Top 10 Most Controversial Kids Toys Ever

Toys. These items are designed to amuse and to entertain children throughout the younger years of their lives. Many cultures have play things for children that range from Barbie Dolls, teddy bears and board games to drones, game apps and console systems. There are a wide variety of toys that children can play with and each of them help to keep kids busy.

While many toys are great play things for children they can also be a bad influence on children as well. Throughout the years, toy manufacturers have made some very bad play things that should not have ever been created. Here is a list of the most controversial kids toys and why no child should ever play with them.

Following are the Top 10 Most Controversial Kids Toys Ever

10. Stripper Dolls with Poles

Stripper Dolls with Poles Top 10 Most Controversial Kids Toys Ever

In 2009 a company called Cables Unlimited created a doll that would move up and down a stripper pole. The doll was attached to a rotating metal circular base that would spin around in circles while the doll moved up and down the pole. This particular toy never hit toy shelves in America but it made it to store aisles in the U.K. Many U.K. parents were livid about this type of toy being sold as a child’s product.

Many stores who carried this item had to remove it from their shelves. The doll was removed and is now available online. Technically, this toy was supposed to be a novelty item for adult men. However, stock personnel misplaced the items by mixing them in with regular children’s toys.

9. Oreos and Black Barbie

Oreos and Black Barbie Top Most Popular Controversial Kids Toys Ever 2018

The Oreo Fun Barbie was released in 1997 by the toy company Mattel. This organization partnered with Nabisco to make the Oreo Fun Barbie. The problem with this doll was its name. The term “oreo” within the black community simply means a black person that acts black. So, the Oreo Fun Barbie was seen as a black toy that would act white by people within the African American community. This toy was quickly removed from store shelves after various key members of the black community began to protest its presence.

8. Dora The Explorer and her Strangely Shaped Aquapet


Dora The Explorer has been around for years. She is featured on the kid’s network Nickelodeon. Normally, Dora is just a fun loving little girl that goes on adventures. She is not a controversial figure at all. However, when the Aquapet for Dora The Explorer was released; this created some controversy. The toy looked more like an adult toy product than it did for a little girl. The shape of the toy gave the wrong impression. Needless to say, this toy did not sell well in the market.

7. Vibrating Nimbus 2000


The Vibrating Nimbus 2000 is a broom that is based on the Harry Potter quidditch broomstick. This particular device was used in the Harry Potter films when they played the game quidditch. Anyway, the Vibrating Nimbus 2000 actually vibrated. The problem with this feature is that it reminded parents of a vibrating sex toy and not just a kid’s product. As a result, parents who brought the toy but did not but batteries in it. The toy broom was no longer being offered on toy shelves after a while.

6. World Trade Center Airplane Toy


The events that took place within America on September 11, 2001 were beyond disturbing. This was the day that the Twin Towers in New York City were blown up. This was a tragic time in the history of the U.S. In 2004 a toy company by the name of Lisy sold candy to the public that featured a toy airplane between two skyscrapers. This was a very strange thing for a toy company to do. People who came across the toy product realized what it was and they were outraged that they would be sold to children. Lisy had to recall the toys and remove them from store shelves.

5. Lego Concentration Camp


When the Lego company made the Concentration Camp set, somebody should have told them that this was a politically incorrect toy. However, they wisely never put this toy onto store shelves. Instead it was a work of art constructed by a Polish artist named Zbigniew Liberia. In 1996, he made the concentration camp without the knowledge of the Lego company. There was a huge outcry and Lego had filed a lawsuit against Liberia. The Warsaw museum purchased the Lego Concentration Camp and put it on display within their museum. Thankfully, Concentration toy sets never made it into any child’s hands.

4. Black Peter Toys


Zwarte Pete or Black Peter is an old Christmas character from the Netherlands. He hung out with Santa Claus in the old days. When a child acted bad throughout the year, Black Peter would show up to beat them with a stick and to put coal in their stocking for Christmas. Playmobil is a German toy company that sold Black Pete figures to the public. Many people did not like these toys because people would often hand out candy during the Christmas season while dressing up in blackface to imitate Black Peter. Many people in the Netherlands found the whole Black Peter thing to be disturbing.

3. Rad Repeatin’ Tarzan


The Rad Repeatin’ Tarzan toy is very disturbing. This toy features a Tarzan action figure that has a karate chop. This chop goes up and down but it looks like the toy is self-pleasuring itself. As a result, many parents found the toy to be disturbing. Also, the loud Tarzan call that is Tarzan’s trademark yell, goes off while the toy is performing this action. It just seems like something that it is not. Many people believe that this toy was a serious failure because of these problems.

2. Snack Time Cabbage Patch Dolls


During the 80’s, the Cabbage Patch Dolls by Mattel were extremely popular. These toys were a big product that did well in the market. However, there was one type of Cabbage Patch Kid that was known as Snack Time Cabbage Patch Dolls. These dolls ate plastic food but unfortunately, children were getting their fingers and hairs were getting stuck into the doll and there was no off switch to turn them off. As a result, Mattel had to eventually pull these toys off the shelf.

1. The Original Lawn Darts


When Lawn Darts were originally released in the 80’s they were really metal pointed tips that could actually cause harm to people. Sometime in 1988 a father lost his child to one of these darts. As a result, he led a campaign to get them banned. Many people (mainly) kids were also injured by these toys as well. Currently, lawn darts are still being sold but they now have plastic tips.

Ultimately, kids toys should be fun things for children to experience. They should not be controversial products that can teach kids how to do the wrong things in life. Clean and safe fun should the goal of all toy products.

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