a result people have been injured and some have died. The Wego Kite Tube was removed from the market and the company that made them went out of business.

4. Socker Boppers


In the 90’s there was a toy known as Socker Boppers or Sock’ Em Boppers. This toy was marketed for kids. The purpose of this toy was to allow kids to fight with one another without getting hurt. The problem with this toy was that it instigated fights between kids. Many parents found this to be disturbing and there was public outcry for this product. The toy was never removed from the market. Still, many people stopped purchasing the Socker Boppers. This toy is still being sold today.

3. Power Wheels Motorcycle by Fisher Price


The Power Wheels Motorcycle by Fisher Price was a popular toy during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. This was a battery powered cycle that was designed for children. The unit was fairly safe to ride except there was one problem – the petal frequently got stuck. Once this happened the motorbike would rapidly accelerate and children would only stop riding after they crashed into an object. The unit was recalled in 2000 due to safety issues.

2. CSI: Investigation Kit


CSI is a famous show about solving crimes and around 2009 a toy product was released to the public that was based on this program. The kit seemed like a good idea but it contained asbestos. As a result, the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) filed a lawsuit against CBS Consumer Products (makers of the kit) and had the products eliminated from the market. CBS Consumers Products had to settle had to remove their products. This toy is considered one of the worst in history.

1. Lawn Darts


Lawn Darts were around since the 50’s and 60’s. However, they had to be banned by the 70’s. The problem with this product had to do with their construction and how they were used. The darts had a metal head that was shaped like a long needle. This needle acted as a knife when thrown over a distance of 10-feet.

As a result many kids (and adults) were being struck with the darts. Most of these injuries were due to accident but when a young Californian girl was killed in the 70’s, the darts had to be banned. Lawn darts have been remade and sold with plastic tips that have caused any known problems to date.

Toy manufacturer marketers must take the time to ensure that their products are safe and respectable items that parents and children will enjoy. No parent or child should have to be injured or killed from handling a toy.

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